Howdy, friends.

Holiday shopping is upon us. If you are like me and dislike shopping, this post is for you my dearest twinsie. 🙂 This post puts together so many cute ideas for your holiday shopping that will be delivered to your home as you sit in your comfy PJ’s, you know what I’m saying? I seriously have a hate-hate relationship with shopping for so many reasons (well, except if my Mr. goes with me, then it’s like super cute and romantic, and bearable, and he spoils me, and we have lunch, and he has really good taste, and I buy Dunkin Donuts coffee – all is good). I particularly dislike shopping in December, it’s a nightmare, it’s like these people come out as if they are ants trying to save up rations for the cold winter, haha. So, if any of you understand the struggle I speak of, enjoy this post with all kinds of ideas you can get for that special someone in your life (shopping in your most comfy clothing, on your sofa with a messy bun and hot coffee in your hand, now that’s my kind of shopping). 

You’re all as nice as the first hot cup of coffee in the morning, or like the hot fudge over your favorite ice cream, and like that luscious cherry on top of a pie over whipped cream. I may be slightly hungry! Anyhow – you mean so much to us, our friends. Blessings to all of you and don’t spend too much money, them credit cards are hard to pay off – TRUE story (I have a whole POST dedicated to finances, serious business in this household!. 🙂 


2017 Gift Shopping Ideas

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1. DOCKING STATION – This is such a cool station to have for all of his personal belongings in one spot. I love this.

2. TRAVEL NAIL SET – Because everyone needs a good traveling nail set. 

3. AXE GEL – My son recently discovered this and uses it instead of gel and LOVES it.

4. WALLET – You’ve got to have a good place for him to keep all that $$$.

5. BBQ GRILL TOOLS SET – The perfect gift to tell him what you think about his wonderful skills on the grill. Oh to hint how much you’d like to be the one at the grill, haha. 🙂

6. GROOMING KIT –  Because you handsome needs a grooming kit to keep all that beauty intact.

7. BEARD KIT  Alright, beards are SO in. Like all shapes and sizes. You need to give the beard all kinds of love, hence this kit. Ha! 

8. BEARD BIB – You have GOT to see the rest of the kit, it’s amazing. I will be getting my hubby one of these. 


2017 gift ideas for women

1. MAKEUP BRUSHES SET – How gorgeous are these brushes?

2. NECKLACE – I am getting one of these for my initial and my hubby’s and hanging it in my vehicle. Super cute.

3. APRON – I love aprons, have a similar floral print.

4. BRACELET – I don’t wear jewelry, but this is SUPER cute if you do. I am getting these for my girlfriends!

5. PEN – Loving this personalized pen.

6. SPA SET – Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

7. NAIL LIFE – How cute is this holder?

8. RING HOLDER– I’m loving this. I have a similar one and my girls use it for their hair ties. 

9. HAIR CLIP– This is such a unique and cute hair clip. Great for all ages.

10.MAKEUP ORGANIZER – Alright, if this is not genius, I don’t know what is. I’m getting myself one of these. 


2017 gift ideas for home

1. COPPER MUGS – I am not sure about you all, but I am absolutely in love with these matching mugs. LOVE.

2. SALT & PEPPER SET – Ordered these for our home. Simple and I really needed a new set.

3. WALL DECOR – We have this decal in our home and it’s a phenomenal reminder on a daily basis to live a Godly life!

4. CANISTERS – Aren’t these super adorable? Ordered these for my kitchen, too cute to pass up.

5. COASTERS They say “FAMILY all because two people fell in love.” Awww. We have a large stand like that in our home.

6. HAND MIXER – I use this hand mixer for so many purposes on a regular basis.

7. BLANKET – Really like this personalized throw.

8. HIS & HERS MUG SET – Just because one set of His/Her mugs was not enough. 😉


Inspirational gift ideas for Holiday shopping - 2017

1. FEATHER BOOKMARK– Such a beautiful bookmark for your Bible or reading the material. Love it.

2. BIBLE STUDY– I’ve done SOO many Bible studies (book studies). This happens to be one of my absolute favorites. I learned A TON! Highly recommend it.

3. HIGHLIGHTERS– I really like these highlighters for Bible journaling. They don’t bleed through but work wonderfully.

4. JOURNAL SET– Because one can never have too many journals. Really good quality!

5. SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS BOOK– I loved reading this book. No, it’s not an easy read. Nabeel is extremely inspirational and went to be with the Lord. His life touched so many people. If you haven’t heard his testimony – you need to!6

6. PLANNER This looks like a great 2018 inspirational calendar.


8. KEYCHAIN– A lovely keychain for your collection.

9. BUMPER STICKER This bumper sticker is a sermon in itself.

10. BOOKMARK- Another really cute bookmark.


Variety of gift ideas for Holiday shopping. Valentina's Corner

1. STROLLER ORGANIZER– If any of you have a stroller, this is such a great organizer.

2. TAIL BLANKET This definitely has the AWW factor.

3. CABLE ORGANIZER– If you travel frequently, a great organizer for all of your electronic needs.

4. BATTLESHIP GAME-We love Battleship never knew they had an electronic one.

5. CLUE GAME one of my favorite games. (Did you see my POST on our favorite games?)

6. MUG SET– These are super cute if you have little ones.

7. BIBLE BLURT– Such a fun game for all ages.

8. RACK-O– A new favorite in our family.

9. PAJAMAS– I like neutral clothing without all the Disney characters. PJ’s like these are so cute and they come in so many different designs.

Hope you enjoyed this post!! We had such a FUN time compiling this for you (I may or may not have done some serious shopping myself in the process, now the excitement for Amazon packages to arrive begins :)..). See, wasn’t this a breeze? You shopped for like most of the people in like less than a half an hour. This would have taken you 3 – 4 hours if you count driving time ;). So, go ahead go take a long nap to make up for that time, or read a good book, or like do nothing. You deserve to spoil yourself. Just touch up the house before the Mr. comes home and don’t forget to pick up your kids from school – that would be bad. Until next years shopping guide.