If you follow me on SnapChat (ValentinasCornr) and Instagram, you know last week I went with some of my closest friends on a Women’s Getaway, there were 5 of us. It was such a BLESSING to get away. We took the weekend away to spend some quiet time, enjoy fellowship, dig into God’s word a bit and most importantly just unplug from the everyday things. 

Five women on a retreat.

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I am a HUGE believer in taking some time off from the busyness of life and slowing down for a few days. Being a mom and wife is a TON of work, your body needs to take a break and relax a bit. 

Here’s the cute cabin we stayed in. It was in Hockinghills, Ohio, a few hours away from us. Not sure why I’m in the center in this pic, sorry folks, yikes. (I much prefer to be on the other side of the camera.)

collage of cabin for women's retreat


Day 1:

We arrived, got settled and enjoyed our first meal together. We had ZUPPA TOSCANA with garlic bread. The cabin we stayed in had limited kitchen supplies so it was quite interesting cooking. For example, they didn’t have a large pot. We had to make soup in a deep skillet, lol. But, you put five women together and they will make it work!.

We had such a wonderful time cooking together, one of my favorite things about the trip. I learned a ton of kitchen hacks from my friends, they are all so smart.

That night, we stayed up until like 3 a.m., playing games, chatting away and enjoying each other’s company. (I have a post on our favorite GAMES if you are looking for new games to purchase. I’ll have to edit that post, I have a few new ones we LOVE, like the game we played there, CodeNames. Super fun and gets you thinking.).

Day 2:

For breakfast, we had a build your own breakfast sandwiches with veggies. (Those of you that have larger families, do you bake your English muffins with the cheese in the oven instead of putting them into a toaster? It’s such a time saver.) The night before, we had a few leftover potatoes and some sausage from the Zuppa so we used the leftovers for a potato breakfast skillet – it was soo good.

We had a small Bible study the second day. I loved it. We all got our Bibles out and quieted our heart before the Lord. It was so relaxing. 

During the day we tested the hot tub! It was such a treat to be able to sit outside in the hot tub. God blessed us with a +a light snowfall and it was absolutely breathtaking. 

For lunch, we had Brie Cheese and Fillo dough, a salad and veggies. My friend, Tanya, made blueberries scones at home and brought them – they were SOOO good. I need to get that recipe from her and share it on the blog. We also made poppy seed and cream cheese rolls.

For dinner, Luda made fried rice and it was absolutely delicious. I will be posting her recipe sometimes soon. She adds a secret ingredient that I can’t wait to share with you. She’s amazing in the kitchen, not sure why she doesn’t have her own cooking blog. We had avocados galore, so we made a light avocado, tomato and cucumber salad to go with our rice. It was perfect.

Our second night was spent pampering ourselves a bit. I tried the black peeling mask for the first time. I’d share a picture of us with our masks on but you’d mistake us for monkeys, haha. I ordered myself some, I really liked it. 

Day 3:

For breakfast, we had leftover from the previous days and COFFEE of course. Coffee and some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from the night before. Slightly underdone, just the way I like it. 🙂

We packed our belongings and headed to Columbus and stopped at Brio for lunch. It was PHENOMENAL. We all ordered different types of appetizers and shared. I now have a new favorite dish I tried there. It was friend zucchini and shrimp in a spicy sauce. Seriously, out of this world delicious. No worries though. I have already recreated the recipe and will be posting it this week – yes, it was that amazing. (When I try new foods I love, I cannot wait to recreate them and work on them until they are perfected (which usually means 3 times in one week, lol), it’s horrible.)

After lunch, we went to an Escape Room. As escape room is where you get locked into a few rooms and you have to find clues to get yourself out of there. I love puzzles and mind games so this was SO much fun. No worries, I happily announce we were able to escape before the time ran out. If you’ve been wanting to go to one, go! How cool is this hallway? #iHaveAThingForCoolDoorsAndWalls

My hubby did so well with the kids back home. Everyone survived without mom and I came home so revived and refreshed.


I’d love to hear about your favorite women retreat or getaway? How often do you go? Is it through church or just friends? What did you do that was most memorable?

LASTLY, I’ve played around with the idea to organize a women’s retreat in our vicinity on the East Coast. Would you attend? If yes, what kind of an itinerary would you expect and what would you like put on the schedule? I’ve been praying about it and don’t have a definite GO from above but thought I’d ask what you thought. Was thinking a 3-day event with hands-on cooking classes, guests speakers, worship and praise, time for fellowship and of course a Bible study of sorts? I’D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!