That baby life though.

Around the table discussion about baby life.

Grab a cup of coffee and join the rest of us around the table as we enjoy each other’s company.

Super excited to start a new category on the Blog (and very, very nervous). The posts that get most engagement on our blog are those that talk about LIFE! The fun, the not so appealing and just about all kinds of happenings in between. When I asked in my few previous posts what you were excited to see in the future, personal posts were MOST requested. I hear you and agree, those are the best!. There is just something so special about connecting with each other and growing together.

I hope to create a space that will be a safe haven where we could all visit to share tips, ideas, support and life’s experiences, so we can all learn from each other. The topics will be diverse and I’m hoping each and every one of you will get involved and enjoy these posts. It’s so nice because then you could just go back and reread the comments if you cannot remember the tip someone gave that you wanted to try.

We are going start our first “Let’s Talk” category will “That Baby Life Though”. All about that Newborn – 12 months’ experiences. So fun! Hoping you all will share your wisdom on this topic. There is so much we can learn from each other. So many ways we can build each other up and bring encouragement. Perhaps there’s a product you discovered and absolutely love. Or you’ve learned to overcome the negativity in a really creative way. Or a way to sooth that teething baby (tired face emoji insert).Or whatever else is heavy on your heart.

I am going to start with some encouragement first.


-Enjoy them. LOVE on them, they grow so fast!

-Take a ton of pictures and videos and update them regularly. I created a scrapbook for each child with how they changed each month. They are so sweet to look back and enjoy. You can either fully create it yourself like the image I am attaching or use Shutterfly. They often have great coupons where you can create the books affordably. Also, as you are saving these pictures, delete the ones you know you won’t need. They stack up pretty quickly if you don’t edit as you go. Then five years later you have thousands and thousands of pictures you have to go through and that’ no fun.

-Find time for yourself. Things will NEVER be completely “done”. Something will always need your attention.

-Don’t forget about your husband. It’s so easy to put him on the back burner. You can read more about that HERE. Just remember, our kiddos are a gift God entrusted for a short time. Then, they will find that one that makes their heart flutter, get married and you will be left with your hubby. It’s so important for us to invest into our relationship with our spouse.

-An emergency bag. It’s really nice to have a bag filled will emergency things for those unexpected accidents. You know, like when you were in a hurry and your little peanut who now enjoys solid foods decides he needs to throw everything up that he just had – at your friend’s house, ha. Of course, it’s that day you forgot to throw an extra set of clothes for him into your diaper bag.

-Speak Life. Speak positively. Words HAVE so much power. Bless your little ones, they are so much negativity in this world today. When you are exhausted and just feel like giving up, think of that mom that just cannot have children but desperately wants one. Or the woman battling stage 4 cancer, she’d love to take your place running after little nuggets.

-Napping– If you baby is finally down for a nap and you are sleep deprived, nap with them! The dishes will never get done, neither will the laundry. But it’s amazing what a half an hour nap for mama will bring to the home. Happy wife = happy life. Can we get an AMEN!

-Embrace your new body. You don’t have to look like a supermodel 2 months after you give birth. Your body just carried another human being. Give it time to recover! Even if your best friend looked like she never had a baby 2 days after birth. Good for her but we are all different and not everyone bounces back so easily. Your health is so important.

-Storing clothes. I love being able to pass down the older kids’ clothing to the little ones. We use large plastic containers and just label them with the appropriate age.

-You are not perfect. No one expects perfection from you. Somedays things seem so perfect and top notch. Awesome. Other days, nothing seems to be going right, relax, tomorrow is a new day. Let’s share with each other the good and the bad. It’s so easy to display this “perfect” world of illusion. Don’t just share the awesomeness, embrace the struggles and be real.

There is so much more I can share, but I am sure you guys get tired of me! Tell me about yourself!

Favorite item I’ll share with is definitely this monitor.  You will especially the talk button when the kiddos are a bit older. It’s so nice to just talk into the monitor and they have a button they can respond to you. SO helpful.


-Favorite product-  Share a link to some of your favorite products? What have you tried and absolutely love? Pacifiers? Bottles? Sippy cups? Toys?

If the wiser and experienced you could share something with a younger self, what would you say?

Well, friends. I am so looking forward to hearing from all of you! Looking forward to the connections we will create. Most of all looking forward to the ways we will encourage each other. Share some things that you experienced with kiddos at that age. What did you learn? What were you most surprised by?

Lastly, want’s another topic you’d like covered?



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Valentina's Corner

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  • Elena 06/07/2017, 10:57 am Link Reply

    I wish I knew that two of my children were/are “high needs.” What worked for most babies does not work for them, e.g. Cry it out (they would cry for hours), and that it was their temparament, not my sub-par parenting. When I read up on this, it all made so much sense and allowed me to tailor my parenting style accordingly. Now my “high needs” child is a positive, intelligent and empathetic 9 year old, who once required more attention and sensitive parenting than the average baby/toddler but it was all worth it!

    • admin 06/08/2017, 5:46 pm Link Reply

      Loved hearing your input, Elena. Isn’t it amazing how different our children are? Did you have more than two children, were they different or are those the only two you had.
      I look at my 5, each is/was so different. You’d think they had different parents, lol. Guess that’s the beauty of parenting. You truly do have to tailor to each child on their level.
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your input and what a blessing to have your child be 9 now and all that toddler stuff behind you. Now to the teenage years, HA!

      • Elena 06/09/2017, 11:07 pm Link

        I have five children, oldest is 9 and youngest almost 2. The ones I spoke of are the oldest and youngest ones, both boys. They were both extremely energetic as toddlers, (youngest still is), very strong-willed and out-spoken. Now, the older one still has a leader-type personality, but is quieter now, makes friends easily, does well in school and very empathetic and caring for others’ feelings. One thing I read from Dr. Sears about “high needs” kids is that they are naturally very empathetic. It was hard to go through comments about how active he was and how we should discipline him a certain way (we tried our best to discipline appropriately), but I am glad we did not over-discipline and “break his spirit.” People often assumed his energetic behaviour was due to lack of discipline or we must be doing something wrong. With this last child I am more thick-skinned, don’t second guess myself so much, and consider well-meaning comments but don’t always take it to heart.
        I agree – they are all unique and it sometimes feels like tailoring your parenting style to each child is almost an art form 🙂
        It’s a pleasure to read your blog, I come here regularly and enjoy your recipes and lifestyle posts. Be blessed!

      • admin 06/10/2017, 1:30 am Link

        So glad to meet a regular in our online home, Elena :). Always get really excited when people say there are regulars. Almost feels like you’re family. =)

  • Olechka 05/12/2017, 2:01 am Link Reply

    I’m really looking forward to these. We live in PA. I’m a mom of 6 kids. It’s so hard raising kids, our youngest is 3. Could you do more conversations on family and raising kids and maybe in-laws? Balancing everything.
    We used older kids stiff so I don’t really have favorite things because it’s so old.
    Thanks Valentina for these posts!!!!!

    • admin 05/15/2017, 11:53 am Link Reply

      Hi Olechka,
      So nice to meet you. Good to know we have friends in PA, if we ever visit there:). Actually, we are planning a trip to Sights and Sound Theatre this year. Really excited about that.
      Thanks for the added topic ideas! I have them all written down and we shall one day cover them.
      Thank you for visiting, we so appreciate you.

  • Alina 05/10/2017, 8:31 pm Link Reply

    My kids really enjoy when I’m reading to them. They are excited asking questions and mama spends quality time with kids.

    • admin 05/15/2017, 12:03 pm Link Reply

      What a sweet time. We love reading as well. Can you imagine one day once they get older and won’t look forward to that as much, just pulls on my heart strings to keep that going while they are young and want to read together. We really enjoy reading the Bible as a family, tough it’s harder now that we have teenagers and they are into different activities. Love the discussions that come out of that reading. 🙂

  • Anna 05/10/2017, 1:33 am Link Reply

    Interesting topic! I agree that time flies by so fast with little kids! My favorite product is also a monitor that lets me see what the baby is doing instead of picking into the room, especially when baby falling asleep. If I could go back in time, I would change the way I handled sleep training for the baby. This was the hardest for me during the first year of my baby. It took me hours to put baby to sleep, rocking her to sleep in my hands… and this really rubbed the time I wanted to spend with my husband so our relationship struggled as well. My baby is no almost a year and I almost trained her to fall asleep on her own in a crib so I dont have to spend my whole evening putting her to sleep. We are still struggling with day naps cause she won’t fall asleep on her own, I end up rocking her to sleep.. if anyone has any advise on sleep training I would appreciate it!

    • Lena 05/10/2017, 10:39 pm Link Reply

      I was worried about sleep training as well, but we got on it really early with our son.. pretty much once he is fed, wether he’s fully asleep or not, I put him in his crib, tell him goodnight, and leave the room. First few times he would cry, I would go back in, hold him, then again put him down and tell him goodnight. After a few nights, all we had to do was put him down, tell him to sleep (goodnight) and he falls asleep. Day naps took a little longer, but now it pays off:) we started at 3 weeks, and enforced it at 3 months. Baby is now almost 18mo and still goes to sleep easily, and bedtime is 8pm.

      • admin 05/15/2017, 12:14 pm Link

        Loved your comment and agree. They little munchkins are SOOO smart. They truly know they have mom and dad around their finger. I remember when we had our first and I wanted to ask as many people as possible about tips and advice. I asked one family I really looked up to about when to really start to discipline a child and they replied as soon as they are born. Ha! They scared me for a sec but so true. Especially the more kids you have and gain more experience.
        It can break your heart a bit to see them cry or not get what they want but then they know mom is serious.
        Thanks for stopping by Lena and joining our conversation. 🙂

    • admin 05/15/2017, 12:10 pm Link Reply

      Loved reading your comment. I know what you mean too! Especially when I had my first, I struggled with that too, thinking that would be “best” for him. Then you learn that well, mom, being super nice isn’t always what’s best for the kiddos and is more exhausting than anything and begins to affect other areas b/c you devote so much time to naptime. After the second one, once the kiddos went to their own room (about 6 months), we would just put them down and first few nights they’d cry a little, but after a few nights, they know mom and dad are serious and they accept that. Breaks a mama’s heart to see her munchkin cry though. Best for everyone in the long run.
      We never had a monitor you can see but I bet that’s WONDERFUL! What brand do you have so I can post a link here?

      • Zhanna 10/06/2017, 12:16 am Link

        Thank you for your posts very informative! I’m pregnant with our first baby and very eager to find out how it goes with me :))

      • admin 10/09/2017, 6:49 pm Link

        Congrats on your bundle of joy, Zhanna! What a blessing children are. They are also a lot of work and it’s not easy but they are WORTH every ounce of it. 🙂 Wishing God’s blessing upon your delivery. May He give you wisdom and patience to raise wonderful children that will make an impact in this world! 🙂

  • Mashka 05/09/2017, 5:21 pm Link Reply

    Aaaawwww. This is so cute, I love it.. You know what I learned, it’s exhausting having babies.. lol. We have 4 kids and smallest is 2. I miss the baby stage (minus the sleepless nights). I think my favorite was them at new milestones like sitting or eating goods, walking.
    Thanks for doing this. ?
    Where will I be able to find this after?
    God bless?????

    • admin 05/15/2017, 12:21 pm Link Reply

      So glad you like the idea! <3
      Haha! Yes, minus sleepless nights. However, I really did love taking that time to really pray over the kiddos while I was awake with them. Something you can never take back. So special.
      Love the milestone as well. Our youngest took forever to walk and it was such a celebration once she finally walked. 🙂

  • Olena 05/09/2017, 4:51 pm Link Reply

    This is super creative! I LOVE it. We don’t have kids yet so I will so appreciate all the stuff people will say.
    Another idea would be for like date nights:) You know like keeping the marriage alive.
    Can’t wait to read what everyone shares.

    • admin 05/15/2017, 12:23 pm Link Reply

      Thanks for the idea, will write it down.
      Enjoy your time together before the kiddos are born. Once they are born, they kind of take over your world and it kind of revolves around them! Look under our This and That tab, I have other posts in there you may enjoy.

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