I cannot believe our kiddos are back to school for the 2017-2018 school year. We started August 22nd, when do you start?

Back to school ideas 2017

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This year we have four kiddos in school (say what??). Benjamin is in 8th grade, Joseph in 7th, Elizabeth in 2nd and little Nathaniel started Kindergarten. That was though. I was a hot mess taking him into school. I went in with him and then mom didn’t exist once he got to class, sigh. He just went to his desk all grown up and kind of made this expression like mom, why are you still here? You know, the strings of your heart pull something serious and slightly painful cause the realization that he is officially starting school begins to sink in. However, it’s a new season of his life and I have to let him go, regardless how hard it is. I am so excited to see where the Lord leads him.

Back to school ideas 2017

Here is a picture from last year’s back to school picture. Look at how they have grown in one year!

Valentina's Corner Family Update

And here are some back to school pics of this year.

Back to school ideas 2017

Back to school ideas 2017

Back to school ideas 2017

..and of course, when you are taking pictures of five kids, you will have plenty of pictures that are umm, well pictures you get when you take pictures of five kids, lol. I mean we did get a few good ones, or semi-good. 😉 I love these kinds of pictures though. These kinds of pictures bring out the realness of a family. Realness filled with loads of laughter, mess ups, ups, downs, trials, tears, hardships and fun. All combined to make memories.

Back to school ideas 2017

Back to school ideas 2017

..and as we were taking pictures, our little Miss Abigail was having a photo shoot of her own. She loves taking pictures. It’s so hard to choose just one so here they are. (She turned 3 in June.)

Back to school ideas 2017

I loved having them home during the summer, we made so many wonderful memories. That said, we are ready to have a normal schedule. I am especially ready to get back to menu planning and knowing what we are having for meals. Makes life so much easier for me. Those of you that don’t meal plan. Read all about it in this POST. If you are hesitant to start, do it! Give yourself a month to get used to the idea and you will never go back to not having a meal planned. True story!

I thought I’d do a post with some ideas for what to make to enjoy as soon as they get home from school (kind of like a late brunch, if that is even a word). Our kids eat lunch around 11 at school and by the time they get home, they are starved. We usually enjoy dinner around 7 so that’s a long time to go hungry. So we have something simple that doesn’t’ require a ton of in the kitchen time.

IDEAS FOR AFTER SCHOOL EATING (or whatever you would call that?): 



Healthy dinner-


-DESSERT (great to make with kids)


I hope you enjoyed this post! Wishing all of your children a blessed upcoming school year. May God keep them safe! May they be an example to others and shine where God has planted them.

P.S. Would any of you like some idea how we handle mornings, or after noon, how our schedule is set up. Or perhaps you would like to see some lunch ideas? Let me know and I’ll update the post. 

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