Homemade Bible Jeopardy

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With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, I thought I’d share a game we absolutely love. My family is really, really big on Bible quizzes, puzzles and games. I created this game many, many years back and we have been enjoying it ever since. It’s such a fun way to get the whole family together and play. Can you believe it, my parents, are the biggest fans! They are always asking to play. (Unfortunately, they are not very good at following the rules (lol) but it’s so fun watching them.) My father is really good at Bible Trivia, as is my mother. I tell you, it’s rather fun watching the competitive side of them come out.

These rules were created by me, therefore, may be altered to fit your family’s preferences.

This is REALLY fun for youth functions or ladies get-together. 🙂


You need a leader and scorekeeper. It’s best if it’s not the same person. If you have someone who doesn’t really care for Bible questions and will not play, assign them to keep score. This way they are still a part of the fun.

Divide everyone into equal teams. (Ex: If you have 24 people, it’s best to do 4 groups of 6, rather than 8 groups of 3. Or if you have 12 people, 3 groups of 4 is better than 2 groups of 6. The least we have played with is 6 and that worked out just fine, 2 groups of 3.)

To start the game, the leader thinks of a number and writes it down on a small piece of paper from 1 through 10. Each team then writes down their guess. The team with the closest number to the leader’s number starts the game.

Each teammate will take a turn in each round. So say we have 9 players (3 groups of 3 in a group). First time around, player 1 will go in group 1. Then player 1 in group 2 and finally player 1 in group three. Then the remaining players.


The lesser the number, the easier the question. With 100 being the easiest and 500 most challenging.

The player names the category and level of difficulty (so “People for 300”). The leader removes the number from the category, this way you know which questions have been asked. (I re-use our board so I just fold the tape over so it won’t stick to another piece of paper.)

The question is read, if the player knows the answer, he answers the question. The room must remain quiet (if a teammate blurts out the answers, they lose the points). If he answers correctly, he scores points for their team. If the answer is incorrect, they points are deducted.

If the question is asked and the player doesn’t want to risk answering because he doesn’t know the answer, he can say group talk. You then talk quietly with your group. If you then answer the question and it is correct, you get half the points. If you answer and the question incorrectly, you are deducted half the points. If you discussed with your group and you still don’t know, you may “pass” the question and no points will be added/deducted from your team.

If a player gets the question wrong. The team up next can try to answer the question. If they get the answer correct, they score half the points. If the answer is incorrect, they are deducted half the points. If the second team still doesn’t know you keep moving on to the next team. You do this until all teams have gone. If all teams have gone and the answer still isn’t answered you can go around the teams one more time and no points will be deducted if the answer is wrong, however, if they do get the right answer, they get half the points.

When landing on a double jeopardy. If the player answers the question correctly, he gets double the points. If the answer is incorrect, double points are taken away. Once he asks for group talk, the double jeopardy no longer applies.

Homemade Bible Jeopardy


Print Numbers (HERE)

Print Bible Trivia Name (HERE)

Print Categories (HERE)

Questions 1- Bible Questions and Answers – English (HERE)

Bible Questions and Answers – Russian (HERE)

Questions 2- Bible questions and Answers – English (HERE)

NEW Questions 3- Bible questions and Answers – English (HERE)

Cut everything out. With a small piece of tape, tape everything to a poster board.

Double Trivia: Randomly in each category, draw a start or something under a number (with a pencil so it is not noticeable). So say in the People category it will be under 200, Places 400 etc.

Now you are set to play.:)

ENJOY friends. I think you will absolutely LOVE the game.

Note: You can do less or more categories. Sometimes instead of Miscellaneous Bible questions, I will do sports or health questions or even History or Science.

If you do the first game and you absolutely love it, you can e-mail me and I will send you a new set of questions. 🙂 valentina@valentinascorner.com