Christmas 2016 + GIVEAWAY

Hello, friends and welcome to our End of Year Post, sharing some picture from our fall photo session. Summing up this year in this post, Christmas 2016 + Giveway. 🙂

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway

I love receiving mail in December!  We love to see how all of our friends’ kids charge over the year, and we keep our cards up all year long, does anyone else?. Then I create a book with the cards.

P.S. I often get e-mails asking for our mailing address, if any of you want it, here it is. We’d LOVE to see the families that are a part of our blogging world:

Valentina’s Corner

P.O. Box 29

Middlebranch, OH  44652

This guy is my rock!. He loves me for who I am, unconditionally (even when I am a stinker and kind of hard to love ;), he’s a keeper!). I am so grateful for him.

We celebrated 14 years together November 30th. How crazy is that? <3


Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveawayand our little family, well not so little, you get the picture…

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway
Ha! There are pictures like this one.. It’s hard taking getting 7 people to look at the camera, okay. 😉

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway
The ladies…

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway
and the men of our family..

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway
Our littlest peanut. Look at our family pic from 2014, her hair back then!!! Oh my…

HUGE thank you to my sister Jessica for taking our yearly pics, and my sister Alla. <3

Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway

About the GIVEAWAY!!!

I cannot believe 2016 is coming to a close! It’s been a wonderful and blessed year. I usually do a giveaway at the end of the year and this year is no different.

We are going to randomly pick 3 winners for a Visa Gift Card. 2 winners will receive a $50 gift card. 1 winner will receive a $100 gift card!. So exciting. Giveaway will end 12/25/2016 at midnight. Be sure your e-mail is correct when commenting, that is how the winner will be notified Monday the 26th. I will also write the winners names here once they are drawn. You will have 48 hours to contact me with a mailing address. 🙂 (Drawing is for those with a United States or Canada addresses. THANK YOU.) Disclaimer: Visa Cards is not a part of this giveaway, this giveaway is held by Valentina’s Corner, this is not an endorsement.

All you have to do is comment below answering one or more of the following questions:

  1. What is your favorite recipe from our website?
  2. What would you like to see us post more of in 2017?
  3. Tell me about yourself.! I love connecting with you, our readers. Perhaps something that is worth sharing that happened to you in 2016? A baby? A memorable family trip? (p.s. Have you been reading the Testimonies I have been sharing?)

Well, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank ALL of you for taking a part of our Blog in 2016.

For the comments and the e-mails, likes and shares on social media – I am so grateful. For words of encouragement and wisdom. For trying our recipes and sharing our blog with your family and friends. All of these mean SOO much to any blogger! Our readers really are what keeps us blogging.

Wishing you all a BLESSED Christmas!

Fondly, Tima & Valentina, Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Nathaniel and Abigail.

So grateful for ALL of your comments, we truly have the most wonderful friends (readers). I wish I could give all of you something. Here are the names drawn. Please check your e-mail and respond  with a mailing address.

$100 WINNER!!!








Valentina's Corner 2016 - Christmas Giveaway

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  • Tatyana 12/24/2016, 10:03 pm Link Reply

    2016 was a year of many wonderful blessings, we were blessed with the fourth baby, bought our first home, and it has been a year of true faith-testing. God showed me His mighty hand and mercy, His unconditional love and grace so many times. I wish your family and everyone who turns to your blog for recipes and advice, Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:44 pm Link Reply

      What a variety of events for you in 2016. Congrats on the baby and new home. HOW EXCITING!
      So touching to hear how God has worked in your life. He is so good to us, all the time. If there is a situation that really stood out and you can share with the rest of us, I’d love to post it in our Testimonies, just e-mail me to :).
      Hoping you will visit again. Many, many blessings and God’s protection for you in the upcoming year. May He guys you steps..

  • VB 12/24/2016, 3:51 pm Link Reply

    In 2017 I would love to see more blogs about marriage, family, God.
    Thank you!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:41 pm Link Reply

      Awww, thank you for the encouragement for more personal posts. It’s TRULY APPRECIATED!. Truly, truly. <3

  • Edye 12/24/2016, 12:29 pm Link Reply

    I like your buttered cod in a skillet recipe! So easy and yummy 🙂

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:40 pm Link Reply

      Was hoping someone would mention the Cod recipe, Edye. Thank you.
      Hoping you have a blessed upcoming 2017 year.

  • Laurie 12/24/2016, 8:52 am Link Reply

    All of the recipes are delicious. But my Family really does love the Chicken Potatoes & Vegetables one alot. This year was another special year for us, as we got to welcome another precious child to our family. It truly is amazing and such a special gift given from God. For the next year I would love to see some recipes that don’t take alot of time but yet taste delicious.
    I wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2017!

  • Oksana 12/24/2016, 6:24 am Link Reply

    Oh my, our favorite recipe… that’s a hard one cause everything we tried it was amazing. I love that it’s so easy to follow the recipe and it’s one of my favorite places to come to do my meal planning. If possible I would love to see some freezer meals/ crockpot. Thanks for your hard work, keep it up and God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas!!!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:38 pm Link Reply

      Awww, thanks Oksana. We appreciate the support.
      Ooo I love the idea for a post for freezer-friendly meals. Great idea. Will definitely add that to 2017.
      Thanks for all the support and encouragement, it’s soo appreciated. Wishing you a BLESSED upcoming year.

  • Laura 12/24/2016, 6:22 am Link Reply

    All recipes are delicious and turn out wonderful. My family loves the One pAn Chicken Potatoes & Vegetables. This year was another special year for us. We got to welcome another precious baby to our family. So for next year I would love to see recipes that don’t take a whole lot time but yet taste delicious.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:36 pm Link Reply

      Yaay, love that one-pan meal. So easy and so delicious.
      Awww, Congrats on the baby! Kids are such a blessing. They are so much work but such a blessing. Wishing healthy over the baby.
      Hoping you will stop back and visit. God bless you and your growing family.

  • Angellika 12/24/2016, 3:47 am Link Reply

    You have a beautiful blessed family!
    In the year of 2017, I would love to see more dessert recipes. You do a great job of posting delicious recipes. Keep up the hard work. Merry Christmas to you and your family!?

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:34 pm Link Reply

      Thanks so much Angellika for visiting our little corner of the internet world. We are so happy to have you here.
      Desserts it is!
      Wishing you a blessed upcoming New Year.

  • Vera Tika 12/24/2016, 12:45 am Link Reply

    Hi! I came across your blog probably this past year! I’ve tried a few of your recipes but my favorite is your PIROSHKI!! They come out PERFECT every time I make them!!! So grateful for it!
    I would like to see some easy meals? Like when you don’t have time to sit in the kitchen long, maybe some crock pot meals?
    This year has been the hardest year for me.. My mom passed away a year ago, very young! So a lot of ups and downs! But I’d say finding my church has been the highlight of this year for me! I know that God led me to where I am and all that they have helped me overcome and just been there like family has been priceless for me! I miss my mom very much but God has given me so many spiritual mamas and I’m so overwhelmed!
    You have a beautiful family and I really hope that your Christmas is BLESSED with lots of love! May God bless you and yours! Merry Christmas!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:33 pm Link Reply

      Your comment just melted my heart. I cannot imagine what it’s like to lose a mom. I’m 34 and that thought just makes my heart hurt. I am so sorry to hear that. What a testimony to hear how much the church body has been there for you. God bless those people that have stepped up and been the earthly hands of Jesus. So heartwarming.
      Well, I just want to say, I’m also here. If you ever need a friend of something to talk to or even visit, here is my e-mail
      So humbled to have you a part of our blog family. Wishing you all of God’s blessings in the upcoming year. May His comforting hand be upon you and your family. Hoping you will stop back and visit up.

  • Luda 12/23/2016, 9:28 pm Link Reply

    Hi, Valya! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this blog. It’s really hard to choose a favorite recipe since there’s so many that I love, also I enjoy reading your testimonies, I hope to see more next year. Merry Christmas and God bless!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:19 pm Link Reply

      Awwww, thank you Ludochka. I love, love hearing you are blessed with the testimonies. Just so wonderful. 🙂
      Wishing many, many blessings in the upcoming year and hoping you will visit again.

  • TetyanaI 12/23/2016, 7:20 pm Link Reply

    Hi Valentina!
    I’ve been keeping up with your blog since I discovered it several months ago. One of my most favorites is the chicken Alfredo. It’s always a big hit! I would love to see recipes that have a healthier twist to them in the upcoming year! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:17 pm Link Reply

      Awww, I love hearing that you are new to our Blog. Big WELCOME from all of us!
      Thanks for the ideas for healthier recipes, we will definitely keep that in mind.
      Wishing you and your family a wonderful upcoming year.

  • Brenda monroe 12/23/2016, 3:14 pm Link Reply

    Hi again Valentina! I messaged you last week but wanted to thank you for your sweet reply and also to enter your contest! As I mentioned earlier our favorite recipes from your site are your soups. We retire soon and will be moving in less than a year to the Landing area from the Detroit area where we are now. I told my husband I would like to get a freezer when we move and keep it stocked with mostly your soup recipes with a couple of my own that have been keepers over the years. (my heritage is hillbilly as my parents were from the south so things like pinto beans and chicken and dumplings would be my additions! ?) anyway I would love my freezer to become a soup minitry ready to share when needed. Its actually kind of started already…last week my elderly mother-in-law was delighted with your meatball soup. Our neighbor down the street lost her mom so we sent the family your simple Russian soup. My daughter just had surgery and a few days ago we took her your cheesy broccoli soup. What a comforting food to share! Perfect for winter in Michigan! Thanks for sharing your gift with us Valentine…you can’t know how far the ripple effect of your little cooking blog will go…

    • admin 12/26/2016, 1:14 pm Link Reply

      Thank you so much Mrs. Monroe,
      We are so humbled to have someone as yourself visit our family’s blog.
      I absolutely LOVE your idea for the soup ministry. That’s just so beautiful. I love it, what a blessing you are to others.
      Wishing you and your family many blessings in the upcoming year. Hoping you will stop back and visit our blog.

  • Tanya 12/23/2016, 11:41 am Link Reply

    Hi Valentina,
    My favorite recipes are your dessert ones. They are all delicious!!!:) I would love to see more video recipes and personal/testimony posts. May God bless you in this upcoming new year and hope you have a great Christmas!!!:)

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:58 pm Link Reply

      Awww, so glad you enjoy our video recipes. Cannot wait to share that with the kids. They will be so inspired.
      Thank you for reading our posts. That’s so wonderful to know and very encouraging and inspiring. I appreciate my blog family so much. I am so grateful all of your wonderful support.
      Many, many blessings in the upcoming year.

  • Tatyana 12/23/2016, 7:10 am Link Reply

    Hi Valya,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us! I have made a lot of your recipes and the most recent one was the Best Bread using the breadmaker! Everything turns out really good and my family likes. Thank you for taking the time to share your creations with us. The 2 recipes that I keep making again and again are Rugaliki and Banana Chocolate & Cream Cheese Bundt Cake (except I make it into mini-muffins – it’s easier to pack that way for school lunch). 🙂

    My most favorite posts are the Spiritual Recipes/ Testimonies that you and others share from their life. Thank you for that and that ‘s what I would like to see more of for myself. I hope you and your family have a blessed and happy Christmas and a New Year!!!!!!!!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:50 pm Link Reply

      Oh I love the way you do the Bundt Cake, what a phenomenal idea. Just superb, thanks for sharing. I will add that in the notes on that recipe, love it.
      Glad you enjoy the personal posts, that’s so encouraging to know.
      Thank you for visiting and the support. Wishing you and your family a wonderful upcoming New Year. <3

  • Julia 12/23/2016, 1:57 am Link Reply

    I love the dessert recipes! All of them! The cheesecake cherry buns are so delicious! In 2017 I would love for even more dessert recipes like cake rolls or frosting recipes.
    Thank you for all you do!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:47 pm Link Reply

      Those Cherry Cheesecake Buns are sooo sooo good. It’s a favorite of ours!
      Thank you for being a part of our blogging family. We are so happy to have you.
      Many wonderful blessings in the upcoming year. <3

  • Inna Vasilyuk 12/23/2016, 1:22 am Link Reply

    Hi Valentina,
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! I love your blog. My favorite recipe is one pan chicken and veggies. I make it every other week and my husband and son never leave leftovers. Merry Christmas and may God continue blessing your family abundantly!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:45 pm Link Reply

      Thanks for visiting our humble blog.
      That one pan is just awesome, so glad you tried that – a keeper for her.
      Hoping all of God’s blessings upon your family in the upcoming year.

  • Kristina 12/22/2016, 9:18 pm Link Reply

    Hello Valentina,
    All ur recipes are great! You have a variety of everything from sweets to savory. Im a big fan of sweets id love to see more of dessert recipes. Your blog is great, thank you for your time and all the posts you put it to make our life a bit easier. God bless!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:41 pm Link Reply

      Thanks for the comment, Kristina.
      Thanks for the vote for desserts. 🙂 Those are truly my favorite to create, love, love desserts.
      Wishing you many blessings in the upcoming year and hoping you will come back and visit.

  • Larisa 12/22/2016, 9:06 pm Link Reply

    Hi Valya,
    Beautiful family pictures! Congrats on 14 year wedding anniversary! Thanks for being so down to earth and open about your personal life and giving us some tips on life. I like the testimony posts! My favorite recipes will have to be the tiramisu cake and your cheese cream buns! Making them today :).

    Thank you for putting your time and effort to share with us the step by step recipes as well as blogs on just life. Your children are all so beautiful and are great photo posers!

    Have a very bright and merry Christmas, celebration of our Savior’s birth….to ultimately pay the price on the cross for our salvation!

    And have a blessed and prosperous, productive, safe and joyful New Year!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:39 pm Link Reply

      Thanks for the Congrats, 14 years, I just cannot believe it.
      I am so glad to hear our simple and humble life is a blessing to others. To Him be the glory.
      Thank you for the beautiful comment. It’s very heartwarming and appreciated.
      Love, love the Cherry Cheesecake buns. Oh my, hold me back. 🙂

  • Angella 12/22/2016, 8:55 pm Link Reply

    Hello there, Valentina!
    You have many scrumptious recipes on your blog. Me and my family really like your “Juicy Grilled Chicken Kebabs with Lime”. Mmm… so good and flavorful! I really love your blog. Keep up the great work. I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May God bless you and your family abundantly! ❤?

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:37 pm Link Reply

      Oh I’m so so happy you tried the Grilled Juicy Chicken Kebabs. Those are SO GOOD!
      We are happy to have you a part of our blogging family.
      Wishing you and your family so much happiness in the upcoming year.

  • Stephanie S 12/22/2016, 8:28 pm Link Reply

    Hello there…I love seeing all the new and exciting recipes on your blog…I have WAY to many favorites but one I will write about are the seafood bite appetizers…YUM.
    Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season…I look forward to see all of your new posts!!!!

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:35 pm Link Reply

      Thank you so much for being a part of our blog family, we’re so happy to have you.
      Wishing you many of God’s blessings.
      (P.S. Love the seafood bite appetizers.)

  • Nadia 12/22/2016, 8:25 pm Link Reply

    HI Valentina, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love going thru your recipes and trying out new things, my absolute favorite that I cooked was the chicken cheese and potatoe in puff pastry, my family loved it. It even tasted better the next day. Your recipes never disappoint me and my picky family. I would love to see more slow cooker recipes, I am a Busy mama with three kids and two already in school and it would be wonderful to save time on cooking dinner. I am excited to see what recipes you will be posting. Have a blessed day

    • admin 12/26/2016, 12:24 pm Link Reply

      Definitely will add slow cooker recipes for the upcoming year. We could all use easy meals, right. Excited to see what we will come up with in 2017. =)
      Wishing you and your family a most wonderful upcoming year. May God give you wisdom in all you do.

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