I hope you all enjoyed our first segment of posts in the  “Let’s Talk” series. It was a fun first post and to those of you who participated, thank you. Today, I want to talk about something totally different yet very dear to my heart and that’s “Dating you Husband”. If you read my Anniversaries Series, you’ll know how strongly I feel about taking time out of our busy lives and making an effort to keeping the love and romance alive in the marriage.

Dating our husband ideas.

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I will not duplicate what I wrote, you can read it there if you haven’t, but I am excited to open this post almost like a forum style in the Let’s Talk series and get your input as well (and not just listen to me and what I have to say, cause that can be rather annoying ;)…). I love when you add your comments and we all learn something from each other. In THAT post I give a ton of tips and ideas you can do to date your husband. Ideas for going on, dating on a budget and just different things you can do.

     Today, I want to hear your idea:

      -How often do you go out? What keeps you from going out more?

      -What kinds of things do you do for date nights when you are out and about? How about when you stay home?

      -Tips on doing date nights on a budget, or if you are able to spoil yourself with something fancier? What do you do?

      -What do you do with your kids when you go out? Or if you stay at home.

      -What do you do with gifts for special occasions? What’s a good gift idea if someone is stuck. Leave a link with some ideas.

These are just some questions to get you started. I’d love to get inspired by some of your ideas and I bet others will love the input as well.

Finally, I am so passionate about this topic, I’d like to do a neat GIVEAWAY for two of you, my wonderful reader and friends. It will be a $75 gift card to your favorite restaurant. Go out, enjoy a nice dinner, and dessert, and an appetizer, and whatever else you want;). Also, the winners will receive a surprise gift for you to give to each other when you are on your date night (no cheating and opening it up earlier ;)..). I am not going to show pictures of the gift and will let you be surprised once I mail it to you! To make it clear, there will be two winners selected. Each couple will get the gift card and gifts (one for the hubby, one for the wifey).

Dating our husband ideas.

To enter the giveaway, comment below and share your thoughts on this topic. The giveaway will end November 19th @6:00 p.m. I will announce the winter on the blog November 20th and will e-mail the winners. You have 24 hours to reply to my e-mail with a mailing address. If you fail to reply within that time, another winner will be drawn. 🙂

Those of you that are in our Newsletter, you are automatically entered. If you are not yet receiving our e-mails, sign up below and you will be entered twice. Sharing the giveaway on Social Media is appreciated but not a must. If you are not yet married and don’t need this, enter for your parents or someone in your life that needs to get away for a fun evening!

Thanks friends for being a part of our online home! We so appreciate you. Looking forward to reading your feedback. XOXO

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Please check your e-mails for the giveaway. You have 24 hours to reply! A new winner will be drawn if I do not hear a response. THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful comments. I LOVED reading them all. 

n*******n@yahoo.com  Nata

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Jennifer and Julie you are also winners of a smaller prize. Please respond to my e-mail. 🙂 🙂

Dating our husband ideas.