Sharing a post of our recent trip to the beautiful country of Spain and touring Europe a bit.

Two people standing in Spain.I know I’ve been absent from my blog for the last few weeks. I hope you have missed me because.. I’m back.

My husband and I went on a week-long mission trip with a few other couples. We had such a blessed time!. In Spain, there is a Slavic community/church with immigrants from Ukraine that have a church formed. We went to a week-long camp with the youth, originally we were supposed to go to a kids camp, but I’m sure that was God’s doing. It was so nice to see people from different walks of life, different upbringings come together and find the common ground in Christ. They have such a passion for worshiping, it was inspiring, truly inspiring. Our husbands were able to serve them by digging into God’s Word with them. One evening, we split the ladies and gentlemen into two groups. Us married ladies were able to share with these younger ladies the importance of keeping yourself pure and saving themselves for marriage. It’s a topic that is really, really dear to my heart. I was so honored to share with them God’s design for purity. Many of these young ladies have parents that aren’t believers and don’t have that stable ground at home. I’m hoping those words sunk deep into their hearts and will carry them through.

Once we were done with our mission trip. We spend a week touring Europe. I thought I’d share some pictures from our trip. This was my first time trying my limited food only photography self at architecture/outdoor photography. I think I did okay!:)

I was looking forward to enjoying their food the most and was SOO disappointed! I didn’t truly enjoy a single meal we had. A few times it was good, but nothing that had a WOW factor. Not only did it not wow me, everything was soo expensive. Was so disappointed. (Read at the end of the page for what absolutely broke my heart..)
Here we go!!!


..Warning: I have this thing for pretty doors and windows, just have to share some of them because they are beautiful..

Pictures from Segovia, Spain.

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Pictures from Rome, Italy

The Colosseum//

arches in spain trip.

<VENICE, ITALY> was absolutely Dreeeaaaamy..

Pictures from Venice, Italy.

The nicest place we stayed in was this one. It was in France, just outside of Italy on our drive to Switzerland. So beautiful, if you are traveling and looking for a place to stay, it’s lovely. In the middle of the mountains. We booked all of our hotels with They are very true to their ratings. Best of all, if you create an account with them, after you’ve stayed with them 10 nights, you get a free night! Score..

Drive to Switzerland.

the view from our balcony..

One of the most shocking and heartbreaking things I encountered for the first time in my life while on our trip was women on the streets selling themselves. As soon as we would exit the city, they were everywhere. I just wanted to cry,  my heart broke for them. I know many women at times have no choice but to make a living like that, therefore, it’s not my place to judge them. I did, however, want to just run up to them, hug them and tell them how much they are loved by Jesus (I kind of feel like a coward now looking back for not doing that..). Those of you that are prayer worriers, pray for women like that. I have been praying that someone comes into their lives that will share the gospel with them and show them the ultimate price Jesus paid for them which is so much higher than they will ever make. The saddest part, most of them were so young and beautiful! My heart truly goes out to them. I have such a heart for women and I cannot tell you how much sleep I lost after seeing them get picked up by someone outside the hotel we stayed in. Sniff, sniff..

This is the group of people we were honored to go with..

Europe Trip 2016, group of people standing.

Well, friends, there is our trip for you! I hope you enjoyed it. The conclusion my spouse and I came to is that we live in the BEST Country in the world! “And all the people said, ‘Amen’..”…