Exciting News to the Blog!

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I am so thrilled to announce something exciting for our blog! I am going to start blogging consistently and am becoming a part-time blogger. How exciting! This has been something we have been thinking, talking and praying about with our family for a long time and with a leap of faith, we are diving deep. I hope you all are just as excited as we are. So, what does this actually mean? Well, first of, that means my posts will be consistent and on a weekly basis. Before, I posted when I had the time or desire (which sometimes meant once in three weeks). Now I hope to have 1 – 2 post(s) a week. Squealing with delight. 


There will be some changes to the blog with a redesign. Over the next few weeks, we will be having work done on the back end of the blog and I hope you will see a drastic change in speed and appearance. As we work on that, do you have any tips or ideas that you feel would make your experience and navigation/searches a more enjoyable one? I will take any tips and ideas you have! I’m sure you have been on here navigating and said, urghh, I wish she had this or that?.


To be able to blog part-time, I am sure you have started noticing we have installed Ad’s on our blog. We are really honored to work AdThrive and be a part of their team, they are absolutely phenomenal. I would like to ask you though, if you every see an Ad that is inappropriate or unappealing, please let me know! Click on the URL and e-mail me the page you were directed to; my email is (valentina@valentinascorner.com).


Here is the best part, one that you can partake in! I need your feedback, pretty please. What would you like to see most of coming to the blog? 95% of our posts are recipes, but at times we post personal posts, you can see them under the This & That tab. I am an interior designer and am constantly doing changes to our home. Would you like me to share posts on ideas/tips on home décor/design or is that not something you would be interested in?

Also, if possible. I’d love to hear about you our friends who visit us in our online home. Are you married, do you have children or where do you live? What kind of interests do you have? All of these will help us know how to make our posts more personal to you.


Currently, we have Categories as follows-

RECIPES– self explanatory

VIDEO RECIPES– by our very talented Junior chefs (a.k.a. our children)

THIS & THAT– under which are Testimonies, Family happenings Travels and Faith posts, and our Shop 

Upcoming we are hoping to add a section for kitchen TIPS? What do you think?

Social media- We will also be doing more short videos that we will share on Facebook and Instagram. I’m really starting to enjoy shooting those.

Another idea I have been playing around with is adding a category for different discussions. So a post perhaps that will talk about what there is to know about being a mom for newborns and in that post you all can get active and comment. Then It would be a wonderful bookmark to have and go back to if you ever couldn’t remember the best bottle or cream a mom recommended. What do you think? What other topics would interest you in that category?


Are you signed up to receive our Newsletters? I don’t send one out every week, but they are pretty fun when they do go out. I share a lot of things in there that I don’t share anywhere else. Like in this upcoming Newsletter, there will be of pictures on the project of remodeling our girls’ room. I am soo excited (I have a degree in Residential Planning and Design, therefore, I absolutely love projects like this one). Sign up below or on the right side bar. It just requires your e-mail. I promise not to spam you with anything unnecessary or share your e-mail.

Lastly, I’d be so honored if you would spread the word about our blog to your friends. That would be oh such a blessing to our family. (P.S. Did you know that on Facebook you can go under our blog and invite friends to like our page, I mean, just throwing that out there is any of you are wondering how to get involved.)

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends to us. We truly have the nicest group of people visit. I am praying our blog is one that will inspire all of us to be better moms, cooks, friends and followers of Christ.

Well, this about sums it up. I sure am REALLY, REALLY looking forward to reading your comments and e-mails. Comments and feedback really keep a blogger going!


Valentina, Timur and our nuggets (Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Nathaniel and Abigail)