I have gotten many requests for more game recommendations after I posted my version of Bible Jeopardy. So instead of e-mailing everyone back, I thought I’d just do a post on our favorite games.

Here are honest reviews, games we love and some not so much. We have a cupboard full of games and I am always on the lookout for new games. Our family is very much a “games” kind of family. (I may or may not have a “game collecting” addition.! Addiction is taking it a little too far, how about “hobby”. Game collecting hobby – yes, that is now a thing. ;)..)

I am sharing all of the board games we love in this post (Part 1). In the next post (Part 2) (give me a few weeks), I will share all other games we enjoy with family and youth, indoor and outdoor games. (Like 4 Chairs,  Electricity, and The Cup Game – a favorite. So fun!)

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5-SECOND RULE We like this. Youth plays all the time. You get 5-seconds to answer a question. Example: Name three fast food chains. You think you know it, but when you are on the spot, it gets intense. Great for all ages.

BATTLESHIP A great classic for all ages.

CLUE One of my FAVORITE games. Clue and Scrabble for the win!. It never gets old.

BRAIN QUEST Trivia games with questions for grade 1-6. We REALLY like their flash cards. We have EVERY grade level. It’s great to play on road trips when you need to kill time. I really thought I was super smart-until I played this game. HIGHLY recommend the cards.

BLOKUS This game was highly recommended. We purchased it and really did not care for it. It could just be our family but no-one liked it. Bummer..

BLURT Fun for all ages. We don’t use the board. A question is read and the first person to blurt the correct gets the card. At the end of the game, the person with the most card is the winner. Playing this way doesn’t limit the players you can have. You can either have one person read all of the cards or continue rotating the stack of cards and have a different person read each time.

APPLES to APPLES Fun for all ages. Gets everyone involved and laughing.

BANANAGRAM– We really enjoy playing this game when we have ladies get-together. Instead of doing the peel version, we just divide the tiles equally and the first person to use up their tiles is the winner. My favorite way of playing this game. Kind of like mini Scrabble.

CONNECT 4 Classic family game everyone should have in their game collection.

DINNER GAMES– Cute ideas for what to play/do when you are around the dinner table.

DUTCH BLITZTHIS IS FUN! Be sure to order 2 packs right away. One pack limits to 4 players and everyone will want in on the fun. If you would rather have 8 players play together, get the expansion pack. We preferred just having 2 teams. Seems easier than having 8 people play.

FUNGLISH Another great game for large or small groups. Basically, a player gets a “secret” word and they have to use words given to describe the word and everyone else tries to guess what the word is. Really great for youth groups and when you have people of different ages play.

N. GEOGRAPHIC QUIZ WHIZ– This is a fun trivia game. I don’t think it’s just for kids. It’s amazing how much of this you forget.

JENGA This is kind of a fun game, 2 players at a time. Our kids really enjoy it.

MONOPOLY Please don’t judge by what I’m about to tell you, alright, fine judge me because I deserve it. I just learned to play this game last week for the very first time! LOL. No, I am not joking. So fun. I ordered the Mega version. I like the board better than the original version because it’s bigger, however, we don’t like the Skyscrapers. We just don’t play with those. It’s almost like the first person to build a Skyscraper wins the game. I just purchased additional houses and hotels on eBay since we don’t use skyscrapers.

SAY ANYTHING This game is fun for everyone. We got together for a New Year’s party and we played this game with couples. Meaning each couple got one board. There was so much laughter. A great game for a small youth group gathering or even teens.

SCRABBLE My ultimate favorite game.

SMART LASS Okay I am not the one to name this game and I don’t like the name of it, so I just drew on L to add to the name but it’s a really FUN game! A question is read, starting with the most difficult question and the answers keep getting easier (all the answers are the same). If you answer and it’s incorrect you are out. Very fun.

UNO Uno is a classic. Have you ever played Uno where you jump in or Uno slap? If any of you haven’t I can explain how to play it.

WINK LOVE this game. Unfortunately, when purchasing the game, it limits you to 8 players. We usually have more. If you think you will have more than 8 players, send me an e-mail and I will give you templates for creating this game at home.


INKLING This is GREAT game for Bible trivia if you enjoy that. You can either play with the board instructions or if we ever have a large group we made up our own rules. So the reader takes a card and begins reading the question. Each question will have the same answer. The first question is the most difficult. If someone answers and it’s incorrect, they are out and cannot answer again until a new card is read. The person that answers the correct answer, gets the card. The person with the most cards, wins.

BIBLE BLURT It’s like the game Blurt but with more Biblical based questions. Instead of using a board to move, the person that blurts out the answer just keeps the card. Then we just count cards and winner is determined that way. A larger group of people if played this way.

CHILDREN’S BIBLE TRIVIA This is great not only for children but for anyone who is a beginner with Bible questions. Great for Sunday School.

APPLES to APPLES Bible Version Being honest here. We purchased this but did NOT care for it. It’s a little awkward to play and feels wrong, that’s just my opinion. Goodwill got our game;).

BIBLE CHALLENGE This is another Bible questions game. The questions are WONERFUL! The board layout it a bit weird but sure is great for Bible fun with Trivia involved.

OUTBURST Bible Version This is on our list to purchase. I have heard good things about the game but have yet to purchase it.

There you all go! Hope this gets you excited to get your family/friends together and have a wonderful time with laughter!

Did you find this useful? Are there games you LOVE but we don’t have listed? PLEASE SHARE!!! 🙂