Sharing some pictures from our Girls Room Redesign today. This has been a project in the work for months (last fall). Then, a few months before I actually took the pictures, ha!

I love the combination of white and gold – a perfect touch for a girls room that’s transitioning from a toddler room to a big girl room. 🙂

Girls white and gold room.

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Big Girl Room Redesign-

Elizabeth Rose is 8 and Abigail Lily is 4. I was trying to go with a room redesign that would be great for them as they get older and I won’t have to do any major changes for a while. I could just add a touch of a color and it would be enough.

I love the combination of white and gold. It’s so fresh and makes the room feel so spacious. Originally, I just had the white and gold without the polka dots, it felt just a bit “too grown up” so when I ordered the polka dots and added them, I love the look it gives. Takes it from an overly teenage room and feels just right.

White bedroom set.


I got the metal bed head frame from Overstock. I was a bit nervous about purchasing it because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to paint it. But, I did and LOVE the way it came out. This is the gold spray paint I used here.

This is the bed skirt I purchased. It’s a beautiful bed skirt that would go with any bed set.


The furniture we purchased was from IKEA. Very afford and the quality was very impressive. Yes, it’s a bit annoying to put it together but was worth the savings. I then just took the drawer nobs and spray painted them as well, using this paint. Loved the new look with the gold nobs.

The mirror was a simple black mirror that I also painted with the same gold paint, I believe I got it at Target or Walmart. I had some serious difficulties with it, but, it still looks rather cute (my little one wanted her fingerprints on the freshly painted sides ;)..).

I got the fluffy bench at HomeGoods but here’s a similar bench. Or, you can purchase this one and spray paint the legs. That’s what I was going to do until I for one at HomeGoods.


I got the desk at IKEA as well. The legs were white and I spray painted those as well. I was going to initially get this desk here. Very cute, modern and chic. This is the desk chair I ordered. I love it. It’s oversized and really comfortable. I also just spray painted the legs to match the rest of the gold touches.

The decor on the desk is here: alarm clock, a similar super cute lamp, and a similar basket to the one I got that they use for their laundry (I think I got it at Target but can’t find the link). 🙂


I got the glass shelves at IKEA as well and just spray painted them. Love how cute they are.

Here’s a jewelry holder for hairpins and ties. You’ve got to have some pineapple décor just because they’re so cute. You also need pineapple bookends. 🙂

I had a few “BEFORE” pictures but they were on my phone and it crashed so all of my pictures are gone. Anyhow, we had a tan carpet in there before (that was like 12 years old) and tan walls. Very old fashion and oh so boring – screaming, please redesign.

The pillowcases were a favorite project. I went to a fabric store and purchased the gold sequence material and the shiny gold material. Then, all I did was used a fabric adhesive and made the pillowcases that way. Super easy peasy and you’d never know I didn’t use a sewing machine. (This will be our little secret).

Well, this is my first time sharing our home. Did you enjoy it? I have a degree in Interior Design so this project was so fun for me. I mean SO SO fun!

Do you want to see more of my interior design decorating projects? 🙂

Question: Do you enjoy decorating and redesigning or do you dread it? What colors are your kids’ rooms?:) I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.