Our SWEET 7th baby is FINALLY here. Seraphima Ivy arrived via scheduled c-section on 4/21/20 at 7:54 a.m., weighing 8pd14oz and 19 ¾” long.

We are so in love. Though her delivery was not as dramatic as her brother’s (read HERE), she was quite the stinker and made mama oh so ill!

Baby in a basket with a white blanket and wrapped in a floral blanket.

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Let’s just say pregnancy and Valentina are not a good combination. I will spare you the details of how sick I was this pregnancy. The last two weeks of the pregnancy, I had so much pain in my abdomen, I could barely get out of bed. If I did, it was with help because the pain was so excruciating. Gestational diabetes and being anemic did not help things (our sweet kiddos always tested my sugars for me).

At 34 weeks we went into labor. When we arrived at the hospital, they gave us medication to stop the contractions as the baby would be way too early. After staying the night in the hospital, the contractions finally subsided and we were sent home.

The last week was just unbearable. I pretty much cried myself to sleep from pain every night.

To say I was ready for delivery is the BIGGEST understatement.

Baby Seraphima Ivy wrapped in a pink blanket next to flowers.

So!…. When we had Elijah, he was such a surprise baby to us. But, as we prayed and thought about it, we felt God calling us to have one more child. Though others may have thought we were crazy, our closest friends knew this. And so when Elijah was six months old, we found out we were expecting.

You cannot imagine how badly I wanted a girl! But…..

I had every “old wives tales” symptom for a boy. The heart beat was always in the high 130’s, no breakouts on the face, I wasn’t carrying high and the list goes on. I told our kids and hubby we were having a boy. We were going to name him Gideon Malachi and the kids began calling the baby Gideon.

The only thing that confused me was how sick I was with nausea. Whenever I carry girls, the morning sickness is an all day sickness and that was the case with this pregnancy.

My husband was expecting another son and he was totally fine with that.


When we went to find out the gender and the sonographer told us it was a girl, I started to cry and squeal and cry (she probably thought I was nuts)! I mean I was so OVERJOYED, I couldn’t believe it. I think I made her confirm like 4 times because we were so shocked and so taken aback. My hubby was quite confused, ha (sorry, babe)!

I squealed with joy all the way home. I just couldn’t believe I was having another girl. Driving home, we decided to keep the gender a surprise.

Baby Seraphima Ivy in a basket wrapped in a flower blanket and headband.

Why the name?

All of our children have Bible names and we wanted the same with this child, but a name that was original.

A seraphim is an angelic celestial being and belonging to the highest rank in hierarchy among the angels. They revere God and proclaim his glory in worship with “holy, holy, holy”. The more we read about the beautiful work they perform, the more we fell in love with the angelic beings. And that’s where Seraphima was born.

Our girls both have middle names after flowers (Lily and Rose), so we wanted to keep that going and Ivy just sounded so natural.

And that is how Seraphima Ivy came to life.

Baby girl wrapped in a floral blanket with a tan bow.


Though I was so miserable, we had a countdown for the scheduled cesarean on our whiteboard and with every day checked off, we just got more and more excited. Before we knew it, Tuesday morning came around. We arrived at the hospital about 5:30 a.m. with the scheduled appointment at 7:00 a.m. They started about 7:20 a.m. and she was born at 7:54 a.m.

Regardless how many children you have, the first time you see your newborn, it just takes your breath away. The sweet angel God entrusted you with, it’s so emotional and the feeling never gets old.

It was so good to have FINALLY delivered, and now the recovery.


As with any surgery, recovery is not fun and needs to run its course. We are taking it day by day. My husband and kids have been amazing. He treats me like a queen and has taught our kids to do so as well.


And.. Before going on maternity leave, our team made some recipes in advance to keep posting while I take some time off and enjoy our bundle of joy and fully recover. So, I hope those will be enjoyed and shared.


I cannot begin to tell you all how grateful I am to those that emailed or DM’d us saying God had put me on your heart and you kept us in your thoughts and prayers. That is TRULY the work of the Holy Spirit because I desperately needed those prayers.

From the deepest and most special part of my heart – THANK YOU! Sniff, sniiff – feeling so loved.

Lord, give us wisdom to raise this child for your Kingdom!