Mother’s Day 2018 Giveaway

The celebration of Mothers is fast approaching, Mother’s Day! It is one of the best days of the year, truly is. I am so grateful to my mom and the many wonderful MOTHERS around the world for their sacrificial love. You make this world a better place. #WeLoveYouMom


Because Mother’s Day is special and I am so GRATEFUL to all of you for the LOVE you’ve shown our blog, we are doing a giveaway!

To enter the giveaway:

  1. Comment below answering one of the four questions (or two, or all, haha)-
    • Share with us what an incredible mom you have. What have you learned most from her?
    • What do you find most challenging or rewarding about being a mother yourself?
    • What’s your favorite recipe from our blog?
    • Share something about yourself, what are your plans for the summer?
  2. Sharing this giveaway on social media is appreciated, however, not necessary. (Are you a member of our online closed FaceBook GROUP?
  3. Being a part of our Newsletter family automatically gives your an entry (SUBSCRIBE below, if you’re not already a member.).

The giveaway will run through Monday, May 14th, 2018. The winner will be announced Monday morning here on the blog and via e-mail. The winner will have 48 hours to respond with a mailing address, if you do not respond within that timeframe, a new winner will be drawn. The winner will choose ONE of the three options as a gift and prize.

1.) A Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven2.) An Instant Pot

3.) Cuisinart Hand Blender
+ Cake Platter

THANKS SO MUCH for visiting our online home. For sharing our recipes with your family and friends. For sharing the videos that we work so hard on. For being a part of our humble Corner. 🙂

(This is NOT a sponsored post. This giveaway is hosted by Valentina’s Corner – we so appreciate you!.)

The giveaway random winner is….. Marina with e-mail m*******

Here are some Mother’s Day shopping ideas if you’re still not done shopping. Amazon Prime will get these to you in 2-3 days! 🙂

  1. Jewelry Box– Cute organizer for jewelry and watches.
  2. Travel Mug Cute mothers day travel mug for the coffee moms.
  3. Waffle Maker– Waffle maker for breakfast waffles.
  4. Purse– A black purse for purse lovers.
  5. Blender– Set of a mixer and blender.
  6. Slippers– Cozy warm slippers.
  7. Blanket– Cute throw blanket.
  8. Fitbit– Health activity tracker.
  9. Nail Kit– Nail set with a LED light to dry nails, with gel nail polish.
  10. Rose– Golden rose, beautiful decor.
  11. Devotional– 30 day devotional for mothers wisdom.
  12. Robe Fuzzy cloth robe.
  13. Kettle-The perfect tea kettle.
  14. Pedicure Spa A pedicure spa with a vibrator to massage feet.

Thanks so much for being a part of our online family. We so appreciate you!



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  • larisa 06/12/2018, 6:39 am Link Reply

    Just wanted to thank you for taking time to reply to all your followers and for the interesting topics that you think of on your blogs. Like many have mentioned, your recipes are yummy, but also, its nice to read about other life…”stuff”.

    This definitely was an interesting give away post, even though its almost a month ago. I had fun reading through all the comments and realizing how privileged we are to be mammas and blessed to have mothers who taught us so much and left positive examples.

    Looking forward to having more This&That posts in the near future…or some testimonials.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • admin 06/12/2018, 10:39 pm Link Reply

      You’re so kind, Larisa! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I truly am blessed with the kindest online friends. I have some more great topics and conversations coming up and makes me so happy you all look forward to those. 🙂 🙂 Cheesing from ear to ear.

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