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Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and inspiring Testimony!. I had goosebumps reading about your journey. Then tears of joy. 🙂 🙂




First of all, I want to thank you for this blog and its dedication to sharing God’s Word, as well as the opportunity to share the miracles God had done in our lives. 

Rewind to 2008: Newlyweds and excited about life. Both my husband and I had jobs, we loved to travel and spend time with our family and friends. Life was a bliss.

In 2011 my husband and I were blessed with our first child, a baby girl. We were first-time parents that didn’t have a clue what parenthood was about, but we continued the blissful life of traveling and enjoying each other’s company. One of our favorite family getaways was to Sunriver in Bend, Oregon in the summer time. God truly blessed us! We lived a happy life, my husband had a job and I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom.

Forward two years, 2013, our little girl was two years old and that’s when the perfect life we had wasn’t so perfect anymore. It all started with a small rash that our little girl had on the back of her legs. We went for a checkup and the doctor suggested we use some cream or ointment and it would get better, “it’s just a dry patch” the doctor stated. Well, it never did go away! Instead, it worsened by the week and then by the day. We were running around from one doctor to another, trying to find a cure. Soon we were referred to a Dermatology specialist who concluded that it was eczema and prescribed an ointment or ‘steroid’ cream. Let me share with you all, there were ointments that worked, and we would get excited with the results. Unfortunately, a few days would go by and it would all come back. No-one had a clue on what it was! No one but God! Our little girl couldn’t wear skirts, dresses or shorts, her legs were weeping, bleeding, and blistering. We had to wrap her tiny legs at night and during the day; it was a constant struggle and the worst part was watching her suffer and not have a clue on how to help her. But we had hope and always prayed and had family that prayed for her as well; we also went to church to have the pastors pray over her hoping to get an answer. I took lots of advice from people on changing her food diet, on all the things we used in our household, we even thought it might be our water. And you know, deep down I believed she would be healed, I really did! As the year went by and her third birthday came around, not much had changed. That year we were blessed with a baby boy. What should have been a joyous time in our lives, wasn’t joyous but things only got harder. We weren’t sleeping much because I had a newborn beside me and our little girl was in our bed from constant pain. We were both tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. This was the hardest season in our lives and I was falling apart, I was slowly losing faith and prayed that God would help me!

Sitting down and holding one another, in hopes that one of us would have an answer and after exhausting our minds we got down on our knees and prayed, really prayed.

God answered! It was the Holy Spirt working in us and that soft quiet voice you hear within you. I went to our dermatologist and asked if the climate could be the cause of her pain? And quick to respond, the doctors said “NO, certainly not. She just has a dermatitis condition and it will go away with age”. But God had other plans and we listened to Him. We packed our belongings and said our goodbyes to our family and friends and hit the road with a 5-month-old and a three-year-old. We moved to Bend, Oregon. My husband had to drop all the work he had lined up for months and we put all of our trust in the One above, our God Almighty!

God blessed us with a wonderful house. Within weeks, He blessed my husband with good people that helped him find work. You know what the best part is, after about four weeks of being in Bend and praying daily that the decision we made was what God wanted us to do, our little girl was Healed! She was healed, as in not a scar was left on her legs, nothing! Her precious legs were healed! I wrote a letter to the doctor about the wonderful miracle and told people about the exciting news, giving God all the praise. Unfortunately, not everyone believed. That hurt! These people saw what we went through and they saw our little girl’s weeping, bleeding, blistering legs, but they didn’t want to believe that God healed her.
But we did!!! And we Praise God every day, thanking Him for the healing. Our not so little girl is going on six already and not a day goes by that we forget to say thank you to God!

Sometimes we put too much faith in doctors and people forget that we have a powerful God that can do anything!! So don’t give up, keep fighting and praying and things will get better, sometimes it just takes time and believing. Sometimes we pray that God will answer us today, tomorrow, this week, etc. But we have to let go of that because God is in control and His timing is never late, He is always perfectly on-time.

God is wonderful.


Thank you,

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