I’m so excited to share Elijah’s Nursery Room Remodel. I hope you’ll enjoy the before and afters as much as I enjoyed doing all the changes and bringing it to life.

nursery remodel-

With the birth of Elijah, we have officially outgrown our ranch home. Though we have a full basement and the older boys have their rooms down there, it’s getting really tight for our soon to be family of nine. We have been hunting for land to build but without success, so we are stuck here for just a little bit longer.

Nathan joined his brothers downstairs and we turned his room into the baby’s nursery, well should say “babies” nursery since there’s one more on the way. 😉

I don’t like clutter and so we kept it to a minimal and I’m so happy with the results of the “less is more” look.

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area rug-

The biggest problem I had was the Rug. It took 3 purchases and returns before I found the one I absolutely LOVED and here it is. It’s so soft and not too boring yet had so much character to add to the room. Or so I think, what do you think?

I also just loved the Foot Stool Ottoman. It was a little pricier than I normally like to spend but once I received it, I knew I wasn’t returning it, SO CUTE!


We had already changed the carpets to floors a few years back so I was in a bit of a pickle. The floors were a tan/brown with gray streaks and I wanted to do a gray wall with a design on it. Hubby and I went to Home Depot and we found the perfect color. It brought out the gray in the flooring yet didn’t clash with the rest of the colors – love! (If anyone wants the paint color, I can post it). It so beautiful in real life, the pictures don’t give it justice.

design on the main wall-

The color of the wall was a bright blue and we needed two thick layers of color so the blue wouldn’t bleed through.

He then measured and painted the wood pieces for the design I wanted and painted them twice. Once he nailed them to the wall, we were just able to touch up the seams and the wall was done.

furniture & decor-

The room isn’t very large and I didn’t want to overdue on the furniture so I just purchased a simple Crib and a Dresser (both from Amazon, because I hate shopping). I was pleasantly surprised by how good the quality is on the crib and the dresser. 

I really like the look of the Ladder Bookshelf, I can continually swap out the decor on it as needed.

I found the rabbit prints at HomeGoods so just added a cute Rabbit Pillow and the Stuffed Rabbit and Rabbit figurine as decor to the room. (The stuffed animal was so soft and Elijah sleeps with it, probably my favorite purchase).

Here the Bunny print for the wall we have.

finishing touches-

His closet door handles were the boring simple handles so we upgraded the Door Handles and they gave so much life to that side of the wall.

For the blanket, I purchased this White Throw Blanket that just was a nice finish to the room. I wanted something neutral and it’s sooo soft, love it.

plant lady-

I also purchased 3 plants for his room, please send help, this plant lady needs to STOP! But how could I pass them up, they add so much life to the room! Aside from the stuffed animal rabbit, the plants were my favorite purchases, LOL. Cause you know, a baby room needs plants, sigh!

The large plant is called a snake plant and here’s the Basket I used as a plant holder.

plants explained-

Okay, can I take a minute to explain myself on the plants, please?

So, I spend time in that room, I will need need to clean it and rock the new baby to sleep. I need something really pleasant to look at. As much as I love the look of diapers, and toddler toys, and bottles – the plants just make me HAPPY.

And of course, the green adds life to the white.

There!! I hope my explanation makes a ton of sense.

Can someone back me up on this?!

Here’s the room before we started the remodel. I’d say the changes are breathtaking.

Thanks for visiting, friends. I hope you enjoyed the post. 🙂

P.S. We get to find out whether a sister or brother will be joining Elijah in this room in just 2 weeks. #SQUEALS!

Though I’m almost beyond confident it’s another boy, we shall see.


Tim & Valentina