I am so thrilled to announce that we have created Personal Bible Study Template Sets that are printables for you. We are SOO excited about the product that we are hosting a special GIVEAWAY for them! 

There are 4 sets of completely different and unique templates for you to download, print and enjoy during your quiet time with the Lord. The bundles are also available in-store for immediate purchase HERE!

Bible study printable giveaway!

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printable templates-

I’d like to go into detail about the study printables and the giveaway in this post for those of you that will either win or purchase the downloads.

The rest of you, enjoy the post, and I pray it will inspire you in your personal Bible study this upcoming year. There’s just something so special about starting fresh in the New Year and getting excited about studying the Bible.

how this giveaway came about?

When I first started my blog, I did a giveaway similar to this except the giveaway was just for a journal and a few surprises that went with it. You guys LOVED that giveaway. As I was thinking about the end of the year and how I can be a blessing to you, the idea of a similar giveaway was born – just a little more professional this time around;).

Bible study packet with a bible and a cup of coffee.

what is in each set of downloadable templates?

Each completely different and unique set of templates will include:

  1. COVER PAGE- A cover page for the binder.
  2. WEEK OVERVIEW- A week in overview where you will be able to keep track of what is primary that week so it’s all in one area. This is such a blessing and totally changes the way you do Bible study when everything is on one page.
    • Prayer requests, whatever you want to focus on in prayer during the week. 
    • The things you are most grateful for. There’s just something about having a grateful heart that helps us connect to our Father. 
    • Verse of the week, whatever verse you want to memorize for the week. For me, I usually find the verse in the previous week’s reading. Can you imagine if you learned 1 new verse a week, by the end of the year, you will have memorized 52 verses from Scripture (now multiply that times 10 years – amazing).
    • Reflections on what God is teaching you through Scripture that week, what He is convicting you of or putting heavy on your heart for you to dig deeper in. These thoughts and revelations sink deeper and will influence us more if we write them down and then actually meditate on them and pray through them. 
    • Application, how you will apply what He is trying to teach you.
      • Ex: Don’t just write God is convicting me to spend less money. Be precise and intentional and stick to it. Ex: I will not go shopping for two weeks and only go with a list of what I need. 
    • Lastly, any happenings in the family that you want to write down, not Bible related – just life. It’s so neat to see all these come together every week. Then you look back at the end of the year and see God’s fingerprints in life’s situations throughout the year – so encouraging.
  3. NOTES- This will be where you write down your daily notes as you read. I enjoy drawing on the sides on these papers and just journaling what’s on my heart. Statistics confirm that we retain information received more if we write it down and then go back and reread it.
  4. PRAYER LIST- You can print this page and keep all of your prayer requests on there, this can be in addition to the ones you will focus on weekly. I like to just keep this at the end of the binder.

Once you purchase and download the templates, you can print whichever pages you like and use them. I usually print a month worth of pages and then just refill them as needed.

Bible study printable with a cup of coffer, colored pencils, and a bible.

tips on staying consistent with Bible reading-

PLACE- find a place in your home that is going to be your reading the Bible area. I’ve noticed with myself, the more consistent I am with one place, the more likely I will be comfortable there. Keep your Bible, journals, pens and everything else near that sitting area. That way, you just grab everything and start reading. So you are not wasting time looking for the different things you need for the study.

Your kids will also see studying and they will imitate your actions. They are little sponges that soak up the good (and unfortunately bad) examples we set for them.

DISCIPLINE- This is probably the hardest part! It’s really hard to discipline yourself to stay on track and continuously find the time to read. Think of a time of day that will work for you and stick to it. If you skip a day, don’t beat yourself up over it. Keep going. It takes 40 days to break a habit. If daily Bible reading will be new to you, I guarantee you, you’ll want to give up. Don’t. God gives us the desires of our hearts. I often am raw and honest and say, “God, I have no desire to read tonight, please give me that yearning and desire.” And He has always come through because He desperately desires to be with me, He created me.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP- The best way to start a Bible study is with a simple prayer for the Holy Spirit to lead you and then give God glory and praise, or listen to your favorite worship song, THIS song has been my favorite for some time now.

When we give Him praise and thanksgiving, it says we enter his courts, something so personal and intimate. Psalm 100:4

INDEX CARDS- Use index cards to write down Scripture for memorization. Place these cards throughout your home in visible areas where you can glace and memorize the verses.

JOURNAL- I find it’s so important to journal how God leads you. Aside from taking notes from your daily reading, have a section in your binder where you can add the miracles and things God reveals to you. Add dreams God has sent you, favorite sermon quotes, and so on. You can add pictures or drawings from your kids here. Make it something your desire to write in and not a “chore” you must do.

A tablet with wrapped with ribbon with a display of the printables.


For the giveaway, I will be drawing FIVE winners. Each winner will receive a beautiful package (worth over $100 dollars of products) with the following:

  • Templates emailed to you for free!
  • A binder to keep all your notes in.
  • Sheet protectors in case you want to add some pages protected from wear and tear.
  • 12 dividers to keep your months organized for easy access if you need to go back.
  • A cute mug for tea or coffee – because what is Bible study without coffee.
  • Chocolate, of course – well, that’s self-explanatory.
  • Cute color pens to use during journaling and coloring.
  • Index cards to add Scripture to and place in a visible area for Bible memorization. You can do just the verse of the weeks or challenge yourself and do more than one! 
  • Bookmarks.
  • And a few other surprises you will see once you open the gifts!

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bible reading plan-

We also have a printable Bible in a year that’s in both Russian and English you can follow if you want to read the entire Bible with a plan to keep you on track. The plans are a bundle for both languages and can be purchased HERE.

A reading plan is the only way I am able to read the Bible in a Year and keep myself on track or I skip days then forget where I am supposed to be. With a plan, I can quickly catch up and keep going.

Thank you so much for being a part of our online family. We so appreciate you all!

Fondly, Tim & Valentina