The beaded necklace testimony.

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My husband goes on mission trips few times a year. The story I am about to share took place while he was away on a trip and I was alone with our children. A friend of mine had come to stay with me for a few days while he was gone.

While he is away, knowing the dangers he is in on the field, prayers and Bible studies become my companions. (He was in the middle of the earthquake in Haiti, in Port Au Prince with the group of missionaries as buildings fell and the ground shook during that devastating earthquake they had. Saw people trapped between buildings, screaming unable to escape. Parents frantically searching for their missing children. Yup, scary stuff). Though I know no matter what happens, we serve a God who is in control, one cannot help but pray more than usual during times like that. Those few weeks were no different. Nights are usually horrible for me, I cannot sleep with him gone. I had a bad night, got up several times to read the Bible and pray because sleep just would not come. The following day, physically I was exhausted but spiritually I felt so revived.

A habit I have while my husband is away on a mission trip is to deep clean my house and do things I normally don’t have time for. It helps me to stay busy, keeps my mind from missing him too much and I have a clean home, which I love. That day I was in our laundry washing some church clothes by hand that I don’t like ruined by the washing machine. Let me describe my laundry room. It’s very small room; I have my washer and dryer there and a large sink. Aside from that, there is just some space to walk through. I was singing a tone, meditating on what was read while I was wide away most the night. My friend had come into the laundry offering to help finish wash the clothes so I’d be done quicker, I agreed. She rolled up her sleeves and stood beside the large sink with me, taking a dress shirt to wash.

As soon as she stood by me, I cannot tell you the feeling came over me. I had experienced this only a few times in my life. A feeling when the Holy Spirit fills you and it’s more than you can handle. During those times the concept of a spiritual world is very real because you feel something you just cannot explain. As we stood there, I felt like my laundry room fill with power and not only was it in the room but I myself too felt my whole being filled with something so powerful. In that moment, I saw a chain my friend was wearing loosen and come apart and the beads unwind fall to the floor and scatter. Her face went painfully white and it looked like she had seen a ghost. I could just hear her just mutter, “This cannot be happening”, over and over.

She frantically picked up all the pieces, we sat down, I gave her some cold water and she filled me is why she was so distraught. The beaded necklace she wore was one of a kind. She had gone to a witchcraft woman who had given it to her. She paid her a large sum of money for the necklace. The necklace had twenty-nine beads, each bead was carefully “prayed over” in the ritual they used. It was to last her all twenty-nine years and was to keep her and all her loved ones safe. With the process she had used, there was no way the beads could come undone. She had frantically called the woman whom she had purchased the beads from and asked what she was supposed to do. In response, she was told there was no way they could have come undone, that it had never happened before in her practice. My friend was so distressed said she needed some time alone.

As I sat down on my sofa, I realized I too was trembling and the impact of what had just taken place finally set in. Then it hit me, God opened up my eyes! I was so filled in the spirit that day, when she had come into the laundry room and stood by me, there was just not enough room in such a space room for two masters. One needed to give. The One who filled me was much larger than he who is in this world. The room could not contain both. So when she had stepped so close to me, my God, who is so much bigger than anyone or anything won over. He had won and destroyed the necklace that was so intricately woven together, bead by bead. The powers of hell could not contain His wonderful works and they gave way. I was shaking by then and just fell to my knees in worship.

To this day, every time I think of that story, I am so awestruck that I worship such an amazing God. It’s hard to put such stories like this into words and get the full depth of the situation across. I am so humbled that the God of the Universe who is so much bigger than any works of Satan and his servants will abide in my home and in me. That was a testimony in my life that really strengthens my dependency on God, knowing no matter how much evil rises up, He will prevail. Each time, I get goosebumps and shivers from the impact that had on my life, just thinking how close I came to evil spirits. Once my friend had calmed down, and I spend time in prayer, I was able to testify to her and explain what had actually happened. I asked her to burn those beads and never go back to them. Though I am not sure if she did, we remain friends and I pray that God will open her eyes one day, but for now, to Him be the glory! Amen.

The beaded necklace testimony.

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(Image Credit: Google Images)

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