Valentina’s Corner: Having five children of our own, I cried reading this story. What a powerful testimony of how our God works! Not just in the Bible, or in stories we hear from our grandparents, but now, in our day, he performs MIRACLES! To Him be praise!.. Thank you so much Tanya for sharing. The rest of you Enjoy and may you Faith be strengthened..

Undeniable Miracle.

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I want to share a testimony with you. It’s kinda personal, but I feel like I shouldn’t keep it to myself. I feel like I should scream from the top of the mountain how great our God is! This doesn’t happen very often, my doctor has no idea why this happened to me. He said usually it’s people who drink excessive alcohol or take drugs when they are pregnant. I didn’t do any of that!

I want to start by giving you the big picture of me at that time. I was married with 4 children. Due to no work in our area, my husband had to work out of state. He was gone 4-6 weeks at a time and home for 1 week and then off to work again. We were making the best of it, but eventually decided that it was too difficult on our little family, so the children and I joined my husband in Texas. What do you think happened right away? Yup, I got pregnant ?. As soon as I got pregnant, I started getting very sick but I wouldn’t throw up. I would gag and gag, but nothing! I knew then that this will be a boy :). With my girls I threw up all the way thru, and with my son not once! When I was 3 months along, I started having contractions. I went to the doctor, and after an ultrasound, the doctor saw the contractions (sounded like she didn’t believe me). I was going in very often to see her, and even thru the contractions and some bleeding, my babies heart beat was strong! My husband and I came to the conclusion that I would be having the baby back home since we have no family in TX. I had little issues throughout the pregnancy, but nothing major.

When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I went in for another ultrasound. The technician noticed that my contractions were getting stronger, so she insisted for me to stay and see the doctor. I was feeling horrible that day, once the doctor took one look at me he freaked out! I have never seen him like that, lol. He was sure I was having a stroke!! They called the ER and told the doctors they have to take me right away. After some test, it was determined I wasn’t having a stroke, but they couldn’t figure out what was going on and I was sent home. The next day I decided to go to Sam’s and stock up on everything. I didn’t lift anything heavy (was very careful through this pregnancy). But once I got my son a hot dog and sat down, I got this horrible horrible pain ripping through my right side. I have never felt something like that and I had no idea what it was. Took my breath away, and everything went black for a minute. But as I sat there, things cleared up and I just went back to having contractions just a little stronger then before, that was on Friday. On Sunday, our church was canceled because our Pastor was out of town (very small church). I was enjoying the day being lazy with my kiddos. My sister-in-law called me and we talked for a while (she lived down the road from us). When I hung up, I felt a gush, I thought to myself, well that’s strange maybe my water broke. I went upstairs to the bathroom, and what I saw scared me. Blood, so much blood. With my husband not being home, I relied on my in-laws for help. God blessed me with good in laws and they were there to help me when I asked. I called one neighbor to come and watch my children, and then called my sister-in-law back to take me to the hospital. They were at my house before I got changed and made my way downstairs. My sister-in-law flew to the hospital! When I got there, and made my way to the maternity ward, the wheelchair was soaked with my blood already. The nurse asked me to get up on the scale before they took me to a room. I managed to get up on the scale, but that’s the last thing I remember. When I was waking up, I could hear screaming all around me, people giving orders. I heard someone yell prep the OR. They wheeled me away, and started prepping me for c section. Before I went under, I heard one of the nurses say the baby has no heart beat. The rest of that day was a blur, but I remember bits and pieces. I remember my doctor when I woke up telling me I’m one lucky girl. I remember him telling me your baby boy is okay. He told me, because I lost so much blood, I would be getting blood transfusion all night. I was on pain medication, but was still in so much pain all night. Sometimes towards morning, I started feeling even worse. I had no idea what was happening. Everything happened so fast. I heard the nurse start yelling for help, then I remember coming too and my room was full of people. I was told later that I crashed, my blood pressure fell too low. By noon the next day my husband made it back from Texas. He had no idea about what happened, my sister-in-law decided not to worry him and just tell him I had a c section. When he came, the nurses tried to get me up so I could finally go meet my little man, well, two steps into my walk I passed out. We tried again several hours later, I managed to make it into the shower, just to pass out again. By 9:00 that night, I was desperate to go see my little one. My nurse managed to get me in a wheelchair and I finally got to meet my little one. He was so tiny, and tubes everywhere…the doctor assured me he was doing okay.

The following morning I was starting to feel a little better, when a YOUNG man walked into my room. Grinning from ear “Do you remember me,” he asked. I sure didn’t recognized him, but that voice just sounded familiar…and then I remembered! This was the doctor yelling prep the OR! He told me his side of my story. When I walked up to the desk, it just happened to be a slow afternoon and most of the nurses and him were sitting behind the desk. He was a military doctor. They all saw me go down, it was all hands on deck. He told me my placenta had ruptured and I was bleeding to death. Just for curiosity, they went back and looked how long it took from the time I walked up to the desk, to the time he was holding my son…6 minutes. 6 minutes!!!!! When he took my son out, he was not breathing. There’s some number scale they use, and he said my son was (can’t remember number) pretty much dead and there was no hope for resuscitation. He continued by saying how my situation is just impossible to believe! The only way you and your son are alive, is because this is a miracle! After working on my baby for 4 minutes, my little one just started screaming!! The NICU doctor carried him out in his arms with no machines attached! My sister-in-law got to hold him in the hallway. The doctor kept repeating how this is a miracle and there’s no other explanation. It was just so perfectly planned. If I had gotten there just a few minutes later, my son would not be alive. If I had gotten there 5 or so minutes later, they wouldn’t have been able to save me either. Only God could have done that he told me :). That morning, my son had some set backs and they had to insert a tube into his lung. They transferred him to a bigger hospital where he stayed a while. God’s hand was upon him at all times! The doctors there didn’t expect him to improve so quickly, but God had other plans! Our God still performs miracles! I’m living proof of that and so is my son! He is a healthy 3 year old now! I thank God for saving me and giving us such a blessing!

Be blessed! Trust God in every step you take!


Undeniable Miracle.

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