Christmas Giveaway 2015 (ENDED)


Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

I am so excited about this giveaway, I can barely contain myself (okay, that was slightly exaggerated, but you get the idea :)..).

In one of my posts, I shared with you that I used a Bible reading in a year plan. The response I got was just phenomenal and God bless your hearts. It’s so amazing to see so many of you desire to read on a regular basis. As I was contemplating what to do for a giveaway around Christmas, the thought of doing something like this came to mind and well, I’m going to take it as God’s nudging and here we are. There will be five winners. Yes, five!

Each of you will receive:

-Read the Bible in a Year Plan (please note which plan you want, the Russian or English version)

-Some peerrttyyy colored pens to make the journaling more interesting

-Few highlighters to keep you notes bright and cheerful

-Some sticky notes for your thoughts as you read

-A mug, because.. you know, coffee or tea is such a great bonus (how adorable are the knitted mug covers?)

-A picture frame with an encouraging quote , I even designed it for you πŸ™‚ (you can change it to one of you favorites)

-Index cards for Bible verse memorization

-And of course some chocolates, no need to explain this one πŸ˜‰

To be eligible for this giveaway all you need to do it comment below. You can tell me about a recipe you have enjoyed from our blog, your New Year’s resolution, your experience with trying to keep with up reading the Bible on a regular basis or anything else that has been on your heart. Sharing on social media would be appreciated, but not necessary, hashtag #valentinascornergiveaway @valentinascorner. {Be sure to double check your e-mails when commenting, that is how I will be notifying the winners. I will also put names of the winner at the bottom of the page.} Giveaway will end December 23rd, 2015 @6:00p.m. and a random winner will be drawn.

and here are the different packages:).. aren’t they so darling???

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

I thought I would share some things that help me stay faithful in reading the Bible.

Date- When you and your spouse dated, remember how eager and excited you would be for those dates? I think of my Bible reading as almost a date with God, a Him and I alone time. What will I learn new about him? What will He share that I didn’t know before? How can we become closer, etc. As much as I desired to get to know my husband, I truly believe we should desire to really know God and not about God.

Plan- Reading the Bible with a Plan is so much easier than without one. You don’t have to use the one I have, you can try something different. A plan keep you accountable in a way, it shows you where you should be on a daily basis. IT’S OKAY IF YOU FALL BEHIND. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just try to catch up. It truly can be done.

A place- Find a place in your home where you keep your Bible, journal, pens, notes, etc. You know this is your place to go and you aren’t trying to find your journal for 15 minutes, then the Bible for another 5 and in the end too worked up to even read. Sticking to your schedules builds a routine. If you are a morning person and this is the first thing you do, stick to it. You will get so used to the idea and it becomes automatic. Or if you’re a night owl and usually spend some time doing things you enjoy in the evening while the little munchkins are snoozing away, that great too. A candle burning, a hot cup of tea and some give me Jesus time. Yup, yup, has perfection written all over it.

Discipline- This is the hardest part. Especially if it’s your first time. It truly takes discipline, but with God’s help, you can do this. I know it’s hard, I have five children. There are days I have a list two pages long with things I need to work on or do, but they will ALWAYS be there and the list will not change in half an hour. At times I have to ask God for help. It’s hard to discipline myself and sometimes β€œLord, please give me the desire” is needed and it. This is something He wants badly for us and when I, even in something so simple ask Him for help it, He is faithful. He desires to know me for me, not through a book I read, or a devotional, but when He speaks directly to my heart through His word, that’s powerful. Just like disciplining our children, most times it’s not a β€œson can you not do this” and miraculously he never does it again (though we all wish that was the case). Many times, it’s repetitive reminding that actually sinks in (through their hard heads). If you are a week behind, don’t give up. Show yourself some grace and try to catch up. You can do it. Just like when your child messes up, you show grace, discipline and move on.

Journal- This is the funnest part of reading for me. I write down my days and highlight them and keep all the things that spoke to my heart in there. I love to actually journal about how the verse can be applied to my life and where I need change. If we are reading the Bible as God’s word and direction for us and our lives, I better be taking notes when he touches my heart and tells me this is for you. You may read a certain passage and it mean nothing to you. I can read the same passage and it’s something I have been struggling with or praying about and it’s amazing when God speaks to us. It’s as if He is like, my daughter, this needs corrected in your life, or that needs changed, so lovingly, so gentle, so God!

In my journal I also love to add pictures and drawings my munchkins make for me. They motivate me to keep going. I feel the responsibility as a mom and when it’s hard and I don’t feel like reading, opening up my journal and seeing their handmade pieces inspire to do it as much for them as me. πŸ™‚Β 

Index cards- I love to write down verses I love to memorize and put them up around my home, laundry, kitchen sink, fridge, etc. As I go about my day, I glace at the verses and it’s so nice to memorize Scripture this way.

I see in myself, if I skip a few days without reading, I can tell right away in the way I change (and the change isn’t in the positive direction). It’s amazing how many time during my reading God spoke to my heart about situations we were going through with my spouse. I will call him and apologize and he is so sweet, he will be like “hon, were you just reading the Bible”, when God convicts, there is no room for excuses. Can I get an amen to that? πŸ™‚

Before I close, I would like to encourage, challenge and inspire each one of you to get into the word of God and dig! Dig until living water flows. Until the waters flow and bring healing, correction, reassurance, inspiration, motivation and direction for your life and your family’s.

Oh and if you do not win (oh how I wish I could ship all of you something), but still desire to look at the plan I use, don’t be shy to comment below and I will e-mail you a plan (or contact me via my e-mail: [email protected])

WINNERS: You have 24 hours to respond to my e-mail with an address.. πŸ™‚ I wish I had one to give all of you!. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments and e-mails, y’all are just so kind.

AnnaΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  v****[email protected] Β Β Β 

ViktoriyaΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  V****[email protected]Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

InnaΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  i****[email protected]Β Β Β Β 

Julia Y.Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  j****[email protected]Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

LyudaΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  l****[email protected]



(P.S. This giveaway is open to shipping within the US and Canada only.)

Valentina's Corner

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  • Eilin 01/13/2016, 11:37 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi, thank you so much for being such an inspiration. May God bless you abundantly! Can you please send me your plan?

    • admin 01/15/2016, 1:49 am  ξ˜‰

      Thank you for your beautiful blessing Eilin. May there be blessing upon your life as well in all that you do! πŸ™‚ E-mail sent

  • Jasmin Schewa 01/03/2016, 5:11 am  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentin,

    I just recently discovered ur blog and and i am really enjoying all ur recipes, videos and especally ur posts about ur life with God..i just read that u have a bible reading plan for the year and was wondering if u would share it with me
    since i have been looking for one to use this year???

    • admin 01/05/2016, 6:21 pm  ξ˜‰

      Hi Jasmin and welcome to our blog. We are so happy to have someone with such a beautiful name here!. πŸ™‚
      Send you and e-mail with the plan:)..

  • Yana 01/01/2016, 8:50 pm  ξ˜‰

    Thank you for this post. May God bless you for encouraging and uplifing your readers. Can you send me the reading log as well please. πŸ™‚

    • admin 01/03/2016, 1:03 am  ξ˜‰

      Thank you for visiting Yanachka, glad you have you here, and Happy New Year’s. E-mailed you the reading plan:)

  • Katrina T 01/01/2016, 9:36 am  ξ˜‰

    Thank you for the blessings :). Happy New Year to you. May God’s abundant blessings be upon you and your beautiful family. May His complete peace remain in your heart, and may you continue to advance His kingdom. May the work of your hands be blessed. Thank you for all you do.
    My resolution is to read the Bible in a year, but I have never followed a reading plan…which one would you recommend? I read in Russian mostly, but my Bible is parallel. Also…which English version is do you use…which is the most accurate, yet reader friendly?
    On a side note, I baked Timurs cake from your blog today, but haven’t frosted it yet…I’m sure it will be delish, can’t wait :).

    • admin 01/03/2016, 12:59 am  ξ˜‰

      Katrina, Mmm, oh I love that cake, how did you guys enjoy it?
      I am sending you both the English and Russian version to your e-mail. I have always read the Russian Bible but this will be my first time reading an English bible all the way through this year, a little nervous. I will be using the Holman Study New King James Version. It’s awesome, has all kinds of commentaries for important verses.
      P.S. thank you for your sweet words.. :O)

  • Julie 12/22/2015, 5:21 pm  ξ˜‰

    Valechka! Thanks so much for all your posts! The food for the soul is most desired by me! You sure have found your mission! I like your food posts as well, and have prepared lots of them too!
    Reading Bible is so powerful! I’m not surprised you chose this giveaway! You are amazing! Nice way of getting people to get reading Bible!!
    Please keep those spiritual food posts coming! I wish we could meet in person! Please come visit OR or WA! And you are so welcome to our place!!
    God bless your family! Merry Christmas! And Blessed New Year!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:16 pm  ξ˜‰

      THANK YOU, thank you Yulichka, you’re way too kind!. I promise you, I am no different than you:)…
      Hey, I will keep that in mind, I like to travel and will definitely take up your offer of a place to stay! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Wishing all of God’s blessings upon your family!!. May God richly bless you, your hubby and children as you Shine for Christ.. πŸ™‚

  • dala 12/22/2015, 2:44 pm  ξ˜‰

    I would love to win this! I’m a first time mommy and I miss having that time alone with just me and my Bible. this would be awesome to have so I can concentrate on God. I love your recipes they are all delish.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:19 pm  ξ˜‰

      Dala, Hey, hey congrats on being a first time mommy. How do you like your munchkin taking over your life, hehe, they little stinkers sure do know how to take over:)..
      Blessings on raising your little one for Jesus in a world that needs Him so badly.
      Merry Christmas to you, your loved ones and a wonderful New Year..

  • Olga B 12/22/2015, 12:04 pm  ξ˜‰

    Oh girl, what an awesome giveaway you have! Love it! Thank you so much πŸ™‚
    We tried mostly every dish in your blog πŸ™‚ Love them all, specially your casseroles, plov, layered salads and of course sweets. That non baked spartak is super fast and oh soooooo good. Thnx a lot for being there for us πŸ™‚
    And personal posts. …I just keep rereading them πŸ™‚ they’re great example, keep them coming please.
    Merry Christmas to your family and may God bless you all abundantly in the new coming year!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:20 pm  ξ˜‰

      Olechka, so glad you enjoyed that spartak, cannot believe I didn’t think of it earlier;).
      Thank you for you encouragement, it’s soo soo soo appreciated, genuinely from the bottom of my heart!.
      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and a very blessed New Year!. πŸ™‚

  • Tatyana M 12/22/2015, 11:09 am  ξ˜‰

    Privet Valyachka,
    This is Tanya from Sacramento, CA. Thank you for a wonderful blog where we can get food for the soul and recipes for the stomach. Wow your amazing, i love your personal posts, we relate so much. I have six kids n prego with #7. I also noticed if ur read n pray before kiddos wake up ur day goes sooo Blessed. If you ever decide to visit Sacramento u r more than welcome to stay at my place. Oh, n my favorite food post from ur blog is the Ikra. When all the veggies where in season we sure did can alot, now we r enjoying our canned food. Thank you again for finding TIME to do this Blog, God Bless You sister, and your beutiful family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:23 pm  ξ˜‰

      Hello Tatyana!! THHHHAAAANNNKKKKK you for sure a beautiful and sweet comment (made me blush a little, okay, a lot…) Hhhm, California you say? I will keep you in mind:)..
      Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. May you live a life that is full of purpose for our Maker! May he guide in raising your children and be the wife and mom he wants you to be. Blessing your hubby that he is your support, morally and spiritually, it’s SOOOO hard raising children. Blessing your children that they will honor and respect you and cause you very little shed tears.. πŸ™‚

  • Olga Levchuk 12/22/2015, 12:25 am  ξ˜‰

    Thank you for a great blog, wonderful recipes, & this giveaway. My favorite recipe from this blog that I’ve used over & over again is baked chicken fajita.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:13 pm  ξ˜‰

      Olechka, so glad you gave that fajita a try. I love how simple it is and glad you enjoy it too:)
      Merry Christmas to you and your family. Shine for Christ to those around you..

  • Alla N 12/21/2015, 9:01 pm  ξ˜‰

    Most of all I love your posts about advice on how to live a Godly life and advice about children. It motivates me to be a better mother and wife and to get up and spend more time with my family.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:12 pm  ξ˜‰

      Allochka, I’m oh so happy that God is able to touch you heart and you find something he speaks to you about when he is teaching me too! =) We have such a caring FATHER!.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family.. πŸ™‚

  • liza M 12/21/2015, 8:59 pm  ξ˜‰

    I love your desserts recipes, thats how I found out your blog! The word of God is definitely important in everyones lives! It would be awesome to win this givaway!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:11 pm  ξ˜‰

      Glad you have found us! We are happy you are here!. πŸ™‚
      Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family and a very BLESSED New Year!.

  • Luda 12/21/2015, 2:56 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina! Thank you for the encouraging posts, recipes and the giveaways! My favorite recipes are your dessert ones. (since I love to bake:) Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:10 pm  ξ˜‰

      Luda, Thanks for visiting our family’s blog. There are so many out there and we are happy ours is one you use.. I love that you love to bake, my kind of friend:), I am so weird, I find baking therapeutic, weirdo I know! πŸ™‚
      Merry CHRISTmas and a very blessed New Year!.

  • Tanya 12/21/2015, 1:19 pm  ξ˜‰

    I love baking, so I really enjoy making your dessert recipes. I have tried quite a few of them, and love them! I love your blog, especially your encouraging posts! God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:08 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much for visiting Tanya. We’re happy to have you here. Yayy, I am glad you enjoy the dessert, my hubby’s favorite so my favorite to make:).. THank you for the encouragement, it’s appreciated!!.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very blessed New Year!. πŸ™‚

  • Anna 12/21/2015, 2:21 am  ξ˜‰

    I love all your quick cassoroles. I have 4 kids, and quick meals are on my cooking list all the time. I would like to get the name of the bible planner that you will be using for 2016, thank you.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:06 pm  ξ˜‰

      Yaay, a fellow casserole lover, I love that, thanks for sharing.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very, very blessed New Year…

  • Ella A 12/21/2015, 1:20 am  ξ˜‰

    I love the Zakarpatski Palochki. They are so good and they go perfect coffee or tea. My whole family loved them.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:04 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you Ella, so happy you enjoy those, they sure do make a good friend to a cup of hot coffee or tea:)..
      Marry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Ana 12/20/2015, 11:53 pm  ξ˜‰

    I Love Layer puff pastry cake with fruits! And I love all your posts, you have an amazing blog. Thank you for such as encouraging giveaway! Even if I will not win, this post pushed me to start again to follow a plan for reading Bible! Thank you!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:04 pm  ξ˜‰

      Ana, thanks for comment. Great way of looking at it, start reading my friend! Even if you don’t get through or you fall behind, it’s okay, just do as much as you can! Something is better than nothing but with a little self discipline, I’m thinking you can so read it! πŸ™‚
      Merry Christmas to you and your family.. God bless you abundantly in the new year.

  • Natalka 12/20/2015, 12:21 pm  ξ˜‰

    On of my favorite recipes from your blog is Chicken Fajita!
    But most of all I enjoy reading your not food related post: about raising children, gentle encouragement to read Bible, walk with God in everyday life, etc. It is so inspiring!!!! Thanks for being there for me! Merry Christmas!!!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:02 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thanks so much for sharing your favorite recipe, and it’s a good one and super easy:)..
      Thank you for your kind words, they are soo appreciated!! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and a very, very BLESSED new year. Shine for Christ!.

  • Marina 12/19/2015, 6:41 am  ξ˜‰

    I love all this cute stuff you have! Thank you for doing the giveaway!

    I’m horrible at Bible reading plans and usually take muuuuuch longer than a year to finish reading. Every year I start and then…. yeah… you get the idea lol

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:01 pm  ξ˜‰

      Well thank you my dear friend. Hey, reading it in a year isn’t a “must”.. it’s the “reading it” that actually matters:)

  • Natalya 12/19/2015, 3:12 am  ξ˜‰

    valentina! I love love love you and your blog! you’re amazing and each of your posts are as well. please keep your personal posts coming and may God bless you and may you never change (in a bad way:) thanks sooo much!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:00 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment. It’s so appreciated (pink cheeks and all).
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very BLESSED new years!. πŸ™‚

  • Nataliya Burlachenko 12/19/2015, 1:51 am  ξ˜‰

    My plan for this coming new year is to read the whole bible so it would be great if I win! Have a blessed Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:30 pm  ξ˜‰

      Nataliya, Great plan I think and you can do it! πŸ™‚
      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and a BLESSED New Year!.

  • Valentina 12/18/2015, 11:17 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hello Valentina, I love your blog I check it often and I cooked some receipes including your razberry roulade it is very delicious. I have to say though my favorite posts are the encouraging posts that you have on here! I read them all :mrgreen: thank you and God
    Bless you and your beautiful family!! My goal for this coming year is to read the whole bible. God help me !

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:29 pm  ξ˜‰

      THank you Valentina for you sweet comment, it’s appreciated! πŸ™‚ Blessings to you and your family in the upcoming new year and a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the Birth of our Savior.

  • Agnessa 12/18/2015, 9:57 pm  ξ˜‰

    I am just amazed at how you are such a Godly woman despite being so busy! I have a long ways to go and I only have three young children! May God bless you and your family!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 6:28 pm  ξ˜‰

      I absolutely love your name. It’s soo beautiful. I promise you though, I am no different than you! The comment is very sweet though (blushing here).
      Merry Christmas to you and your family! πŸ™‚

  • Oksana 12/18/2015, 9:15 pm  ξ˜‰

    The giveaways are absolutely so cute. Something like this will help me read more often. With two children, the cooking, cleaning, and all the other parenting stuff makes it tough. Would love to dedicate my late evenings to reading with note taking!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:58 pm  ξ˜‰

      Oksana, yes, some late evening reading sounds like a wonderful idea!.. πŸ™‚ I love it and think you should go for it. Relax and spend some “you time”. Laundry, dishes, meals will never end πŸ™‚
      Merry Christmas to your family and a blessed new years:)!

  • Marina 12/18/2015, 8:14 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hello Valentina! What a thoughtful giveaway idea! Your post truly inspires me to read the bible everyday and not fall behind. Your blog is amazing so much yummy recipes that I still hope to try very soon! πŸ™‚ May GOD bless your family, and have a Merry Christmas and happy upcoming new year!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:57 pm  ξ˜‰

      Marina, Thank you for your sweet comment. I truly appreciate the encouragement.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very blessed New Year!. πŸ™‚

  • Irina 12/18/2015, 3:11 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi. I have to admit that I havent used any of your recipes yet😬. With college and work it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Now I am on break I will sure look into them when prepping for the holidays. I love your blog!!! And actually your oldest son was in my teen VBS class that was held in Columbus. (Awesome kid by the way.) May God bless your family. My New Years resolution is to re read the Bible all the way through again.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:55 pm  ξ˜‰

      Irinochka, THANK YOU for being honest, no biggie that you haven’t used our recipe. They will be here once your life is a little less hectic :O)….
      Oh how neat!. I told Benjamin you remember him and he had a huge smile on his face and said to tell you hello. Thanks for what you all did for these teens. I think they all enjoyed it very much. πŸ™‚
      I love your New Year’s resolution, hope you get through it and if not, trying was good too:)
      Merry Christmas from all of us!!

  • Gini 12/18/2015, 12:57 pm  ξ˜‰

    I love all your recipes as they are so easy to follow and all are delicious! (Can’t pick just one as a favorite).😋 Thank you for sharing about your family life, I am sure it is a great encouragement and blessing so many of us who follow your blog. May God bless your family!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:53 pm  ξ˜‰

      Gini, thanks for enjoying our blog and it’s recipes. πŸ™‚ Wee are so happy to have you here!.
      Marry Christmas to you and your family. May God bless you abundantly in the new year!.

  • Yuliya 12/18/2015, 7:50 am  ξ˜‰

    Hi! I love this! I have to admit I did not use any of your recipes, as I did not pay attention to the fact you have them. I just checked them out and looks like I CAN AND WILL USE SOME in the future. My new years resolution is to pray more and more of reading Bible! I would like to be more organized in my day and make Bible and prayer my priority and begin my day with it. I have 4 kids and would like to be a good example to them, so they would know it not just from words but from my own life style that Word of God and prayer is #1 to be connected to God and know Him intimately. I like your blog alot! Thank you for everything! Merry Christmas to you and yours! May God bless you and your family abundently! Your giveaway will sure make some body very happy!
    P.S. please pray for me as I am in need of a good, well payed job, that I know God has for me, so that He will guide me to it…

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:52 pm  ξ˜‰

      Yuliya, thank you so much for visiting our blog. πŸ™‚ It’s okay that you haven’t tried any recipes, no biggie;).
      I have added you to our pray journal. May God provide you with the perfect job that will be a blessings to you and where he can use you for His glory! Merry Christmas to you and your family from ours!.

  • Liza Russman 12/18/2015, 4:39 am  ξ˜‰

    I love this blog! I am new here and the giveaway caught my attention. For the new year I was thinking to read the whole bible again but didn’t know where to start . I found this blog and I decided to do that no matter what. Valentina, you are awesome coming up with such great idea of give away! God bless you ! I also tried one of your recipes (spicy chicken quesadilla ) bc we all love Mexican food:) it was yummy πŸ˜‰ Lets all complete reading bible this coming year ! no matter who wins πŸ˜‰

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:50 pm  ξ˜‰

      I love our comment Liza!. Yes, let’s all completely reading the Bible in a year, regardless who wins!! πŸ™‚ Welcome to our blog, from all of us!. We are glad you are here!. Merry Christmas to you and your family!. πŸ™‚

  • Tatyana 12/18/2015, 3:18 am  ξ˜‰

    What a cute giveaway, Valentina! I’m excited for whoever will win these! I loved meat piroshki recipe (I even commented on that πŸ™‚ My new year’s resolution would be to try to read the Bible on daily basis. With having three little ones at home has not been easy to keep up reading the Bible regularly. Merry Chrismas and blessed New Year to your beautiful family!!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:49 pm  ξ˜‰

      Tatyana, Yes, it’s very hard to keep up with things with little children. Enjoy this season of life. They grow so fast and before you know it, they will all be in school, sniff, sniff.
      Thanks for commenting on the blog, those comments are SOOO appreciated :)!
      Merry Christmas to you and your family!.

  • Lyuda 12/18/2015, 2:12 am  ξ˜‰

    I recently discovered yr blog and it has been a blessing to me. I Enjoy your encouraging/God centered posts. I check it regularly more for spiritual uplifts than recipes. I’ve learned a lot on how to be a better mother, how to teach kids, how to have a better prayer life from you. My husband and i enjoyed yr resent post on finances and we agree with your view on it. I’m trying to keep up with my daily bible reading, sometimes i make an excuse, thinking, ah I have 3 little kids (4, 2, 4mo) maybe when they grow up a little i’ll have more time to read His word, but that’s wrong thinking because i find time for anything else but no time with my father? Thank you for encouraging every mom out there with Godly character and yr great posts. GOD BLESS YOU!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 5:47 pm  ξ˜‰

      Lyuda, I am so glad you have stumbled upon our blog. We are so happy to have you here!. Ahh thanks for reading the finances post with you hubs, and am glad you somewhat agree:).. You have got your hands full hon, they grow some fast and this season of your life with be over and another will begin. πŸ™‚ It gets easier the older they get so just a few more years. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish if we set our minds to it, you are right, a lot of times it’s just excuses we give ourselves for not finding the time, I find myself in that as well. God sees your heart as well, he sees you are trying and if you get behind, just pick right back up and go:)..
      Merry Christmas to you and your family of 5. May GOd richly bless you as parents, you as a wife and mamma and give you patience and wisdom in all that you do!.

  • Natalia 12/18/2015, 12:56 am  ξ˜‰

    Thank you for all of your encouraging posts that remind us of what it’s like to be a true Follower of Jesus Christ. Your love for the Lord comes through in your writings and your gentle way of nudging us to start treading on the narrow path. Forsaking our wants and lukewarmth, which we have mistaken for needs and busyness, is what you have been encouraging your readers to tackle. If those who read your posts are encouraged to change, put in the effort, and bare fruit, then your writings will have a positive impact on the upcoming new year. Your readers will be blessed by taking heed of your writings and God will bless them for their faithfulness to Him. May you continue to be our encourager and a gentle reminder of who we are to live for daily. May the Lord bless you. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to your family.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:57 pm  ξ˜‰

      Natalia, oh my your words were so sweet, they made me tear up a bit for they were so beautifully written. I might just have to ask you to proof some of my posts, you write so well, hehe. πŸ™‚
      I truly, humbly, appreciate you encouragement, it means a lot! I will print this and paste it in my Bible journal for a day when well things are rough and I need a friends encouragement!. THANK YOU.
      I would like to wish all of God’s blessings upon your life. May His light shine through you and touch the lives of those hurting and in need around you. May Christ use you as his instrument to make a difference for His Kingdom.=)

  • Sl 12/18/2015, 12:50 am  ξ˜‰

    Great Giveaway! I absolutely love the chicken puff pastry, not time consuming and yet so delicious. Btw your words are truly inspiring

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:52 pm  ξ˜‰

      SI, thank you so much for visiting. Oh yes, those puff pastry’s are yummers, thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚
      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and a very happy new year!.

  • Zoryana 12/17/2015, 11:19 pm  ξ˜‰

    Those are awesome giveaways! I love your recipes!Thanks so much for sharing!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:51 pm  ξ˜‰

      Zoryana, thank you for visiting our blog and trying our recipes. They are rather simple and we are so glad you enjoy them.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very blessed New Year!….

  • Anna B 12/17/2015, 8:03 pm  ξ˜‰

    Wow that is an amazing giveaway! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes, my little girl really enjoys watching the kids cook and has the desire to cook herself πŸ™‚ my family moved last year away form everyone and it was and is the hardest year away from everyone and the only way I get through my days is being in the word of the Lord! God Bless You and your Family!!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:49 pm  ξ˜‰

      Aww Anna, I can only imagine how hard that must have been, ouch. Sorry to hear about that, sometimes I guess we have to do what we have to do. Hoping you will find some Godly women in this new place that will help heal some of that hurt and loneliness. I love that you are finding comfort in the Lord, that’s amazing and kind of gave me goosebumps. It’s amazing how CHrist is able to me all of us in our different walks of life and meet our needs on our personal level. My mind will never grasp how amazing of a God we serve. I am just so grateful he found me in this sinful world and I am able to be called His daughter, I bet you feel the same way..
      So glad you enjoyed our videos, we will definitely work on more this year. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and your family. May this upcoming year be filled with so much joy for you.. πŸ™‚

  • Allie 12/17/2015, 7:44 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi, wonderful idea for the giveaway! I have been struggling with reading my Bible on a daily basis, since having my 3rd in March I have fallen way behind. If I get around to reading 2 times a week that’s good. But I know that it’s not enough….. I want to really try harder this year. But having 3 kids under 3 is driving me crazy most of the days, way too much going on, I need to keep reminding myself what is more important. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes! You should do more video recipe with your kids, they are so adorable.

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:44 pm  ξ˜‰

      Allie, Oh my hon!. Lord bless your heart. THAT is rough. I can imagine how hard things are and God sees that as well. If you cannot read every day that is okay. Listen to Moody radio, I am not sure where you live but find that station. I have it on all the time. There is so much spiritual food there and those days you cannot read, listen so your soul gets fed. I do however want to say, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the household things and put yourself on the back burner somewhere. Allie, you deserve a break too. A time to just do something that brings you joy. When a woman gets too exhausted from daily chores, she has little to give her family. True story. If you cannot find time at home, pray about it and perhaps your hubby can give you 1 hour a week to just go to the library and read, or catch up or just do something that brings the light into your life. When we are exhausted, we just cannot offer our best. Laundry will never end, cleaning will never end, meals will never end but you and so important and you deserve a break. Sheesh, that was a mouthful, but you get the point;).. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful little family. Have a very, very blessed New Year.

  • Tatyana 12/17/2015, 6:33 pm  ξ˜‰

    Wow! Such a wonderful giveaway! Recently, I was watching videos of your kids making dessert and I loved it specially behind the scene! Keep those coming and be blessed!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:38 pm  ξ˜‰

      Tatyana, Thanks so much for watching our videos. We will have to include more behind the scenes, I think we have more funny bloopers than real stuff, lol, it’s rather hilarious shooting with children, the things they say, lol.
      We are so happy to have you visit our blog. Blessing to you and your family in the upcoming New Year and Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.

  • Katrina T 12/17/2015, 6:33 pm  ξ˜‰

    Thank you so much for your inspiring posts, absolutely love reading them. You encourage me to try harder to be a woman of God. My kids love the videos of your kids cooking! They have watched them so many times, and sometimes even quote some of the things they said (Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ я Π³ΠΎΠ²ΠΎΡ€ΡŽ?) lol. I love your blog! Thank you so much, you raise the bar for all us Christian women. Love your simplicity and grace. God bless you and your beautiful family!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:36 pm  ξ˜‰

      Katrina, Awwww. I LOVE IT!. Thank you for watching our videos. Hehe, them kiddos of ours, they are something else!.
      Thank you for seeing simplicity in our blog, that means the WORLD to me because that is truly who I am! No different than anyone else and I am so glad that comes across on our blog, yaayyy!. I am so humbled that through me, God is nudging your heart to be a woman of God!. I love that, it truly isn’t me, I possess nothing special!.
      I would like to wish you and your family a really blessed Christmas and New Year. May your children rise up and call you blessed and your husband honor you. May your life be one that is pleasing to God and a light that reflects Christs love for mankind.

  • FK 12/17/2015, 6:00 pm  ξ˜‰

    Thank you so much for all of your encouraging posts!!! They do speak to our hearts!!! My New Years resolution is to read Bible based on the schedule so all the goodies will be very handy!!! Btw, I love your crab stuffed salmon!!! I had made it many times and shared your blog with others…😄

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:32 pm  ξ˜‰

      FK, Thank you soo soo much for sharing our family’s blog with others, I am beyond touched! I really really appreciate you commenting about the personal posts. Truly. Without the comments I would not have enough in me to keep posting and am so humbled that what God is teaching me, is speaking to others! Praise be to him! We serve an amazing God!..

  • Larisa 12/17/2015, 5:56 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina! i love your giveaway idea, it is so original! Your giveaway inspires me to read the bible more, be a better wife and mother. We started reading the bible our soon to be 2yr old daughter and 5 month old son a little over a month ago there has not been a single night where she will let us go to bed without reminding us to read her the bible. πŸ™‚ God bless you and your super cute family! Merry Christmas to you also!!
    love your blog! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:28 pm  ξ˜‰

      Larisa, I love that you are reading as a family, how amazing!. These are the memories your children will remember most, even though they are little, you are instilling God’s word into their hearts and that is so important. Your daughter, what a sweet heart, see what you have planted, amazing. Thank you for the blessing and I would like to wish the same upon your family. Love each other, be faithful to God and everything else will be added. Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!.

  • Alena B 12/17/2015, 4:33 pm  ξ˜‰

    Wow what a generous giveaway! I would love to win this giveaway. My husband and I tried to complete the Bible in a year, but having our first baby, moving and settling in a new place made it challenging. We really are praying that we will be able to follow through this year together, along with our new baby. This would be perfect to help us along!

    • admin 12/23/2015, 12:25 pm  ξ˜‰

      Alena, First congrats on the baby and move!. Such exciting events in your life!. Enjoy this time with your little one, they grow so fast. What a great idea to read it with your spouse, i love it! Bravo you guys. That’s building such a strong foundation on the Rock. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very blessed new year!.

  • Anna 12/17/2015, 4:27 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina,

    What a great giveaway! I’m new to your blog but one thing that I tried that I really loved was you coffee roulade. It was very good and simple to make. I especially like your personal posts; those are always encouraging:) I would like the Russian version of the plan and if I don’t win can you please email it me? Also Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 New Year! God bless you and your family:)

    • admin 12/22/2015, 11:01 pm  ξ˜‰

      Annechka, Welcome to our family’s blog. We are glad you are here. Mmm, oh that coffee roulade is a great one, thanks for sharing.
      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and wishing you many, many blessings in the Happy New Year!.

  • Irina 12/17/2015, 4:24 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina,
    I have used your chocolate layered cake recipe so many times, people at my church even request it for weddings!! Love that cake πŸ™‚ I would love to win this giveaway, I have just started having my quiete time with God in the early morning before the kiddos wake up. If I were to win I’d like the Russian reading plan version. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:59 pm  ξ˜‰

      Irina thank you so much for visiting our blog. So glad you enjoy that cake, sure is an easy one! πŸ™‚ Great time to spend with God before the kids wake up (and your life becomes a day of mamma, this and mamma, that and mamma nonstop :O)…) Blessings to you in the upcoming year and a very Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.

  • Viktoriya 12/17/2015, 3:22 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hello, dear Valentina) Peace to your family and bleasings from above! when i go to your website, i often find inspirational and Spirit filled posts like this one! Thats a blessing to me. I had thoughts of beying more organized and more motivated in reading my bible. Our family isnt small either) 4 kiddos all inder the age of 8) that gives you a good picture of how busy a day can get. but nothing replaces and strenthens me than communication with God. Keep up with your hard work! Lord gave you this talent, continue using it to bless others!
    Regarding a recipe from your website) A simple russian soup) Yep! Yep)
    I kept looking for a recipe that i used to eat back in SSSR that they gave in kindergarden) Oh, so delicious. My mama usually made borsh of different kids) which is awesome) Dad was all into borshes) lol
    so after trying a number of timea on my own, i gave up. But the little details of sauteing and adding garling and what comes afyer what gave me the desired result! Yey! Thank you!
    My new years resulution is to communicate with God regularly and have specific time to do that
    Also to be a better wife and mother. Always strive to improve!
    Valya, i need your suggestion)
    in your previous posts you said rhat you have dates with your husband once a month. hkw do kids accept that? how do you explain? i suggeated to my hubby that we have our dates without kids. He likes the idea, but is worried that kids will be upset……
    Ps. i would love the Russian version of the Bible reading plan.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:57 pm  ξ˜‰

      I really enjoyed reading your comment and oh yes, you are a busy mamma that is for sure. Let me encourage you by saying IT GETS easier as the children get older, thank the Lord for that. The children begin to help a lot and become more independent.
      So so happy you had better results with soups after some tips. I can so relate. I remember when I just got married (and was a terrible cook), I would call my mamma literally non stop when cooking. She’d be like oh just add “a little salt, then few blah blah” and it just absolutely never came out, so thankful my husband was nice during my “learning years” hehe. I am a visual person and it’s so much easier to understand something when I see it so I am grateful for your comment.
      In my Anniversary Post 3, that is what I share ALL about dating your husband, I think you will LOOOOVEEEEE it. I hope to post the second one next week and the 3rd after that. It will change your marriage, I promise..
      It was such a pleasure reading your comment and looking forward to getting to know you better.
      I would like to take a few minutes to just send a blessing upon your family. I know it’s so hard being not just a mom, but a Godly mom that balances the housework, marriage and being a child of God. May God give you wisdom in all that you do. May the words of your hands bring joy to your family, may your hubby love and cherish you and your children respect you. Most important may you draw closer to God and shine for his glory not only to your children and husband but to all of those around you. May their lives be blessed because you are a part of it. Fondly, Me <3

  • Natasha Yelfimov 12/17/2015, 2:43 pm  ξ˜‰

    What a great giveaway!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:46 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much Natasha. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and have a blessed New Year!!..

  • Inna Sysa 12/17/2015, 2:37 pm  ξ˜‰

    What a great giveaway πŸ™‚ would love to win this for Christmas!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:46 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you Inna. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Blessings in the upcoming New Year. πŸ™‚

  • Yana 12/17/2015, 2:29 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina, our family really loves your creamy chicken stuffed shells. I would love to win

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:45 pm  ξ˜‰

      Mmm. THanks for sharing your favorite. It helps me with thinking of what to do next:). Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and a very blessed New Year! πŸ™‚

  • Irina 12/17/2015, 2:16 pm  ξ˜‰

    Valentina!!! I love the giveaway! I love your recipes, since I found your site I’m trying a lot of your recipes they are very tasty and easy to make. But what I like the very best about your site are the personal posts you are a very good example how to devote and spent more time with GOD. I hope and pray to have way more time alone with god in the new year to read his word and pray. I wish your Family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:44 pm  ξ˜‰

      Irina, Thank you Irochka so much for you sweet comment. It’s very encouraging but I promise I am no different than you and shouldn’t be seen as an example:).. Wanted to wish you all of God’s blessings in the upcoming New Year. May your family always have food on your table and the provider work. May God give you wisdom as a wife (and mamma if you are one). May you be a bright light showing Christ to others! πŸ™‚

  • Vera 12/17/2015, 1:49 pm  ξ˜‰

    What a great giveaway! This would be great to help me keep on track with reading the Bible in the new year! And I love all your recipes, keep it up! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:40 pm  ξ˜‰

      Vera, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones as well and a very blessed upcoming year. You have a great desire, may God help you fulfill it πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting our family’s blog.

  • Olga 12/17/2015, 12:36 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina, great give away! My New Years resolution is to read the entire Bible by next year. So this would be perfect! Love all you’re recipes. Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:39 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you for visiting our family’s blog Olga. We are happy to have you. Merry Christmas to you and your family!. Wishing you all of God’s blessing for the upcoming New Year. πŸ™‚

  • Inna S. 12/17/2015, 12:24 pm  ξ˜‰

    Great giveaway πŸ™‚
    I love tilapia with vegetables recipe, chicken and mushrooms sandwiches and many other recipes. New Year resolution will be improve Bible reading. I have a feeling that your Bible plan will benefit. If I don’t win I would like if you could send me Russian and English version of this plan.

    God Bless you and your family.
    Merry Christmas:)

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:38 pm  ξ˜‰

      Inna. Oh how I love that tilapia, especially the aroma of when you add the herbs to the veggies, mmmmmm, so good!!!! You have a great desire for the New Year!. I would like to encourage you to give it a try and use a plan. With a little bit of self discipline you will have it read and life impacted by next year :). Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Birthday Jesus.

  • Inna 12/17/2015, 12:16 pm  ξ˜‰

    This is such a great giveaway! I love pretty notebooks, pen, pencils and cups! So this would be perfect 😍 Thank you for your recipes and especially the inspirational posts! May God continue to bless you!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:35 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you Innochka for visiting. I am glad I am not the only that gets super excited for the cute things, hehe:). Merry Christmas to you and your family. Blessings in the upcoming year.

  • Lana 12/17/2015, 11:28 am  ξ˜‰

    What a great giveaway! I have been enjoying your blog for the past few months. I have 4 kids of my own. youngest being 6. I am a very busy mom So your step by step recipes have been a blessing to me. I would love to devote more time to Bible reading time. After all that’s what matters most in life. To have a relationship with Christ. Thank you.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:34 pm  ξ˜‰

      So nice to hear you have enjoyed the step-by-step instructions. πŸ™‚ I wish a had those when I have no idea what I was doing when we got married. Basically, I called my mom like 50 times during a recipe, hehe.
      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Blessings on your family in the new year. I would like to encourage you to try reading the Bible with a plan, it really really does help and slowly becomes automatic :)..

  • Masha R. 12/17/2015, 9:54 am  ξ˜‰

    Neat giveaway! As a mom of two littles it’s hard to put down the never ending “to do” list.. And a lot of times I fail to do so. Having something to push you and motivate you is key! Btw.. Your meat gravy is my “go-to” on the days I’m stuck on what to make for dinner! Super quick and delicious!:) thank you for a awesome blog and recipes!:))

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:32 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you for the comment and sharing your fav recipe. I go to that one too when I’m stuck (twinsies we are :)..)..
      You are right, the list “never ends”. No matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t. I would really, really like to encourage you to try reading with a plan. It keeps you more accountable and motivates you to keep going:). Blessings to you and your family in the New Year and a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

  • oksanka85 12/17/2015, 8:51 am  ξ˜‰

    I’m so excited about this one…I love office stores, lol…that’s the type of girl God created me. I love to bake but cooking food is a chore for me so your blog is a huge help. I probably have tried every other recipe on the blog, if I didn’t go by the recipe but at least a lot of times it gave me an idea what I could make. Some of my favorite would have to be banana bread, egg omelet and zucchini and tomato… i could go on but that would be a very long list. Can’t wait to see what Bible plan you have ( I would prefer English Version). As i was reading some of the comments posted here it’s so interesting how different people read the Bible differently. However, it isn’t an important thing how we read it but do we read it. I use a reading plan but don’t follow it as what I have to read each day. Been doing it but noticed that I only read 3/4 of the Bible when I new year approached again so I would start reading all over again and never really finished reading it fully. So I decided to follow the plan but finish my Bible even if it took me more an a year. Now that my kids are a little bit older don’t need 100% of my attention I am able to finish reading it even before the new year approaches. It’s an amazing gift from God to us to learn and have guidance in our life. May God Bless you and your family! Thanks so much for your hard work!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:30 pm  ξ˜‰

      Oksanka, Thank you for your beautiful comment, I LOVED it. Yes, it’s amazing how different we all are and you are right. Nothing wrong with not getting through the year. We are each different and not only as a person but different areas in our Christian faith. I love reading comments so much!. I have learned so many things and applied many to my life with suggestions other people make. πŸ™‚ Yup, the older the kiddos get, the more me time I have. When they are all so little it seems the “mammaaass” never end right? Thank you for visiting our family’s blog. We are so happy to have you here!. πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie 12/17/2015, 6:43 am  ξ˜‰

    Dear Valentina, what a great giveaway!
    Because IΒ΄m from Germany, sadly I cannont participate, but I think itΒ΄s very lovely that you are encouraging us ladies to read GodΒ΄s word more often πŸ™‚
    My parents have a Russian/Ukrainian background so IΒ΄m fluent in Russian although I was born and live in Germany. I am not married yet but I hope that one day IΒ΄ll be able to cook some of your dishes for the man, God has chosen for me. Until then I can spoil my parents from time to time πŸ˜‰

    I wish you and your family a blessed christmas and a wonderful new year πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Germany,


    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:24 pm  ξ˜‰

      OH HELLO STEPHANIE!!. I absolutely loved your comment. I love that you are faithfully waiting for your husband and mostly love that you “spoil your parents from time to time”. THey have raised you right and what a blessing you are to them. I am so happy we have friends in Germany, now I will have somewhere to stop by if we ever visit there, hehe. πŸ™‚
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a blessed New Year. (P.S. don’t just go with any guy, marriage is HARD work, be sure it’s someone you want to go through life with, life has ups and downs) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Nat 12/17/2015, 3:41 am  ξ˜‰

    Hello. I never followed a Bible reading plan. Would like to find out anout it. Ibusually read it in order of books. Few chapters every day.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:20 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thanks you for visiting Nat. If you don’t win, I will send you the plan I use. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a blessed New Year!.

  • Vera 12/17/2015, 2:53 am  ξ˜‰

    Valentina I love this giveaway! I love your blog. Our favorite recipe is probably chicken fajita. This year I want to build closer relationship with God. I’ve been so focused on my husband that it seems like I put him first and God second. We try to read Bible together every night but sometimes we need more motivation. I think it would be great to win this giveaway but I’m sure there are people who might need it more.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:19 pm  ξ˜‰

      Verochka, I love that you read the Bible with your husband, good job. We did that before the kiddos came along, then it gets very hard. Blessing to your family in the New Year and Merry Christmas.
      Thank you for sharing your fav recipe, we appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  • Lora B 12/17/2015, 1:34 am  ξ˜‰

    Thank you for this giveaway! I always start out so strong and then as time progresses fall of the wagon with the Bible in a year reading… Maybe this will help keep me up to date!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:17 pm  ξ˜‰

      Yup, I know what you mean Lora. You are right though, using a plan and a little self discipline with get you through the year!. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Blessings to you and your family in the upcoming new year and Merry Christmas!..

  • Julia Y 12/17/2015, 1:19 am  ξ˜‰

    What an amazing giveaway!!! Watching War Room really changed my perspective on prayer. Ever since then I found a place in my home that I can meet God on a regular basis. We make time for what is important to us πŸ™‚
    Thanks again!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:15 pm  ξ˜‰

      Oh Julia, I cannot WAIT to see War Room. We don’t have a TV so I don’t really watch a lot but this is one I just CANNOT wait to see. I bet it will affect me greatly, just the trailer itself has!. Thank you for visiting!. πŸ™‚

  • Luba 12/17/2015, 1:03 am  ξ˜‰

    Awww what a beautiful giveaway! This is so much more neaded than pots and pans (although those are nice, too! ;)). Your blog is so much more than yummy recipes; it’s really a great place to go to and enjoy a cup of tea while reading what God has put on your heart to share with your readers. God bless you and may He continue to use you to encourage and inspire us. Thanks so much for all you do! 😘

    PS I love watching your kids videos (on snapchat as well) – they are too cute!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:14 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you Lubochka for you kind comment, it really means a lot, truly, truly!. The kiddos sure do love those videos and we will work more on those in the new year:).

  • Tanya Melnik 12/17/2015, 12:55 am  ξ˜‰

    I loved following a Bible reading plan last year! It keeps me accountable to read a certain amount each day and to focus on that days Word. Some of my favorite recipes on your blog I made this year was Timurs chocolate cake and the strawberry jello :)😋

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:12 pm  ξ˜‰

      Yup, yup Tanya. Plans for sure keep you accountable!. Good for you..
      Thanks for trying our family’s recipes. We appreciate you visiting our blog:)..

  • Tatyana 12/17/2015, 12:39 am  ξ˜‰

    Hello, I enjoy following you and your family on Instagram. You and your posts inspire me to do more, to be a better mom and wife, and cook more sweets and try new recipes. I keep wanting to try making your roulette bc I love it, but scared to make one. I just try to read bible everynight, (unless my one year old puts me to sleep.) I never read it by the planer, I just go chapter after chapter. I guess it would be nice to try somethings new. I wish I can be like you, you are so enthusiastic and exited about reading bible. I give up easily and my day to day work seems to vin over reading bible. By the way, Russian would be better for me.
    Thank you so much for your giveaway.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 6:11 pm  ξ˜‰

      Tatyana, 1 year old? Such a fun age!. Ours is just a tad bit older and it’s never a dull moment right? πŸ™‚ I promise you reading with a plan gives your more accountability. I am NOT always so enthusiastic. It does take a lot of self discipline. There are days when I am exhausted or just don’t feel like it, just like you so don’t think I am always that enthusiastic :).
      You can do it though, Tanyush. It makes such a difference if you work on it on a regular basis, it really becomes a habit and something kind of automatic. Thinking you should give it a try in the new year:). If you don’t win, I will e-mail you the plan :)..

  • Lyuda 12/17/2015, 12:34 am  ξ˜‰

    Would love to win this! I made a few cake recipes and salad dishes, also main dish (pretty much a lot of different recipes from different categories). Love reading your blog, it’s so inspiring and especially when i work and being a LIGHT at work with co-workers sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds like, but by reading your blogs, i’m inspired more to be the LIGHT and remember this poem from my childhood “be careful how you live, you may be the only BIBLE some people ever read” always trying to keep that in mind. Also put that poem as a subject line on one of my work media for people/peers/ co-workers to see it. Love reading Bible, try to keep up reading it daily at least a few chapters a day. When was on maternity leave – was able to finish old testament in short 5 months.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 1:08 pm  ξ˜‰

      Lyuda, Oh yes! I love that quote and it’s so true. We definitely may be the only Bible some people read, I truly believe that. That is amazing that you are able to show your faith at your workplace. May God bless you to show them Christ and if necessary talk about him too. May your light shine bright and people be drawn to it. May you be one that they go to when they need someone to pray with them and don’t have someone. May God give you wisdom what to say and when to keep quiet. I will share with you a story that is really an example of how powerful God is. Though I went to church all of my life, and was born into a Christian family, it wasn’t until 18 that I truly had a “personal” relationship with Christ and my life changed. At the time I was working for a large oil and gas company since I was 16. I started out at the lowest level, a file clerk and began working up. The language men used there was so horrible and I began asking them if they could possibly not use the language around me, it offended me as I was a Christian young lady and didn’t use that. Well that spread live wildfire through the huge office. After a few years of verses hanging in my cubicle, smiling, offering to help, everyone knew I was a Christian!. One day, one of the owners of the company asked me to sub in for his personal secretary, she went home sick. I thought I would die of fear by the time I got to her spot. He hated typing so what he did was he would stand and talk a million words a minute and I had to type as he spoke. He wasn’t a nice man and curse words could be heard from his office every day! Things were going fine, though my little fingers shook so bad as I typed. He got a phone call and picked it up. It wasn’t a good call, he began to speak with a raised voice and before long things were loud. I then noticed, he began saying “beep” and would continue going on. I thought I misunderstood but no, as I was typing he began saying “beep” again then goes, I know you don’t like curse words so I am trying to respect your ways and using “beeps” instead. The smile on my face was probably one someone would have if they won a million dollars. Well this spread like wildfire too. That Mr. “Meany” was being nice and respectful to me!. Every time he would have me come in an sub in for his secretary, he was always nice and never spoke a curse word. Before long, if I would see him in the hall way, he would even talk to me. It was the best feeling in the world. One I share with my children because I felt like a preset day Daniel in the lions den!.
      I think God softened his heart not because I was someone special, I just wasn’t afraid to share my faith!. πŸ™‚ Hope this story is an encouragement to you my friend and sister!! πŸ™‚

  • Irina 12/16/2015, 11:49 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi! One of our favorite family recipes from your blog are the “baked chicken fajitas”. My husband often times asks for that one! Thank you!

    I’ve loved to journal ever since I was a young teen! My journaling has always consisted of prayers to God and as I grow spritiually I write down Bible verses and personal applications as well. I hope and pray that one day these journals would be an encouragement for my children not only for them to see what I learn from God’s word but also to read the many prayers I’ve poured out for them.

    I would love to win of these giveaways! These are beautiful! Thank you so much!


    • admin 12/22/2015, 12:46 pm  ξ˜‰

      Irina, OH I LOVE that you journal!. I am the same way, I am hoping my children will be blessed by my journals when they get older, twinsies we are;). I love the idea of journal about spiritual growth. I usually just keep everything in my Bible journal but I might try a separate one this year, thank for the inspiration.!
      Merry Christmas to you and your family and a blessed New Year.
      P.S. That baked fajita is so simple and I am so glad you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  • Tanya 12/16/2015, 11:29 pm  ξ˜‰

    I have a reading plan but I would love to try another one, once I’m done with this one.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 12:43 pm  ξ˜‰

      Good job Tanya. I have tried many different ones and I must admit I go back to the simplest one every time. Maybe I am just too old fashion and don’t like change. πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas to you and your family!.

  • Natasha 12/16/2015, 11:27 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina! I just found your blog recently and haven’t tried any recipes yet but so many of them look delicious! I can’t wait to try your moms bulochki recipe! Thank for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 12:42 pm  ξ˜‰

      Natasha, WELCOME to our family’s blog!. We are happy to have you here!. Merry Christmas to you and your family and blessing for the upcoming year!. Hope you stop back and visit. πŸ™‚

  • Nadia Kovtunovich 12/16/2015, 10:50 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi, Valya

    Such a great giveaway and I would love it(p.s my birthday is coming up in a week πŸ˜‰ I have made your chocolate layered cake and it’s yummy! My new years resolution is to read bible more often, I admit to admit I am behind on my bible reading 🙈

    • admin 12/22/2015, 12:40 pm  ξ˜‰

      Nadyush, Happy early!!!! Hey it’s never to late to start reading, never.. I am thinking 2016 sounds like a good year to start reading with a plan and getting it read in a year! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and your family!.

  • Galina 12/16/2015, 10:38 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hello Valentina. Your blog is awesome, I love your recipes and personal posts. They help me a lot. Thank you for all you do!
    Merry Christmas to your family!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 12:39 pm  ξ˜‰

      Hi Galinka. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy that what God speaks to me about, they are a blessing to you as well. Glory to Him. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May you shine for Jesus in the New Year!.

  • Sveta 12/16/2015, 10:31 pm  ξ˜‰

    Valentina what a wonderful giveaway this is. Would love to win. I really want to get better with reading the bible and this would be perfect! I love all your posts! Especially the personal ones.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 12:35 pm  ξ˜‰

      Hello Sveta!. Great idea to get reading the Bible, I agree :)…. Thank you so much for visiting our family’s blog. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and blessings in the New year!.

  • Victoria 12/16/2015, 10:27 pm  ξ˜‰

    Thank you for such a kind heart and for such a great giveaway. A few times I baked your Cake Roulade with Raspberry’s even my mommy made it a few times and said it was the best cake ever πŸ™‚ I have a love for books and my New Years resolutions would be to read more christian books because i haven’t done so this year. Also i love to read your posts so much inspiration that my heart wants to just jump out. Thank you for all you do and for you sharing your wonderful recipes.

    • admin 12/22/2015, 1:29 am  ξ˜‰

      Victoria. Your comment just made me smile really big!. I LOVE to read as well. Like all the time and more in the winter when the weather is perfect for a book, a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee as I hear the sound of our munchkins playing on the rug by me.
      Thanks for sharing your favorite cake, oh my, if your mamma approves, I’m perttyy excited👍..
      Thank you your encouragement with the personal posts. They take a lot of time and prayer to put together, I’m soo touched you enjoy them, glory yo God!! 💚

  • Galina 12/16/2015, 10:23 pm  ξ˜‰

    What a wonderful giveaway to start my year with . Thank you for all the wonderful recipes . I love everyone of them . Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

    • admin 12/22/2015, 1:18 am  ξ˜‰

      Galina, thank you for your sweet comment!! It’s so appreciated..:) Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and God’s blessings for the 2016 year!!.

  • Irina 12/16/2015, 10:14 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina,
    I have used your chocolate layered cake recipe so many times, people at my church even request it for weddings!! Love that cake πŸ™‚ I would love to win this giveaway, I have just started having my quiete time with God in the early morning before the kiddos wake up. If I were to win I’d like the Russian reading plan version. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

    • admin 12/22/2015, 1:16 am  ξ˜‰

      Oh my, how wonderful to hear such great feedback for one of our recipe’s😄😄..
      I love to hear that you make time in the morning for some quiet God time, I know that isn’t always easy.. Doesn’t that just set your mood for the rest of the day, I read the Russian Bible as well.:)

  • Annie 12/16/2015, 9:07 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina! I really like your personal posts and recipes! The chocolate layered cake is especially delicious!
    Thank you for such a great giveaway and Merry Christmas!

    • admin 12/21/2015, 10:27 pm  ξ˜‰

      Annie.. Oh yum, love that cake, thank you for sharing.. Thank you for visiting our Corner of the world:).. We’re so happy to have you here! Merry Christmas to you and your loves ones!

  • Nelya 12/16/2015, 8:48 pm  ξ˜‰

    I absolutely love your blog, especially the personal posts. Please please post more of those! We need them! I don’t use a specific Bible reading plan, but I read 4 chapters a day, and only in order. I used to use one where I would read 3 chapters from the Old Testament and 1 from the New Testament daily, but I didn’t like shifting gears, just didn’t work out for me. But I would appreciate it if you would email me your plan. Thank you, and God bless your family;)

    • admin 12/21/2015, 9:54 pm  ξ˜‰

      Nelya, thank you so much for visiting our blog! Thank you even more for your sweet comment 🙈🙈.. I know what you mean about jumping around. I’m reading that kind of plan this year and dislike it very much… Blessings to your family, may all of your desires come to be in the New Year!:)

  • Luda 12/16/2015, 8:32 pm  ξ˜‰

    Valya, what a great giveaway. Just what I wanted to get started this upcoming new year, read Bible and document my favorite verses, dates, etc. I would love to win this giveaway even if I don’t id like to get the Russian version. I like your golypci recipe. May God bless your family! Merry Christmas!

    • admin 12/21/2015, 9:49 pm  ξ˜‰

      Luda, so glad you tried the goluptsi, the pictures aren’t the best on there.. I want to encourage you to try reading with a plan and journal your thoughts! It’s life changing☺. Blessings to you in the new year. I’m thinking to keep you going, you should e-mail me like in March with an update;)..

  • Svetlana 12/16/2015, 5:37 pm  ξ˜‰

    So difficult choosing a favorite recipe, I enjoyed all your recipes!! πŸ™‚ I have a Bible reading plan that I follow but would love to see yours!

    • admin 12/21/2015, 9:46 pm  ξ˜‰

      That’s awesome that you’re using a plan. Good for you. If u don’t win, I’ll send u the one I have:). Thank you bunches for visiting our blog and trying our recipes. We’re so happy to have you here!😄😄

  • Svetlana 12/16/2015, 4:42 pm  ξ˜‰

    Valichka may GOD Bless your home sister you have been such an encouragement and a role model for me reading your blog its a Blessing ! I really enjoy your recipes your casseroles are great rice pilaf
    Salads desserts there delicious may the LORD Bless your passion and your work for HIS Glory that’s amazing being able to meditate on GODS WORD and live it what a Blessing and an Honor to serve a LIVING GOD !!!:))

    • admin 12/21/2015, 9:22 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much Svetochka. I appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately, I am a very simple person, not someone to look up to at all. Blessings to your family as well. May God bless you in abundance.. May the provider of your home have work, may all of your loved ones have good health. May you be a blessing to those around you, so that Christ shines through your family 💛..☺..

  • Tanya 12/16/2015, 4:15 pm  ξ˜‰

    Interesting that I see this giveaway literally a day after I talked with a friend that I’d like to re-read the New Testament and journal while I read! I think this is a sign, don’t you?? πŸ˜‰ I’d love to see your reading plan (can you send both English and Russian??). Things that motivate me to stay on top of reading/studying the Bible: having to be prepared to teach teen class every week, having the wisdom to be the best wife/mom, and accountability/encouragement of friends. It’s nice to do something common with a few (or at least one!) of my friends and we send a text to each other to check up on how we are doing on our reading.
    Thanks for what you do with the blog! So helpful to have recipes at arms reach all the time!

    • admin 12/19/2015, 2:07 am  ξ˜‰

      Tanya, Oh how I loved your comment. Teen class? GoD bless you dear sister, that is such a HARD but absolutely NECESSARY ministry. Teen years there is so much going on in their heads and what a blessing that God has placed you in their lives to impact them. Just to think that you, with God’s leading, can help shape them to be Godly men/women, gives me goosebumps at what a powerful influence you can have on them.
      I truly agree with you Tanya, having positive/God fearing friend(s) in your life to motivate and encourage you is HUGE. I have a few amazing women in my life that are such a blessing to me. I know I can ask them for help when it gets hard to keep going and they won’t question but just pray or send me encouraging notes. It’s like when Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands during the battle against Amalekites because He just could do it anymore but the battle wasn’t over yet. Praise God for friends like that. So honored to meet you:)..

  • Angie 12/16/2015, 3:46 pm  ξ˜‰

    I have made the raspberry roulade and the canapes which are delicious! Thank you for encouraging me and others with your personal posts. We are newlyweds and I like reading your posts because they encourage me and help me. Thank you for all you do! God bless you. I would also like the Bible plan you use and the chore chart. Thank you.

    • admin 12/19/2015, 1:56 am  ξ˜‰

      Angie, Oh how beautiful it is to have all different walks of life on here, I’m so glad you have visited!. Congratulations to you both, what a beautiful journey you have started. May God always be the center of your marriage. Enjoy each other and really build a strong foundation in Christ as a family before the kiddos come along, they kind of take over your life once they are here! πŸ™‚

  • Natalya 12/16/2015, 3:38 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valya! The giveaway is great. I’ve tried many of your recipes and they are delish. Two of my favorite are fajita and stuffed cabbage. Keep those recipes coming. Thanks.

    • admin 12/19/2015, 1:52 am  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much for sharing your favorites Natalya, I’m so glad you enjoy our family’s recipes. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and your loved ones!.

  • Sveta 12/16/2015, 3:33 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valentina, I would love to win this giveaway. I just became a first time mom 2.5 weeks ago and one of my new year’s resolutions is to be the best mom I can be to this little child that God entrusted me with. I pray that God gives us wisdom to guide this child in His Word all his life

    • admin 12/19/2015, 1:50 am  ξ˜‰

      Sveta, well first, HUGE congrats. Isn’t it amazing how a little tiny being can just intrude and kind of take over your world? πŸ™‚ Enjoy your baby, they grow so fast and the older they get, the harder it is to raise/discipline them. You have such a wonderful desire and God sees that. I hope he brings you and your spouse so much joy and glorifies God through his life!.

  • Natasha 12/16/2015, 3:31 pm  ξ˜‰

    Thank you so much for sharing great recipes and your perssonal life on this blog. I would love to recieve this giveaway and will try my best to follow the Bible reading planner for the upcoming year. Love the videos your kids do for the recipes! You do have a beatiful family and May God richly bless you all with good health, joy and love!

    • admin 12/18/2015, 9:52 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much Natashenka. πŸ™‚ I will be sure to tell them, they’ll be overjoyed😄.. Wishing all of the same blessings to your family..☺

  • Billie 12/16/2015, 3:26 pm  ξ˜‰

    How lovely! I need to read the Bible and you’ve now inspired me to do so in 2016!

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:55 pm  ξ˜‰

      Billie, that is a fantastic desire, YOU CAN DO IT!! πŸ™‚

  • Melvina 12/16/2015, 3:06 pm  ξ˜‰

    You’re so sweet. I’d love to win this giveaway, its something I wanted to start for a long time but didn’t really know where. Thank you and blessing to your family. I love you kids video the best, we have rewatched them so many times..:-)

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:55 pm  ξ˜‰

      Melvina, Aww, that’s awesome! They love shooting those and we will get back to doing those in the winter so stay tuned!.. πŸ™‚
      Blessings to you and your loved ones in the upcoming New Year.

  • Liliya 12/16/2015, 2:20 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valya. Thank you for all your inspirational posts, and delicious recipes. I would love to receive Bible reading plan from you. Thank you.

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:54 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you Lilya for visiting our family’s blog. We are so glad to have you here. Blessings to your family in the upcoming New Year. πŸ™‚

  • Lilya 12/16/2015, 1:53 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi Valya! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! I wanted to share a tiny tradition or actually more a must, my husband and I have been doing since we got for the past 9 years is every morning before we pray to read atleast 1 chapter from the bible before morning prayer. 1 chapter minimum is for a running late morning! Lol. We read, then explain what we just read, and memorize from verses to chapters. My kiddos know that bible reading is important especially reading together as a family! I also have my alone afternoon prayer by myself which I feel I can’t go without because God has done so much for me that I just can’t go without praising Him everyday! May God bless you and your beautiful family!:)

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:53 pm  ξ˜‰

      Lilya, Oh what a beautiful tradition you have! I LOVE it and I bet others will be inspired by it!. You and your husband are doing a phenomenal job, and you will one day look back and bare good fruit from what you are sewing together now. You truly are right, when you begin skipping time with God your spiritual health reflects it. It’s as if we would skip a day’s worth of meals, you feel bad, head hurts, etc.
      Proud of you mamma! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Galina 12/16/2015, 12:39 pm  ξ˜‰

    Hi valya, I love ur blog and all those yummy recipes u share with us! Your personal posts have been a blessing to me as I can relate to them…I would also love to devote more of my time to bible reading and spending one on one time with God in the coming new year! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy life and sharing what God has spoken to u! May your family be blessed and have a very merry Christmas😙

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:48 pm  ξ˜‰

      Galina, THAAAANNNKKKK you so much for such a thoughtful comment. I am so humbled and blessed that God is speaking to your heard about the things he is speaking to my heart about.
      You have a great desire for the New Years and it is very possible and LIFE changing.. Blessing to your family as well. May your hubby love you, your kiddos adore you and you shine for Christ to those around you!.

  • Tatyana V. 12/16/2015, 11:10 am  ξ˜‰

    Oh Valentina! I so agree with you about just dropping everything on our never ending “to do list” and finding time to read and pray. It is very thoughtful giveaway and having it would give some mom a motivation to spend time wisely. Well, I really enjoy your recipes ????! I would like to wish you and your lovely family a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2016 New Year!!!

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:46 pm  ξ˜‰

      Tatyana, THANK YOU bunches for your kind words. Many, many blessings to you and your loved ones!. May all of your hearts desires come true with God leading you. πŸ™‚

  • Liliya 12/16/2015, 8:45 am  ξ˜‰

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you. Love casseroles but most your personal posts. It has always been about something I struggle and was blessed by it.

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:44 pm  ξ˜‰

      Thank you so much Liliya!. OH I love them casseroles, thank you for sharing!. So wonderful to year I am not alone in the struggles:)..

  • Yelena 12/16/2015, 3:00 am  ξ˜‰

    Aw Valya What a lovely giveaway! πŸ™‚ one of my favorite recipes was the raspberry roulade with raspberries, after my brother had a slice he asked if I could make his wedding cake, silly him 😆
    My number one resolution is trying Get closer to God and like you said to know God not just about God. I wanna say you inspire me so much when I read your posts. May God Bless you for all you do. Can you please email me the bible plan you use, Thank you so much 😘

    • admin 12/18/2015, 1:43 pm  ξ˜‰

      Yelena, Thank you for your words of encouragement, they are appreciated. Oh I love the raspberry roulade, thank you for sharing.
      What a beautiful New Year’s resolution your have, it’s something that can be achieved so blessing to you that you stick to it! πŸ™‚
      p.s. I’m sure your brother isn’t silly, you are just talented ;)..

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