Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

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I am so excited about this giveaway, I can barely contain myself (okay, that was slightly exaggerated, but you get the idea :)..).

In one of my posts, I shared with you that I used a Bible reading in a year plan. The response I got was just phenomenal and God bless your hearts. It’s so amazing to see so many of you desire to read on a regular basis. As I was contemplating what to do for a giveaway around Christmas, the thought of doing something like this came to mind and well, I’m going to take it as God’s nudging and here we are. There will be five winners. Yes, five!

Each of you will receive:

-Read the Bible in a Year Plan (please note which plan you want, the Russian or English version)

-Some peerrttyyy colored pens to make the journaling more interesting

-Few highlighters to keep you notes bright and cheerful

-Some sticky notes for your thoughts as you read

-A mug, because.. you know, coffee or tea is such a great bonus (how adorable are the knitted mug covers?)

-A picture frame with an encouraging quote , I even designed it for you 🙂 (you can change it to one of you favorites)

-Index cards for Bible verse memorization

-And of course some chocolates, no need to explain this one 😉

To be eligible for this giveaway all you need to do it comment below. You can tell me about a recipe you have enjoyed from our blog, your New Year’s resolution, your experience with trying to keep with up reading the Bible on a regular basis or anything else that has been on your heart. Sharing on social media would be appreciated, but not necessary, hashtag #valentinascornergiveaway @valentinascorner. {Be sure to double check your e-mails when commenting, that is how I will be notifying the winners. I will also put names of the winner at the bottom of the page.} Giveaway will end December 23rd, 2015 @6:00p.m. and a random winner will be drawn.

and here are the different packages:).. aren’t they so darling???

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

Everything you need to get started with reading the Bible in a year giveaway.

I thought I would share some things that help me stay faithful in reading the Bible.

Date- When you and your spouse dated, remember how eager and excited you would be for those dates? I think of my Bible reading as almost a date with God, a Him and I alone time. What will I learn new about him? What will He share that I didn’t know before? How can we become closer, etc. As much as I desired to get to know my husband, I truly believe we should desire to really know God and not about God.

Plan- Reading the Bible with a Plan is so much easier than without one. You don’t have to use the one I have, you can try something different. A plan keep you accountable in a way, it shows you where you should be on a daily basis. IT’S OKAY IF YOU FALL BEHIND. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just try to catch up. It truly can be done.

A place- Find a place in your home where you keep your Bible, journal, pens, notes, etc. You know this is your place to go and you aren’t trying to find your journal for 15 minutes, then the Bible for another 5 and in the end too worked up to even read. Sticking to your schedules builds a routine. If you are a morning person and this is the first thing you do, stick to it. You will get so used to the idea and it becomes automatic. Or if you’re a night owl and usually spend some time doing things you enjoy in the evening while the little munchkins are snoozing away, that great too. A candle burning, a hot cup of tea and some give me Jesus time. Yup, yup, has perfection written all over it.

Discipline- This is the hardest part. Especially if it’s your first time. It truly takes discipline, but with God’s help, you can do this. I know it’s hard, I have five children. There are days I have a list two pages long with things I need to work on or do, but they will ALWAYS be there and the list will not change in half an hour. At times I have to ask God for help. It’s hard to discipline myself and sometimes “Lord, please give me the desire” is needed and it. This is something He wants badly for us and when I, even in something so simple ask Him for help it, He is faithful. He desires to know me for me, not through a book I read, or a devotional, but when He speaks directly to my heart through His word, that’s powerful. Just like disciplining our children, most times it’s not a “son can you not do this” and miraculously he never does it again (though we all wish that was the case). Many times, it’s repetitive reminding that actually sinks in (through their hard heads). If you are a week behind, don’t give up. Show yourself some grace and try to catch up. You can do it. Just like when your child messes up, you show grace, discipline and move on.

Journal- This is the funnest part of reading for me. I write down my days and highlight them and keep all the things that spoke to my heart in there. I love to actually journal about how the verse can be applied to my life and where I need change. If we are reading the Bible as God’s word and direction for us and our lives, I better be taking notes when he touches my heart and tells me this is for you. You may read a certain passage and it mean nothing to you. I can read the same passage and it’s something I have been struggling with or praying about and it’s amazing when God speaks to us. It’s as if He is like, my daughter, this needs corrected in your life, or that needs changed, so lovingly, so gentle, so God!

In my journal I also love to add pictures and drawings my munchkins make for me. They motivate me to keep going. I feel the responsibility as a mom and when it’s hard and I don’t feel like reading, opening up my journal and seeing their handmade pieces inspire to do it as much for them as me. 🙂 

Index cards- I love to write down verses I love to memorize and put them up around my home, laundry, kitchen sink, fridge, etc. As I go about my day, I glace at the verses and it’s so nice to memorize Scripture this way.

I see in myself, if I skip a few days without reading, I can tell right away in the way I change (and the change isn’t in the positive direction). It’s amazing how many time during my reading God spoke to my heart about situations we were going through with my spouse. I will call him and apologize and he is so sweet, he will be like “hon, were you just reading the Bible”, when God convicts, there is no room for excuses. Can I get an amen to that? 🙂

Before I close, I would like to encourage, challenge and inspire each one of you to get into the word of God and dig! Dig until living water flows. Until the waters flow and bring healing, correction, reassurance, inspiration, motivation and direction for your life and your family’s.

Oh and if you do not win (oh how I wish I could ship all of you something), but still desire to look at the plan I use, don’t be shy to comment below and I will e-mail you a plan (or contact me via my e-mail:

WINNERS: You have 24 hours to respond to my e-mail with an address.. 🙂 I wish I had one to give all of you!. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments and e-mails, y’all are just so kind.

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