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Mother and father holding a baby.

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We are so excited to announce the arrival of our precious son and miracle baby. Elijah Alexander was born 1/5/19 at 36 weeks, weighing 6lb 5oz and 18” long.

(This is what he thought of us taking pics of him ;)…)

Newborn baby sticking out tongue.

I’d like to share the story of our son’s birth and how God guided his life, even when he was unborn.

(Did a little photo shoot of him. Taking pictures of babies is really different than food, haha. They came out pretty decent, I’d say? We had so much fun. Thanks to my hubby and Victoria for helping.)

Baby swaddled sleeping in a basket


Friday night was like any other evening. I had a few really strong contractions before going to bed but the Braxton hicks have started a few weeks back so it was nothing alarming.

I got up at about 3:00 a.m. with the feeling that my water broke. I woke my up husband and he helped me up only to discover it wasn’t water that broke at all, it was blood gushing as if from a fountain.

And the nightmare began.

We rushed to the hospital. 

Once we got to the hospital, there was a nurse walking out from her shift. She was God sent. She saw the emergency of our situation and ran me upstairs to labor and delivery. 

Collage of newborn baby pics.

They admitted us and hooked up all the monitors. I was feeling okay other than the shock of our baby arriving at 36 weeks and we were NOT ready at all. NOT AT ALL!

The nurse we had was also a God sent and I give her a ton of credit for our baby being alive. She had worked in labor and delivery for 38 years and I was her last patient. She was leaving to a different position. She had also mentioned she was not supposed to work that shift and was called in.

Thank you, Jesus, for providing for us. She was so swift in making decisions and so wise.


Baby in a mother's arm.

They were able to give me my epidural. The baby’s heart rate sounded fantastic for about 20 minutes and everything seemed so normal.

Then, I got a really intense contraction. With the contraction came a gush of more blood and the baby’s heart rate went from wonderful to no heart rate at all. Once the contraction passed, all was normal. The nurse called in a team of medical personnel.

Baby swaddled wearing a hat and sack.

Next contraction and the same repeated.

When the third contraction came I felt like I was going to pass out and the doctor informed us that we needed an emergency c-section to save the baby as he was suffocating.

They rushed me down the hall to surgery. This was so scary, I’ve never experienced anything like it. 

Close up of baby with one eye open.

They transferred me onto a new bed and once they hooked the monitor to the baby’s heart rate, the heart rate was so low it was barely a heartbeat.

The head doctor screamed that the baby needed to be delivered now. They strapped me down and our son was delivered in 2 minutes, yes, 2 minutes!

Talk about professionals.

So thankful to the room full of medical personnel who took a part in helping bring our baby into this world.

Father holding child in arm.

My husband finally made it into the room.

We hear crying.

Our precious son, crying!

Baby sleeping in mom's arm.

Once delivered, they told us I had placenta abruption and that’s why things played out the way the did.

Baby resting on mom's shoulder.

SIDE NOTE: We had a team that went to Mexico on a mission trip from our church. Those of you that have been our online friends for a while know my husband has a heart for mission work. He goes 2-3 times a year somewhere. This year was 4 trips.

He had wanted to really go on this trip, the team that went were all so near and dear to our hearts. Since our due date was only four weeks away, I wasn’t a fan of him going. However, I told him if he really wanted to go, he could. He says he wanted to go but there was something that kept him home.

Friends, if he would of went, he would have been away during all of this. PRAISING God he was home!

Baby sleeping swaddled in a blanket.

Our son is healthy.

Didn’t have to go to the NICU.

Fully developed.

Eating like a champ.

Disposing like a boss ;).

Wedding rings on baby's toes. This was our worse pregnancy, our scariest delivery.

I know, without a doubt, God has a plan for this little guy. He is going to use him for His glory in a MIGHTY way!

Feeling so humbled He chose us to be his parents.

Though we had serious difficulty with this pic, haha, I love how it turned out. This is one of my favorite Bible verses. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jer 1:5

Though this was not the ideal way to deliver a baby, I know God was still so in control. He is teaching us something through this as well. We may not fully understand all of it but to Him be the Glory through this situation as well. Amen!

Last pic. Promise… (Well, for the time being. 🙂 …)

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Though each birth is a miracle in itself, do any of you have a testimony? Share about it in the comments below!.

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