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Kung Pao Shrimp Recipe – a Chinese restaurant classic but let’s learn to make it at home!

This simple yet hearty Kung Pao Shrimp recipe is so easy to make at home! Shrimp cooked and combined with sauteed veggies then tossed in a thick, sticky, and sweet kung pao sauce.


– oil – butter – shrimp – salt – ground black pepper

1. In a bowl, whisk together the ingredients for the kung pao sauce.


2. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper to taste. Fully coat the shrimp in cornstarch.

3. Saute the shrimp in a skillet with oil until the shrimp is opaque, remove from the skillet and cover to keep warm.

4. In the same skillet, saute the onions and peppers until tender.

5. Add in the garlic and ginger, and saute until fragrant. Add the roasted peanuts and red pepper flakes and toss until mixed.

6. Pour the sauce mixture into the skillet and cook until the sauce thickens. 7. Add the shrimp back in and cook just until the shrimp is reheated.

8. Garnish with freshly chopped green onion or chives and serve with favorite sides.

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