Unique recipe

It’s a traditional dish in Russian cuisine and served in most restaurants and at parties.

Olivier Salad usually has peas, potatoes, carrots, onions, meat, pickles, and eggs all mixed with mayo. The meat used is either bologna, chicken or ham.


– meat – potatoes – carrots – eggs – dill pickles – sweet onion – frozen fresh peas – English cucumber – mayo

Cook the potatoes and carrots together. Cooking them the night before is a great idea, once cooked just refrigerate (skin on).

You can use cooked chicken, ham or bologna for the recipe. If purchasing bologna in the deli department, ask for low-sodium bologna. It makes a huge difference.

I like to add new twists to traditional recipes. My biggest favorite addition I added to this salad is fresh cucumbers and using fresh peas instead of canned.

The crunchiness of the fresh cucumbers gives it so much flavor. The canned peas are so soggy and taste mushy, using fresh peas take the salad to a new level.

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