Why you'll love it:

These homemade Sweet Cherry Vareniki are so delicious and a classic Ukrainian dish!

Sweet dumplings filled with cream cheese and cherry filling. They are boiled and tossed in butter, so so good!


– pierogi dough – ricotta cheese – cream cheese – granulated sugar – cherry pie filling – blueberries

1. Dough– Prepare one portion of our Classic Pierogi Dough.


2. Filling– In a bowl, beat together the ricotta cheese, cream cheese, and granulated sugar until combined.

3. Divide dough– Flour the working space with flour and divide the dough into three equal balls.

4. Roll dough– Roll out the first ball and with a cup create circles all over the dough.

5. Add filling– Add the cream cheese filling into the center of the created circles, and top with a cherry filling or fresh blueberries.

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