Why you'll love it:

This copycat Alice Springs Chicken is an Outback classic that is so delicious!

Juicy and tender chicken breast topped with bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and melted cheese smothered in a creamy homemade honey mustard sauce.


– Chicken Breasts – Salt – Pepper – Paprika – Bacon – Mushrooms – Olive Oil

1. Prepare the homemade honey mustard sauce or use store-bought.


2. Cut chicken in half and beat evenly and season on both sides. 3. Cut bacon into bite-sized pieces and saute until browned.

4. Slice the mushrooms into thin slices. Saute in the leftover bacon grease, season lightly with salt and pepper.

5. Saute the chicken breast with oil until cooked. Top the chicken breast with a ¼ of the sauce, bacon, and mushrooms.

6. Drizzle more sauce over the chicken or dip into the sauce.

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