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This recipe is so easy to make, it will become your go-to breakfast recipe.

The entire family will LOVE this breakfast recipe! Fluffy scrambled eggs with the meat and desired toppings served in tortillas – SO GOOD.


– Eggs – Meat – Tortillas – Toppings

Prepare toppings: Prepare all your toppings by dicing or cubing the vegetable.


Cook meat: In a skillet, saute the ground sausage until fully cooked.

Egg mixture: In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper until combined and fluffy.

Cook eggs: In a skillet, cook the eggs over butter until fluffy and cooked.

Heat tortillas: Heat tortillas so they are served warm.

Assemble tacos: Take the tortilla, load it with the meat, eggs and desired toppings.

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