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Quick and easy Chicken Canape Recipe made with shredded chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and cheese, then baked until crispy!

Once you try these delicious chicken canapes, you’ll want them on repeat.


– mushrooms – olive oil – chicken breast – cheese – mayonnaise – fresh dill – baguette loaf

1. Bread– Slice the baguette with a serrated knife.


2. Mushrooms– Sauté the chopped mushrooms until browned and fully cooked.

3. Combine Mixture– In a bowl, combine the sauteed mushrooms, shredded chicken, cheese, mayo, dill, and seasoning.

4. Assemble– Add the mixture onto the bread slices, distributing evenly among all the bread.

5. Bake– Bake the canapes until the cheese is melted and the bread is crispy.

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