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A classic and hearty Shepherd’s Pie Recipe. The bottom layer is ground beef with veggies in a flavor-packed gravy sauce then topped with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes.

It’s such an easy one-pan dish and is extremely simple to make (just takes a little bit of baking.. be patient.. worth every minute).


– Mashed Potato – Ground Beef – Oil – Onion – Garlic

1. Cook potatoes– Prepare the mashed potatoes. 2. Cook meat– Saute the meat with the onion until browned, breaking up the meat as it’s cooked.


3. Make gravy– Stir in garlic, then flour and add the bay leaves. Pour in the broth, cook until gravy thickens. Add the chopped tomatoes, ketchup and season with salt and pepper.

4. Add vegetables– Mix in the vegetables and cook until tender (fresh or frozen will work).

5. Assemble the pie– In a 8-inch casserole dish, add the meat and vegetables mixture. Add spoonfuls of mashed potatoes, then spread out evenly.

6. Bake pie– Bake the Shepherd’s pie uncovered for about 30 minutes until the tops of the mashed potatoes are golden.

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