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This homemade Meatball Soup Recipe is ready in just 30 minutes and so delicious. Juicy meatballs with egg noodles, vegetables and potatoes in a rich broth.

This noodle soup is loaded with homemade meatballs, potatoes and carrots in a flavorful broth.


– Onion – Butter – Canola or Olive Oil – Carrot – Tomatoes – Garlic Cloves – Water – Chicken Broth

1. In a bowl, combine the ingredients for the meatballs. Combine the ground meat, grated onion, garlic and season with salt and pepper.


2. In a Dutch oven or pot with a thick bottom, sauté onions with oil and butter until tender. 3. Add cubed carrots, sauté over medium heat until carrots are tender.

4. Add diced tomatoes and minced garlic, and cook about 3 minutes. 5. Pour in the water, broth and diced potatoes. Bring to a soft boil.

6. Once boiling add the noodles and season with salt and pepper. Cook for five minutes and add in meatballs.

7. Turn heat down and cook until potatoes are tender and meatballs are cooked. 8. Add favorite herbs and serve.

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