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Such a simple dessert recipe for Pumpkin Phyllo Turnover recipe. Thin layers of phyllo sheets with wonderful and easy pumpkin spice and cream cheese filling folded into triangles.

These mini pastry triangles are going to become a hit, especially during the fall and pumpkin season!


– phyllo dough – cream cheese – butter – sugar – pumpkin puree

Thaw phyllo sheets, remove 3 sheets. Keep remaining sheets covered with a towel or plastic wrap (sheets tend to dry quickly).


Place one phyllo sheet onto the working surface. Lightly brush with butter, repeat with remaining 2 sheets. Using a pizza cutter, cut sheets in half lengthwise.

Add some filling to the corner of the rectangle (see picture), be sure to leave space around the filling.

Fold over creating a triangle and press down to seal the edges so the filling won’t ooze out. Then keep folding over and until all of the dough/filling is used.

Continue with remaining ingredients. Brush tops of turnovers with butter.

Bake 14-16 minutes, or until the turnovers are golden brown. Once triangles have cooled, dust with powdered sugar, optional.

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