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This Kani Salad Recipe tastes just like the side dish you’d order at a Japanese Steakhouse.

This Spicy Kani Salad Recipe is the best copycat salad recipe that you get at a Japanese sushi restaurant.


– imitation crab – mini cucumbers – Panko bread crumbs – mayonnaise – white vinegar – granulated sugar – sriracha – salt


1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, vinegar, pepper, sugar, Sriracha, and salt until creamy for the spicy mayo dressing.

2. Julienne cucumbers thinly, in my opinion, the thinner you cut the cucumber, the better the salad.

3. Pull apart the crab meat into thin strands, as thin as you can get them.

4. Combine the cucumbers and crab. Add the dressing and toss to combine.

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