Tender and Flavorful

Easy Creamy Chicken Casserole Recipe with mushrooms, bacon, and cheese in a cream of chicken soup sauce.

This chicken casserole recipe is absolutely amazing. Once baked, the chicken is so tender and flavorful and the sauce adds so much flavor to the dish.


– chicken breasts – eggs – whole milk – salt – flour mixture – all-purpose flour – ground paprika – ground pepper – salt

The chicken is marinated, then breaded and sautéed giving the chicken a crispy finish. The chicken is then baked in a creamy chicken sauce.

Sautéed mushrooms and bacon top the casserole dish and then the entire casserole is loaded with grated cheese.

We usually do bacon and mushrooms for special occasions. Just add extra cheese if you’re a cheese lover.

This easy creamy chicken casserole dish is always a huge hit at family gatherings. You can prepare everything the night before and just bake it the day of the party.

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