Thank you so much for stopping by our online kitchen, we are so happy to have you here! I am Valentina, the recipe developer and creator behind Valentina’s Corner.

I am married to Tim and together we have seven children. We live in the beautiful state of Ohio. You can read more about us on our personal blog: Life in our Corner

About valentina’s corner:

Valentina’s Corner was created to share recipes with step-by-step recipe instructions and video tutorials so each recipe is a success. You’ll find recipes that are EASY and DELICIOUS that can be made by the amateur home chef or novice cook.

We focus heavily on comfort food and recipes that bring the family around the table, where laughter is heard, bellies are full and everyone leaves the table with cherished memories!

Most of our recipes use minimal ingredients that you most likely already have in the kitchen, making dinnertime so much easier!

Valentina’s Corner was started as a part-time hobby to share my favorite family recipes and has quickly turned into a family business for us.

We are SO GRATEFUL you try our recipes and share them with our friends and family.

I wasn’t always a good cook and therefore am so excited and passionate to give you all the tips and tools needed for you to enjoy cooking for yourself and your loved ones.

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Thank you-

Lastly, I want to take the time to thank every single one of you that visits our online kitchen. You are what makes this “corner” of the world possible. Your comments, feedback, shares and continuous support is so appreciated. From the bottom of all of our hearts, THANK YOU! Thank you for being the sweetest online family of ours.

I cannot end this ABOUT page without saying:

All we have and have ever accomplished on this blog and in our personal lives we credit to God, our Heavenly Father.