My Story

I was born in Ukraine and have 10 siblings, five older and five younger. Feel kind of special!. We immigrated to the US in 1989. =)


God blessed me with the biggest gift I could have asked for, my spouse, Timur. He was a professional tennis player and came to the USA on a tennis tournament and to work. He was raised in a non-Christian home, in a country where Christians are heavily persecuted. When God led him to a city in Ohio city with a population of 3,000, I’d say He was directing his path and that was not a mere coincidence. After meeting the young people from our church and attending services, he became a Christian!

We were married in 2002 and have five children; Benjamin, Joseph, Elizabeth, Nathaniel and Abigail. I must agree when it says in Psalms “Children are a blessing from the Lord”.


All I have and all I’ve accomplished I credit to God and God alone!

I hope to live a life reflecting His goodness in me and my family. May He use us for His glory!


I have a degree in Residential Planning and Interior Design. I was able to work for a company where I could utilize my love to interior design and help people bring harmony to their home. I was able to meet so many interesting people along the way. When we finally were expecting our third child (our Princess), after much prayer, we decided I would become a full-time stay-at-home mom. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made (I was very nervous about this transition since I am very much a people person, but I must say, I am loving every day of it, challenges and all:)…

I decided to take my love for design, décor and creativity and bring it into the kitchen, a way to express myself at home. This I must say is when cooking and baking became my passion, not a must because food needed to be set on the table. That and my desire to serve a great meal to a very hungry hubby after a long hot day were my motivations.

Oh my poor husband had to survive many of my unsuccessful attempts at a “creation” I thought would taste great. FAIL!. He was such a trooper, always found a way to compliment a new meal or dessert even when I know it didn’t deserve praise. Thanks to him and his encouragement I am a much better cook and absolutely love being in the kitchen. Love serving my family in such a beautiful way.

Raised in a family where Ukrainian and Russian meals were served, I picked up many recipes from my lovely mamma and older sister. My husband is from Uzbekistan, therefore, I have learned many recipes from my beautiful mother in law, Olga. She is such a great cook. Living in the USA and being surrounded by the different foods we have here, my kitchen has become quite universal. Thus, you will find many interesting recipes that I hope you will enjoy.

I am not quite ready to go back to work so after thinking long and hard how I can spend my quiet time, I decided; blogging. I hope my recipes, my ideas and our family’s journey becomes one that will be a blessing in your life and that of your family. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and welcome to my insignificant, small corner of the world, Valentina’s Corner.