This hibachi chicken recipe is a recreation of the popular Japanese steakhouse dish. Tender sauteed chicken is tossed in a homemade, sticky hibachi sauce and can be served alongside your favorite Asian sides and of course you can’t forget a classic appetizer like our homemade crab rangoons.

This recipe joins our favorite Asian-inspired chicken dishes, such as orange chicken and the perfect chicken teriyaki.

Plated hibachi chicken with fried rice and a side of yum yum sauce.

Hibachi Chicken

Hibachi chicken is a delicious dinner idea that is ready in no time and will be loved by the whole family! A healthier version than take-out, the final recipe is still steakhouse quality and full of deep flavor.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Meal prep. The chicken can be meal prepped for easy lunches throughout the week.
  • No need to marinade. Since the chicken is coated in a hibachi sauce, no marinating time is required for the chicken ahead of time.
  • Last minute dinner. If you’re looking for a recipe for busy weeknights, this checks off all the boxes. It’s family-friendly and requires little time in front of the stove.
  • Pairs with many sides. The chicken is a great protein for a simple dinner or as part of a holiday spread. It can be paired with virtually any Asian-inspired dish.
Ingredients needed to make hibachi chicken in ramekins.

Hibachi Chicken Ingredients

The ingredients for the hibachi chicken recipe are simple yet full of flavor.

  • Hibachi sauce- make one portion of homemade hibachi ginger sauce, a balanced sauce consisting of garlic and ginger, soy sauce, and brown sugar.
  • Chicken- boneless, skinless chicken breasts or skinless chicken thighs can be used in the hibachi recipe.
  • Seasonings- salt and pepper to lightly season the chicken.
  • Oil and butter- to saute the chicken, use a combination of oil, such as canola or avocado oil, and butter.

For a full list of ingredients and quantities, see the recipe card below.

Cooked chicken in a dutch oven.

How to Make Hibachi Chicken

Hibachi-style chicken comes together in just a few quick and easy steps. Be sure to have all ingredients prepped, as the recipe moves quickly.

  • Prepare sauce: Start by making one portion of our hibachi sauce. Mix together all of the ingredients and set them aside.
  • Cut chicken: Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Lightly season with salt and pepper.
  • Saute chicken: Heat the large skillet and oil over medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot, add the chicken and sautee until crisp on all sides and golden brown. Remove the chicken and cover to keep warm.
  • Cook sauce: Melt the butter in the same skillet. Once melted, add the hibachi sauce and bring it to a light boil.
  • Add chicken back: Once the sauce has boiled, turn the heat down and add the chicken back to the skillet to reheat.
  • Serve and enjoy, friends!

Substitutions and Variations

The chicken hibachi can be altered with a few simple swaps to satisfy your preferred tastes.

  • Different protein: This recipe can also be made with shrimp or beef.
  • Vegetables: To save time, add vegetables into the skillet after sauteeing the chicken but before adding the sauce to soften. Zucchini, carrots, broccoli, onion, and mushrooms are all great options.
  • Add heat: If you like your chicken spicy, add some sriracha or hot sauce to the sauce.
Close up of chiken hibachi topped with sesame seeds.

Serving Suggestions

Here are some popular sides that are typically served with hibachi-style chicken.

  • Vegetables: Serve the dish with a side of sauteed or roasted veggies.
  • Fried rice: A side of fried rice, chicken omitted, is the perfect complement to the hibachi chicken. Or, serve with white rice if you prefer a simpler flavor.
  • Sauce: A side of yum yum sauce is the perfect addition for dipping or to tie together an Asian meal.
  • Hibachi noodles: Your favorite Asian-inspired noodle dish would complete the meal.

REcipe FAQs

What is hibachi chicken?

Literally meaning “fire bowl”, hibachi-style dishes are typically cooked over very high heat on a flat hibachi grill. Hibachi chefs are commonly seen cooking in front of customers and serving hibachi dishes straight from the grill in front of the guests. Hibachi-style dishes, however, can also be made at home in your own kitchen in a wok, cast iron pan, or using a regular skillet over high heat.

Do I need a wok?

The recipe can be made on a griddle, Blackstone, skillet, cast iron, or in a wok. Pick a method based on what you have access to.

Can I use store-bought sauce?

Yes, you can just purchase a store-bought sauce if you are short on time.

What kind of chicken should I use?

You can use chicken breast or boneless-skinless chicken thighs cut into bite-sized pieces.

Chicken hibachi being dipped into a side of yum yum sauce.

Store & Reheat

  • Storage. The chicken can be stored for up to 4-5 days in the refrigerator in an airtight container.
  • Freeze. The chicken and sauce can be frozen separately for 3 months, then thawed and reheated before serving.
  • Reheat. To reheat, add the chicken to a skillet and reheat over low heat until just warmed through. Or, microwave for a few minutes to reheat.

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Hibachi Chicken Recipe (Japanese restaurant)

Author: Valentina
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Hibachi style chicken is a Japanese steakhouse favorite! Tender chicken smothered in a sticky sweet sauce and served with roasted vegetables and fried rice for the ultimate Asian dinner.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4 servings



  • Start by making ½ a portion of the hibachi sauce and set it aside.
  • Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and season with salt and pepper.
  • Add oil to a large skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Once the skillet and oil are hot, add the chicken and cook until it’s golden brown and crisp on the outside.
  • Remove the chicken from the skillet. Cover with foil to keep warm and set aside.
  • Add the butter and cook until it melts. Then, pour the sauce into the skillet. Bring the sauce to a light boil.
  • Once the sauce is bubbling, turn the heat down, add the chicken back in and cook until reheated.
  • Serve and enjoy, friends.


Store: The chicken can be meal-prepped ahead of time and stored refrigerated for up to 5 days in an airtight container.
Serve: Serve the chicken with roasted or sauteed vegetables, a side of fried rice (leave the chicken out, as the hibachi chicken adds protein to the dish), and with a side of yum yum sauce for dipping.