This is an easy recipe for a Puff Pastry Berries & Cream Wreath. The versatile puff pastry sheets create a dessert wreath with whipped cream and fresh berries. This beautiful puff pastry dessert, ready in under an hour, will make a statement when served for any occasion.

Puff pastry creates many delicious desserts! A berry cheesecake tart can be made simply using puff pastry sheets! With the help of puff pastry, we can make a dulce de leche napoleon cake using only four ingredients!

Puff pastry wreath with a light cream and berries on parchment paper.

This puff pastry wreath can be enjoyed around the holidays or even on a simple Sunday or a ladies’ get-together for brunch. Flakey puff pastry layers with a simple and easy cream and your favorite berries. A perfect combination. 

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Easier than it looks. This pastry looks so grand, yet it is so easy to make. 
  • Tastes incredible. Each bite of this flaky pastry with berries is heavenly. 
  • Gorgeous dessert. The berries on this spectacular dessert make it look so fancy. It serves as a dessert and a centerpiece. 
Close up picture of wreath with berries from the side.

Ingredients for this Puff Pastry Wreath

The ingredients for this dessert are simple, but the result is delicious:

  • Puff pastry – fully thawed, store-bought puff pastry makes this an easy recipe. 
  • Heavy whipping cream – cold heavy whipping cream makes a great cream.
  • Berries – use a mix of your favorite berries. Our favorites are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. 

See the recipe card below for a complete list of ingredients and quantities.

How to Make a Puff Pastry Wreath 

  1. Cut one sheet of puff pastry into thirds at the indentation. Cut each third into half, resulting in 6 pieces. Cut another full sheet into two parts, making one part twice as big. 
  2. Take 3 strips and the larger piece to create a circle. Arrange them so they lightly overlap and pinch together. Use the remaining cut pieces to form the inside of the circle. Bake the circle at 375°F for 16-18 minutes. Repeat with the second layer. 
  3. Beat cold heavy cream with the sugar and lemon juice until firm peaks form. 
  4. Take the first layer and cover it generously with the cream and top with berries. Add the second layer of puff pastry and top with cream and berries.
  5. Enjoy the wreath immediately, or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Powdered sugar: Dust with powdered sugar before serving for a “winter” effect.

Step-by-step photos how to make puff pastry wreath and cream.

Tips for Baking like a Pro:

  • Do not open the oven during the baking. If you do, the layers will not be as flaky and flatten.
  • Don’t underbake the cake; if the recipe says 15-18 minutes, give it at least 15 minutes before checking for readiness. (If you take the layers out earlier, the inside will be mushy and unpleasant to taste.)
  • When making the first layer, create a template so you have the size to make for the second layer. That way, one isn’t slightly larger than the other.
  • If you are going to dust the berries with powdered sugar. Ensure they are dry and at room temp, or the sugar will melt.
Puff pastry sheet wreath with berries and cream recipe.

Make the Cake Ahead of Time:

  • You can bake the layers the night before, keep them covered, and assemble them the following day. 
  • The cream may also be prepared the day before. Keep it covered and refrigerated.

Recipe FAQs

Can I use different fruits?

Use whatever fruit you like most!

Can this cake be made a day in advance?

Make this cake a day in advance by baking the puff pastry layer and making the cream. Refrigerate separately and assemble on the day of serving. 

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Puff Pastry Berries and Cream Wreath

Author: Valentina
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The versatile puff pastry sheets used to create a dessert wreath with whipped cream and fresh berries. This easy dessert, ready in under an hour will make a statement when served for any occasion.
Prep Time: 18 minutes
Cook Time: 32 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Servings: 6 servings


  • 17.3 oz puff pastry sheets, thawed (2 packages)
  • 2 1/4 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • favorite berries, see note
  • powdered sugar, optional


  • Preheat oven to 375°F.
  • Take one pastry sheet (keep the second one refrigerated). Unfold and cut into three (with the creases). Then, cut each part in half again, you’ll have 6 strips. Then, take 1 strip and cut it so it’s in two parts, a 2/3 and 1/3 piece (see picture).
  • Take 3 strips, plus the larger (the 2/3) piece and lay them around creating a large round shape. Lightly overlap pieces and gently pinch together and slightly stretch out the pieces so it’s perfectly round in shape. Take the remaining pieces and put them inside the circle. Gently pinch all seems together, lightly overlapping so there’s no gap. Bake 16-18 minutes. Tops should be very golden. Repeat with the second layer. Set aside both layers to completely cook.
  • Beat heavy whipping cream with sugar and lemon juice on medium/high speed. For the first half of the beating, the mixture will be frothy and bubbly. Continue beating until firm peaks form.
  • Take first layers and cover generously with cream, add your favorite berries.
    Carefully add your second layer with the remaining cream and berries.
  • You can enjoy it immediately or refrigerate the cake wreath until it is ready to use.
  • Lightly dust with powdered sugar before serving, optional. 


Berries: I used 16 oz strawberries, sliced. Some raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. That’s what I had on hand. Kiwi and strawberry are also a yummy combination. You can also do just strawberries. Or kiwi and cuties. Whatever you have on hand is great.


630kcal Calories46g Carbs4g Protein48g Fat24g Saturated Fat122mg Cholesterol135mg Sodium91mg Potassium0g Fiber25g Sugar1310IU Vitamin A1.2mg Vitamin C62mg Calcium1mg Iron
Nutrition Facts
Puff Pastry Berries and Cream Wreath
Amount Per Serving
Calories 630 Calories from Fat 432
% Daily Value*
Fat 48g74%
Saturated Fat 24g150%
Cholesterol 122mg41%
Sodium 135mg6%
Potassium 91mg3%
Carbohydrates 46g15%
Fiber 0g0%
Sugar 25g28%
Protein 4g8%
Vitamin A 1310IU26%
Vitamin C 1.2mg1%
Calcium 62mg6%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
(The nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)