Homemade Uzbek Samosa recipe that is crispy, loaded with flavors, and also EASY to make! Mini filo dough pies filled with a chicken and potato filling and shaped into triangles, after that baked until crispy.

The Mediterranean taste from the seasoning with the chicken and potato filling is phenomenal.Uzbek Samsa on a plate with cilantro and sesame seeds next to the plate.

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What is Uzbek Samosa?

Samosa is a traditional dish from Uzbekistan. A samosa is made with a flakey pastry dough and filled with meat, potatoes, onions, and seasoned with traditional Uzbek seasonings like coriander and cumin.

I’ve tried making the samosas with different fillings and my family seems to enjoy the chicken and potato filling the most.

what meat can I use?

A classic samosa recipe usually uses ground or finely cubed lamb, but you can use chicken, beef, pork, or chicken.

Step by step instruction on how to make Uzbek Samsa recipe.

How to make Uzbek Samosas-

  • Prepare the filling. Finely cube the chicken, onions, and potatoes.
  • In a bowl combine the thighs, potatoes onion, garlic, grated butter, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, mayo, and fresh herbs. (TIP: You can use your favorite fresh herbs if desired; cilantro or parsley will work.)
  • Then butter the phyllo sheets and add the filling and fold sheets to create triangles.
  • Lastly bake and enjoy.

NOTE: These pies can be frozen. Simply add cooled savory pies to a plastic freezer bag and then freeze. To serve, thaw pies and bake for a few minutes to reheat.

A Uzbek samosa triangle cut in half, up-close picture of the stuffing.