Looking for the perfect Chicken Dinner recipe? Here you can find great recipes that are simple and easy to make, taste delicious and are family-friendly. From our popular Creamy Casserole to the quick 30-Minute One Pan Dinner and Tender Baked Thighs, you will find a variety of different easy dinners featuring poultry as the protein. 

Chicken is popular meat that is healthy and loved by everyone. There are so many different ways to prepare chicken ranging from a classic sauteed chicken to baked. Also from grilled to casseroles loaded with poultry and our favorite one-pan meals. 

The variety of recipes that are endless and so simple to prepare. With our easy to follow step-by-step recipe instructions, your next meal will turn out great and fail-proof.

Top 9 Chicken Recipes

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There are many different types of meat you can cook with from a chicken, such as the classic chicken breast and chicken thighs. Along with the type of meat you use there are even more ways to prepare chicken, grilled, sauteed, baked and roasted. 

Though different cuts of meat cook slightly different, we share tips for success with chicken thighs, ground chicken and chicken breasts.

Use the chicken meat in soup (like our favorite Creamy Potato), in a sandwich (the simple Chicken Wrap) or even the Chicken Gyoza Appetizer.