Chicken Zucchini and Mushroom Casserole

Delicious Chicken Zucchini and Mushroom Casserole. This casserole tastes so light and is full of flavor.

This Easy Meat and Potato Casserole is another great casserole recipe!

Chicken Zucchini and Mushroom Casserole in a casserole dish with a spoon and fresh basil.

My kids don’t like any of the above except the chicken and cheese (unfortunately) so on one side of the pan I just leave the chicken large that way I can fish it out and just give them the chicken and cheese. I wish I started them on vegetables when they were younger so they enjoyed them more. Sigh.. If some of your family members don’t like mushrooms you can just add them to one side of the casserole. Just load the other side nice and mushroomy (if that’s even a word;)..).

Serve with mashed potatoes, a side of rice or even pasta. There is juice from the zucchini and tomatoes and it tastes so good. I like to pour the juice over my paste, oh my it’s good.

How to prepare the chicken for this casserole recipe!

how to make this chicken casserole-

  • With a grater, grate the zucchini. Light salt the zucchini, mix and set aside for 10 minutes.
  • Slice the chicken breast into about 4-6 slices. Beat until all the pieces are even in thickness.
  • Salt and pepper the chicken. Slice into chicken strips.
  • Lay the chicken strips into a 9×13 thick casserole dish.
  • Squeeze out the juice from the zucchini. Spread over the chicken.

How to make Chicken Zucchini casserole with mushrooms and tomatoes.

  • Slice the tomatoes and evenly spread over the zucchini.
  • Slice and saute mushrooms in a skillet for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Finely chop onions.
  • In a skillet cook butter and onions for about 4 minutes. Combine with the mushrooms and add to the casserole dish.
  • Combine everything for the sauce mixture. Pour the sauce over the mushrooms and spread.

How to make Chicken Zucchini and Mushroom Casserole.

  • Top with cheese. Cover dish with foil.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 400°F for about 45 minutes.
  • Remove foil and turn the heat down to 355°F and cook another 10-15 minutes.
  • The top of the cheese needs to start turning a golden color.

Chicken Zucchini and Mushroom Casserole in a green casserole dish topped with fresh basil.

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Chicken Zucchini and Mushroom Casserole

Delicious chicken, zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese casserole. Taste so light and wonderful in flavor.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time50 mins
Total Time1 hr 10 mins
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Keyword: casserole
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 392kcal


  • 2 lbs chicken breast
  • 1 large zucchini
  • 6 campiri tomatoes, sliced
  • 2 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 12 oz mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 cups Mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • Herbs, optional

Sauce mixture-

  • 1/2 cup mayo
  • 1/3 cup half and half
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 3 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
  • salt & pepper


  • Grate zucchini on a grater. Lightly salt, mix, and set aside for about a 10 minutes.
  • Slice each chicken into about 4-6 slices (depending how large your chicken is). Pound with a meat mallet until same in thickness. Salt and pepper each chicken breast. Slice into strips.
  • Lay the chicken strips into a 13x9 dish.
  • Take the zucchini and with your hands squeeze the excess juice.. Get as much juice out as possible. Spread zucchini over the chicken strips.
  • Slice tomatoes. Evenly distribute over the zucchini. (If you have large tomatoes and no Campiri tomatoes, just slice them in half or quarter.)
  • Clean mushrooms, slice and saute  in a pan on high heat until pan is dry (about 2-3 minutes).
  • Chop the onions. Add onions and butter to skillet, lightly salt and pepper. Cook for about 4 minutes. (If the casserole will be baked immediately the mushrooms/onions can be added to the dish. If baking will take place later, wait for the mushrooms/onions to cool before adding to dish).
  • Prepare the sauce mixture. Mix all of the ingredients for the sauce, lightly salt and pepper.
  • Pour over the mushrooms and spread
  • Sprinkle with cheese.
  • Cover dish with foil.
  • Bake in s  preheated oven to 400°F for about 45 minutes. Remove foil and turn heat down to 355°F and cook another 10-15 minutes. The top of the cheese needs to start turning a golden color.


Note: If you don't want it as a casserole but rather individual chicken, once you slice the chicken breast don't cut it into strips. Load the ingredients the same way, as listed and bake the same way. You will have individual pieces:). For the picky eaters you can just leave their just chicken and cheese or add few bacon strips 🙂

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Valentina's Corner

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  • Natalie 07/12/2018, 11:47 am Link Reply

    Hello can you answer ASAP I want to make it today! Would I be able to add potatoes to this? Cut them thinly or will they not cook all the way? What about the cooking time?

    • admin 07/13/2018, 11:32 am Link Reply

      I’m so sorry for not responding immediately. Though I’ve not tried it myself, I think that’s a wonderful idea and baking time would remain the same. If you try it, please let me know how you like it. 🙂 Thanks.

  • Kj 05/08/2018, 8:47 pm Link Reply

    Just made this tonight. It tasted great but the sauce was watery. I did squeeze out the zucchini before cooking. Next time I may skip the tomatoes or use sundries.

    • admin 05/09/2018, 5:00 pm Link Reply

      It should be lightly watery but not too watery. 🙂 Sundried tomatoes sound wonderful, Kj.

  • kjill 01/22/2017, 6:49 pm Link Reply

    This is a wonderful starting point for a yummy casserole. I scaled it down to what I had on hand and for 1 – 2 servings – one chicken breast cut thin and sliced up, then used one small zucchini. Used some home dried grape tomatoes in place fresh and they plumped up nicely baking on top of the zucchini so it wasn’t too juicy. When I sauteed the mushrooms I added a few handfuls of spinach that needed to be used up and added the garlic at this point. I cooled the mix and added a mix of mayo , skim milk and herbs (mainly basil) to the mushroom mix rather than having it as a separate sauce. Topped with a few slices of provolone cheese and a sprinkle of parma and baked about 30 minutes before uncovering to brown. It was delicious, this is a keeper. Thank you for posting.

    • admin 01/23/2017, 4:25 pm Link Reply

      Oh my, kjill, you version sound so delicious. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  • elsa 12/19/2016, 2:01 pm Link Reply

    hello! this dish looks fantastic and I’ll make it tomorrow but i have a question, did you prepare the mayo or you bought it from the store? does it matter if it’s homemade or not?

    • admin 12/19/2016, 11:54 pm Link Reply

      Hi Elsa,
      I used Hellmann’s mayo. You can use any kind of mayo..☺ I hope you enjoy it..

  • Patti 10/04/2016, 1:15 pm Link Reply

    I have already sliced and quartered pieces of Zucchini in my frig. Can I use this instead of the shredded? Been googling a recipe to use it, some of my tomatoes and chicken . This looks sooo good. But hope I can use the zucchini as cut.

    • admin 10/04/2016, 2:06 pm Link Reply

      Hi Patti, you sure can! I think you will really enjoy this recipe. This casserole is freezer friendly so if you don’t need such a large portion, divide between two smaller dishes and freeze one.:) Enjoy..

  • Michelle 09/04/2016, 10:59 am Link Reply

    I personally don’t taste a difference between squash and zucchini. Would it be ok to use both? Or is there something about it being just zucchini that makes it cook better in this recipe?

    • admin 09/04/2016, 1:05 pm Link Reply

      HI Michelle. You can substitute squash, or eggplant here ?. Enjoy..

  • Betheny 05/28/2016, 11:03 am Link Reply

    Can I make two of these completely like the directions read and freeze one?

    • admin 05/28/2016, 2:25 pm Link Reply

      That’s a perfect idea!!!

  • kyndell 01/14/2016, 9:51 pm Link Reply

    I’m making it now! Smells good in the oven

    • admin 01/15/2016, 1:52 am Link Reply

      Mmm Kendell. I’m hoping it tasted as good as it smelled! 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  • 1st-time mom 08/05/2015, 7:41 pm Link Reply

    I just made this recipe because I was given a bunch of zucchini. My family and I loved it!! thank you!

    • admin 08/06/2015, 10:29 am Link Reply

      That is wonderful!. THANK YOU:)

  • irina 12/15/2014, 6:29 am Link Reply

    One of the best casseroles I have ever made! Loved it!

    • admin 12/17/2014, 11:49 am Link Reply

      Soo glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback:O)..

  • Slava P. 11/13/2014, 6:05 pm Link Reply

    I made this last tonight. Ok for zucchini lovers this is sooo good. We had no leftovers.. Thank you Valiya..:=)

    • admin 11/19/2014, 1:01 pm Link Reply

      Thank you for the feedback. 🙂

  • Valeriya 11/12/2014, 1:42 pm Link Reply

    This looks so good, going on my to do list:). Your pictures are so tempting. Did you take photography lessons?

    • admin 11/12/2014, 9:53 pm Link Reply

      No, have never taken photography lessons. I did however Google some info but most is just learning over time. You should see some of my beginning picture;).. Think you might rethink my skill level. Hehe. I sure do enjoy it though. Thanks for the compliment, that’s the biggest area I doubt myself, was a nice boost:)

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