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Broccoli Cabbage Salad

An amazing Broccoli Cabbage Salad Recipe. This salad using red and green cabbage with broccoli and tomatoes is the perfect crispy salad to enjoy during the hot summer days or cooler winter days. Perfect for parties and potlucks. Pin to your Salad board HERE! Follow Valentina’s Corner on Pinterest for more inspiration! Easy Cabbage Salad I love a […] Read More

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

You are going to love this Cauliflower Broccoli Bacon Corn Salad recipe. A wonderful salad filled with broccoli and cauliflower florets, cheese, tomatoes, corn, bacon, and onion. Such a great balance of ingredients. The perfect salad for potlucks! Pin this to your salad board HERE! Follow Valentina’s Corner on Pinterest for more inspiration! Broccoli cauliflower salad […] Read More

Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

Recipe for an easy baked Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole. Chicken, corn, and broccoli smothered in a cheesy and creamy rice mixture.  Pin this CASSEROLE to your Dinner board HERE! Follow VALENTINA’S CORNER on Pinterest for more wonderful recipe ideas! CHICKEN BROCCOLI RICE CASSEROLE. I really enjoy casseroles, I should have a casseroles category by itself […] Read More

Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Be prepared to be AMAZED by this Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe with tomatoes and smothered in an easy garlic wine sauce. The stuffed chicken is seared in a skillet then added to a wine sauce and baked. The chicken breast becomes so flavorful, juicy and oh so tender. Serve chicken with mashed potatoes! […] Read More

Vegetable Chicken Stir Fry

An easy recipe for Chicken Stir Fry. This stir-fry recipe with pasta, sauteed vegetables and chicken smothered in an amazing Japanese inspired sauce will become a family favorite. Like our Chicken Fried Rice Recipe, you’ll never want to order take out again. PIN this recipe HERE! Follow Valentina’s Corner on Pinterest for more inspiration! Chicken Stir Fry Recipe- I […] Read More

Chicken Broccoli Bread Boats

Our kids love pizza. They can seriously enjoy pizza twice a week, thoroughly enjoy it. Me, however, I tire of having pizza. I’ll take something like these French bread boats stuffed with a cheesy chicken and broccoli filling over pizza anytime. It still kind of feel like pizza but on a whole new level. Minus […] Read More

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Wonderful recipe for a hearty bowl of Broccoli Cheddar Soup. This soup is not our traditional Broccoli Soup. It has chicken and pasta with it and loaded with cheese. A perfect bowl of soup for a cold winter day. PIN recipe HERE! Follow Valentina’s Corner on Pinterest for more inspiration! How to make Broccoli Cheddar Soup- Saute […] Read More

Broccoli Cheese Tomato Salad (VIDEO)

This Broccoli Cheese Tomato Salad is one salad you want to try! Its a combination of broccoli, tomato, and cheese mixed with a homemade dressing. Pin this recipe HERE! Follow Valentina’s Corner on Pinterest for more inspiration! This salad recipe is the best salad to serve at a party. I just love how the broccoli, cheese, […] Read More

Chicken and Broccoli Puffs

Recipe for chicken and broccoli puffs. Pillsbury crescent rolls filled with chicken, broccoli and cheese. Great for breakfast, as an appetizer or brunch! These crescent puffs are so filling, are quick to make and so easy to prepare. Sometimes you just want to try something different for breakfast. This is a great “something different”. The filling […] Read More