Here you can find some of the best homemade dips that can be served either hot or cold. Along with a variety of sweet and savory spreads. Recipes that are healthy, made in a crockpot along with baked spreads. 

The perfect way to satisfy your guests at parties and events are with appetizers like dips and spreads. From cheesy recipes like the classic Buffalo Chicken Dip to creamy ones like the creamy Crab Spread. These recipes can be enjoyed with tortilla chips, pita chips and with vegetables for a healthier option.

Creamy dessert spreads like our Classic Fruit Dip along with the Nutella Chocolate Spread. These are perfect to serve with fruit during the summer months for parties and potlucks. 

Get those chips and crackers together to enjoy the best dip and spread recipes. 

Easy homemade dips that are great for parties, holidays, celebrations, and even for a light lunch if you have any leftovers.