Easy Meaty Spaghetti Recipe (Bolognese)

This Easy Meaty Spaghetti Recipe ready in under 30 minutes is amazing! Ground meat with marinara and spaghetti made in one pot for the perfect easy dinner. Serve the Italian inspired spaghetti with a quick healthy Salad.

Easy meaty spaghetti recipe in a pot topped with fresh greens, and Parmesan cheese.

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Spaghetti Recipe-

Though spaghetti is typically served with Meatballs, I love this quick one-pot version better. It’s so easy to make, tastes wonderful and is much quicker to make. This Bolognese recipe loaded with meaty sauce and mixed with the spaghetti pasta is phenomenal.

 Easy meaty spaghetti in a plate with a fork and topped with Parmesan cheese.

How to Make Spaghetti-

  • Cook the spaghetti al dente, according to package instruction.
  • Saute ground meat with onions and garlic, season meat.
  • Add marinara to sauteed meat.
  • Add cooked pasta to the meaty tomato sauce. Mix well and cook until pasta is heated.
  • Enjoy with grated Parmesan.

How to make spaghetti. Simple and delicious easy meaty spaghetti recipe.

What kind of meat is used for spaghetti Bolognese?

I used ground pork in the recipe. Ground beef or turkey may be substituted instead of the pork, season the meat to taste.

How to reheat Spaghetti?

Keep leftover spaghetti covered and refrigerated. To reheat, melt a dab of butter in skillet, add spaghetti and cook on medium heat until heated.

Marinara for Spaghetti-

You can use your favorite store-bought marinara sauce. Or, use the marinara recipe from our Meatball recipe if you want homemade spaghetti sauce.

Recipe for how to cook spaghetti. Spaghetti on a fork, topped with Parmesan cheese.

This is a simplified version for spaghetti recipe. Add cubed green pepper, sautéed mushrooms, zucchini or shredded cheese to the spaghetti for a fancier meal.

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Easy Meaty Spaghetti

This Easy Meaty Spaghetti Recipe ready in under 30 minutes is amazing! Ground meat with marinara and spaghetti made in one pot for the perfect easy dinner.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: spaghetti recipe
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 455kcal
Author: Valentina's Corner


  • 12 oz spaghetti or angel hair pasta, cooked
  • ½ tsp canola oil and dash of table salt
  • 1 lb ground pork
  • 1 medium cooking onion, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp canola oil (or Olive oil)
  • 1 ½ tsp table salt
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 24 oz marinara (pasta sauce)
  • Parmesan cheese, serving


  • Cook pasta according to instructions with ½ tsp oil and dash of salt. Once cooked, drain water and return to saucepan, keep lid closed to keep warm.
  • Meanwhile, in a large skillet, on high heat, add 1 tsp oil. Once hot, add the diced onion and ground pork. Cook until meat is browned and onion is tender (about 5 minutes), breaking up meat as it’s cooking. 
    Season with salt and pepper, add garlic and mix well. 
  • Add marinara, turn heat to med and cook another minute, until marinara bubbles.
  • Combine the meat sauce and pasta.
  • Allow to cook until pasta is heated. 
  • Serve immediately! Enjoy.
Nutrition Facts
Easy Meaty Spaghetti
Amount Per Serving
Calories 455 Calories from Fat 162
% Daily Value*
Fat 18g28%
Saturated Fat 6g38%
Cholesterol 54mg18%
Sodium 1222mg53%
Potassium 745mg21%
Carbohydrates 50g17%
Fiber 3g13%
Sugar 7g8%
Protein 21g42%
Vitamin A 490IU10%
Vitamin C 10.1mg12%
Calcium 43mg4%
Iron 2.6mg14%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  • Toria 02/01/2019, 11:18 am Link Reply

    This is such a great recipe! This spaghetti is my favorite family dinner!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Valentina's Corner 02/01/2019, 12:20 pm Link Reply

      Thanks, Toria for the awesome feedback on our spaghetti recipe. I’m so glad to see that such an easy recipe is a hit with your family. 🙂

  • Johanna 01/30/2019, 2:43 pm Link Reply

    Made this spaghetti. It was so easy and I can’t believe how good it tasted. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    • Valentina's Corner 01/30/2019, 5:10 pm Link Reply

      That wonderful, Johanna. Glad this quick spaghetti was a hit with your family. 🙂 Stop back and visit our online home again.

  • Karen 08/18/2016, 9:21 pm Link Reply

    Amazing! Delisious! Easy! Made it today. Will be saving this recipe!

    • admin 08/19/2016, 1:41 am Link Reply

      Karen, that’s so awesome. Love that it will be saved, puts a smile on my face??.. Easy recipe means more time for loved ones (or to just relax, or read, or go get a massage, or do nothing, oh boy, too far, I’ll stop here…?)

  • Galina 04/06/2016, 11:53 pm Link Reply

    I made this and my family loved it. Hubby said to make more next time. Thank you for the recipe!

    • admin 04/07/2016, 7:26 am Link Reply

      Galina. That’s wonderful to hear, thank u soo much for sharing. ? I love quick recipes like these that families approve, makes my life so much easier..☺

  • Mary 03/01/2016, 3:21 pm Link Reply

    My husband and I really enjoyed this pasta! Ive been wanting to make a delicious pasta with meat sauce but there was always something missing every time I made it. This recipe was really easy and tasty! My new go to, especially if I just came home at 9 pm after working a 12 hour nursing shift and want something fast and yummy. Thank you 🙂

    • admin 03/01/2016, 11:34 pm Link Reply

      Mary, THANK YOU so much for the great feedback and I totally agree. A great go to when in a hurry but still want something fresh and yummy.:)
      Oh a side note, thank you for the work you put in to serving others. May God reward you for it. I know many times it may seem like those 12 hr shifts aren’t appreciated, I just wanted to tell you, YOU ARE!! 🙂 :)..

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