Grains and Pasta

Here you will find some of the best quinoa, rice and pasta recipes that are tried and proven to be loved by kids and adults alike. From hearty to creamy pasta dinners. Along with hearty rice dinners to healthier quinoa recipes. There is something for everyone to try.

Pasta is a classic dinner almost everyone enjoys, it is just pure comfort food. You can enjoy pasta with sauces or add protein and vegetables for a more filling entree.

Easy recipes that are easy and many are ready in just 30 minutes! Pasta recipes ranging from classic Chicken Alfredo and the Chicken Stuffed Shells. Along with the Bologna Spaghetti and so many more easy pasta recipes.

We also include some of our family favorite recipes like our Cajun Chicken Pasta, our chicken with Mac and Cheese.

We have learned a new loving way of preparing rice by Baking Rice in the oven as a classic side dish. Try the Baked Chicken with Vegetables and the Chicken Fried Rice if you like a hearty rice dish.

With our simple and detailed recipes you will find some of the greatest pastas, grains and quinoa recipes to enjoy anytime. 

Our detailed recipe instructions will ensure you make the perfect entree for your family every time.