Grilled cheese is a hot sandwich that is made with one or a combination of cheeses on bread then toasted. The sandwich is typically made with butter or mayo.

We share all the secrets and tips to the BEST grilled cheese sandwich you can make!

Grilled cheese sandwiches stacked on top top of each other with cheese oozing out.

How to make the BEST grilled cheese-

Here are the best tips and tricks you need to know to make a classic grilled cheese recipe that will become a hit for kids and adults alike!

  • In a good grilled cheese, quality bread is key! Don’t use a soft and thin bread, you want to use sturdy bread and slice it into thick slices.
  • Purchase good quality cheese. You can use sliced cheese or grate a block of fresh cheese. We recommend using Mild or Sharp Cheddar or American cheese.
  • To avoid a soggy sandwich, be sure the skillet is hot before adding the sandwich to it.
  • You want to cook the sandwich at a low to med/low heat. Cooking it at high heat will burn the bread and the cheese will not have time to melt.
What can I serve with ? Grill cheese pairs best with tomato soup or french fries!

Step by step collage tutorial on how to prepare the bread with butter and cheese for grilled cheese.

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How to make grilled cheese?

This sandwich recipe is SO simple to make. Be sure you’re ready to enjoy it immediately while the cheese is still oozing.

  • Slice bread.
  • Generously spread butter on both sides of the bread loaves.
  • Melt oil and butter over medium heat in a large skillet.
  • Once hot, add the sandwiches.
  • Cook until bread is crispy and cheese completely melts, flipping the sandwich halfway through cooking.

Grilled cheese cut in half with cheese oozing from the middle next to a bowl of tomato soup.

Chef’s tip:

Make it a gourmet sandwich by adding ham or bacon, avocado, or even pesto. This sandwich is perfect for lunch or even a simple dinner with homemade broccoli soup.

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