Christmas is a beautiful, joyous time that is best spent surrounded by the ones you love. What better way to express holiday love than through delicious food? You will love our Christmas Dinner Plan and hopefully get inspired to create yours!

A collage of our favorite Christmas Dinner Recipes.

Creating a Christmas dinner menu will help keep you organized while also getting you excited! We have many Christmas dinner ideas, but it can be hard to narrow them down! Our roundup will help you put together your Christmas menu ideas:


Appetizers are an essential component of any beautiful dinner. A starter can range from a cheesy buffalo dip to a crispy salmon crostini. The opportunities are endless, and if you feature a cheese charcuterie board, it also acts as decoration!

Here are some of our favorite easy appetizer recipes that you’ll want on your Christmas dinner table: 

Main Courses

The main dishes are often the star of the dinner! Whether serving baked salmon and shrimp or a crockpot BBQ roast, your guests will certainly be impressed. Christmas is another terrific time to bake a turkey or serve a ham with a honey glaze

What’s your favorite dinner entree to serve family and loved ones? We’d love for you to share in the comments below!


Side dishes are a great way to decorate a main entree. There’s nothing like creamy mashed potatoes or crispy brussels sprouts to add color and flavor to a dinner. Don’t forget about our tender oven-roasted carrots for a remarkable veggie dish!

Sides are split into two categories, one being potato sides and the other being vegetables, you can view our full side dishes index for more inspiration.

For the Kiddos

Let’s face it: sometimes, children can be picky! Preparing a kid’s table with a few staple meals every child is sure to love is a fool-proof way to ensure that both parents and their children will have a great time. Cheese-steak sliders are easy to make and are loved by all! As well as our Alfredo pasta bake, which is simply a crowd-pleaser!

There are many kid-friendly recipes to choose from:


Christmas dinner is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some wonderful, holiday-themed desserts. Prepare a variety of your favorite Christmas cookies, like our chewy butter cookies and our dulce de leche cookies! Better yet, serve these alongside a hot chocolate charcuterie board, and you have a night to remember. 


refreshing drink is an excellent addition to a hearty meal, but it is Winter, so there is no shame in hot, chocolaty beverages. This Christmas, you can have both! Start your dinner with an acai strawberry lemonade, and enjoy your dessert with peppermint hot chocolate!

Tips and Tricks for hosting: 

  • Plan ahead: If you begin the planning process up to a week in advance, the days approaching Christmas can be less hectic. 
  • Divide and conquer: A potluck-style Christmas dinner is a great way to get everyone involved and take the load off your shoulders!
  • Keep it simple: Pick a few staple dishes and perfect those. There’s no need for a crazy amount of dishes.
  • Be practical: Choose several dishes with ingredients that they have in common. This helps keep costs down while also preventing waste!
  • Meal prep: Many dishes can be prepped the day before. Use this tool to make the day less chaotic in the kitchen. 

Holiday Dinner Must Haves: 

There are some tools that you simply can’t get by without. Here are some of our favorites if you don’t have them already!

  • Charcuterie Board – A high-quality charcuterie board is similar to a wooden cutting board but looks fancier and is meant to handle all the goodies you will decorate it with. 
  • Wire Cooling Rack – This is an essential baking tool, especially when making batches of cookies!
  • Sheet Pan – You will want several of these if you don’t already have them. They make baking anything from dessert to meat a breeze!
  • Cake Stand – This cake stand is gorgeous, making decorating a cake much more effortless. 
  • Piping bag and tips – This set is incredibly affordable and is perfect for frosting cupcakes and decorating cakes. 
  • Cloth Napkins – Although not a kitchen tool, these cloth napkins are great for decorating the table. They’re gorgeous and reusable! 

We hope you loved our Christmas recipes and wish you a Merry Christmas! Share your creations on Instagram by tagging us for a chance to be featured. Join our Facebook Group, too – your recipes might get showcased there!