It is that time of year again to welcome a new year! What better way to do that than surrounded by friends, family, and fantastic food? A New Year’s Eve party is a great time to go out on finger food and make a few impressive main dishes. We’ve assembled our New Year’s Menu, a must-have for your party!

New Year's Dinner Collage


Finger foods are a crucial aspect of any dinner but are especially essential for a New Year’s Eve menu. People gather at a late hour, and it helps to have a few appetizers already out so that people can enjoy them as they chat and the main meal finishes cooking. A grazing table or a charcuterie cheese board makes for a grand display of finger foods everyone can enjoy. 

Our bacon jalapeno poppers are a classic hit, but have you tried them in the form of a jalapeno popper dip? Many incredible dips are great to serve up for a crowd alongside chips and crackers. Here are some other famous starters to try:

Crispy chicken wings are another great appetizer to serve at a dinner party, especially New Year’s dinner. If you are featuring wings at your dinner, there is no better way to elevate the wings than making a homemade ranch sauce with these flavored wings:

New Year’s Menu Sides: 

Side dish recipes are a great way to accent the main meal and are one of the most underrated components of a dinner. 

Potatoes are a star side! Whether you are serving unforgettable creamy mashed potatoes or something more unique, like cheesy scalloped potatoes, your guests will surely enjoy them. 

When well prepared, vegetable side dishes can be the most impressive aspect of a dinner. Our honey-glazed carrots have a depth of flavor that everyone will admire. Asparagus is a classic side dish; we love serving it in many ways. From simple air-fried asparagus to something more hearty, like our creamy mushroom asparagus, your guests will be amazed. 

New Year’s Menu Main Course: 

You can go about serving an entree in many ways. You can select one grand main entree, like a roasted turkey, or you can serve up a variety of delicious entrees for plenty of leftovers. 

Pro Tip: Make a homemade garlic butter sauce to feature on the table! It goes incredibly over chicken and seafood. 


With all the delicious food, it may be hard to find room for dessert. These mini creme brulees make finding room a lot easier! Greek baklava also makes an incredibly impressive dessert that your guests will love and may be made in advance. Be inspired by some of our favorite dessert recipes: 

Cookies are a wonderful dessert option, and there are so many recipes to choose from. The best part is that they can be prepared ahead of time, and enjoyed fresh for the New Year. 

Holiday Hosting Tips and Tricks: 

  • Make ahead – many dishes can be prepped beforehand. Utilize this to make planning easier!
  • Serving – Have a few appetizers for guests as they arrive and mingle. This will give you extra time to make dinner and keep guests patient and happy!
  • Potluck – Make your dinner party memorable by having everyone bring their signature dish. As a result, you will feel less stressed, and everyone can contribute to the delicious meal. 

New Year’s Dinner Party Must Haves: 

  • Serving tray – this plate display is a great way to show off the gorgeous appetizers you will create. 
  • Plastic plates – plates like this look elegant and make clean-up so easy!
  • Salad bowls – serve the salads you create in these gorgeous bowls. 
  • Cake stand – an easy way to show off a gorgeous cake. 

If you loved our New Year’s Eve menu ideas, be sure to check out our christmas party menu, along with our thanksgiving Dinner plan, for all the holiday inspiration!

New Year’s Day is an incredible holiday to commemorate, and we love to do that at midnight. Hosting a gathering for your friends and family makes it all the more merry! There’s no better way to welcome the new year than with good food and better company. We hope you loved our New Year’s Eve dinner ideas, and good luck with your hosting! Happy New Year, friends! May God bless you and your loved ones this coming year.